This morning’s damning analysis of Hillary Clinton’s actions related to her personal email server and her now disproven claims are the subject of a brutal new video released by the Donald Trump campaign.

The rigged system may have helped Hillary Clinton escape criminal charges, but the FBI Director did indict her today for her incredible lack of judgment and honesty. Watch her LIE over and over again. Unbelievable! #CrookedHillary #RiggedSystem

Posted by Donald J. Trump on Tuesday, July 5, 2016

“I did not send or receive any information that was marked classified at the time,” Clinton says in an ABC News interview featured in the ad.

“From the 30,000 emails returned to the State Department in 2014, 110 emails in 52 email chains have been determined by the owning agency to contain classified information at the time they were sent or received,” Comey said this morning — a direct contradiction of Clinton’s previous statement.

After repeating Clinton’s clip, the shows Comey saying, “Eight of those chains contained information that was ‘top secret’ at the time they were sent.”

He continues, “Thirty-six of those chains contained ‘secret’ information at the time they were sent.”

The video will do nothing to ease voters’ minds about Clinton’s lack of trustworthiness or honesty.

  • Patriot101

    If the American people want a Congenital, Habitual Liar then they will vote for Hillary Clinton. We live with our choices and sadly our children and grandchildren will be the ones who suffer the most. This country will never be the same. Obama has already caused great damage and Hillary will add to it. It is so sad for the future.

  • 10thenk

    What makes me mad is if ANYONE ELSE.. any other nornal American had done this ..
    They would be behind bars.. or kicked out of the country …
    So why isn’t she behind bars?

    • nobody

      Because she hasn’t done something illegal and she had good lawyers representing her.

      • Stiranaeus2

        You picked a bad week to quit huffing glue.

        • nobody

          You have picked a good week to get an update for your brain, it’s just too bad that the only upgrade you have been able to find has been to that of a cockroach.

  • mn jah

    It never ever ends with the Filthy Clinton Family of Vermin ….

    And today we have another new Clinton Scandal that is emerging.
    “Now we have a new scandal involving Hillary’s hedge fund manager and son-in-law, Marc Mezvinsky, who is the husband of Chelsea Clinton. In 2012, he set up a Greek bond fund with a special arrangement with none other than Goldman Sachs expecting a bailout to boost Greek debt values. Yep! Now hedge fund manager Marc Mezvinsky placed a huge bet on a Greek economic recovery based upon the political expectation of a bailout for Greece going through. His Secretary of State mother-in law allegedly seems to have been sharing classified information to help her son-in law.”

  • Veronica

    Amazing that she can get away with this crap!

  • Don Droga

    Clown Face Clinton is buying her way into office.

    • Donald Trump

      I am yuuuuuuuuuuuuuge!
      Trump ’16

  • rlc3320

    Sorry folks…”extreme carelessness” doesn’t mean crap to the millions of parasites who exist for welfare + food stamps + government handouts = democratic votes, all while Hussein ‘Shitstained Liar’ ObamaKardashian has flooded the divided states with illegal aliens, mexicans and ‘minority’ trash…ALL for future democratic votes. It’s too late.

  • Whiskey Jack: Lord of Pith
  • Jim

    Give it up people! I hate the corrupt old bag to but the elite will never punish her! She can do whatever she wants whenever she wants! These are the facts! The system is broken!

  • WetlinaWoman

    This is clear evidence of the need, “under the provisions of Article V of the Constitution of the United States, for the calling of a convention of the states limited to proposing amendments to the Constitution of the United States that impose fiscal restraints on the federal government, limit the power and jurisdiction of the federal government, and limit the terms of office for its officials and for members of Congress.”

    Check out the website, sign the online petition that goes to your state legislators, and volunteer to help patriots throughout the nation. There are many legislative districts that still need District Captains within states. Take that on whether you live in that particular district or not. There are wonderful Tuesday evening online training calls (9:00 PM Eastern Time; they’re also recorded for watching at your convenience) that have been enormously helpful to me. They’re informative and inspirational. You’re needed on deck!

    • Richard Jones

      Why not just tell everyone to strip naked and jack off? You would get just as many replies.

  • JohnnaCal

    I hope they run this ad on channels predominately watched by women.

  • Reasoniam

    No one is above the law unless your name is “Clinton”.

    FBI — Folsom Naval Reservist is Sentenced After Pleading Guilty to Unauthorized Removal and Retention of Classified Materials

    Hillary Clinton vs. James Comey: Email Scandal Supercut – YouTube

  • joe owens

    Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama, should be lined up in the street and shot for what they have done to this country. And that FBI stooge, is a lying SOB.

  • Jeremy Murphy

    This why we need to vote in all new people and impose term limits. The political elite we currently have do anything they choose and act like untouchable kings and queens. Hillary doesn’t want to be President to make America better, she wants to be President to become rich and powerful. As do many of our politicians. Our system is corrupt and has been for quite some time now.

  • Patriot101

    If the American people want a Congenital, Habitual Liar then they will vote for Hillary Clinton. We live with our choices and sadly our children and grandchildren will be the ones who suffer the most. This country will never be the same. Obama has already caused great damage and Hillary will add to it. It is so sad for the future.

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  • Allen
  • Bernie Sanders voters take note.

  • sick and tired of the dictator

    there is no grey area in this matter and comeys use of his funny words hold no water.she was aware of what she was doing and she committed a crime period..there is an old saying there is no excuse for ignorance of the applies to every american.several ex prosecutors/judges have came forward and stated they would prosecute someone for the simple fact of recklessness.comey tried to devert attention but a prosecutor doesnt need him to tell them what they can and cant do.every american should at least be petrified by this because we have nobody now to keep government officials in check therfore it puts americans in a very vulnerable situation because now they will certainly do as they wish to any of us and suffer no retaliation.

  • JSain

    The world becomes China if Corrupt Hillary wins…..a very few rich,…and the rest poor.

  • Rochelle

    Her first few words mirror what Willey said when he was caught with Monica>>> “I did not”……(have sexual relations with that woman)
    I think he must have taught H to say that with every accusation Are we all sick of these people yet and the calamity they have embarrassed this country with. The U.S must be the international laughing stock. We need to great again and become a part of this world rather than make the other countries the bad guys. Enough is enough!!!!

  • Robert Zraick

    This will have no effect on Hillary supporters. They think getting away with a crime is the same as not committing a crime. It is a criminal mentality which Hillary has in common with her supporters.

  • Cheerytoes

    Any one who when asked if she wiped the server says, “you mean like with a cloth?” should not be President, let alone having actually wiped some of the emails off the server. And she, for god’s sake had a private email server WHILE she was Sec of State in someone’s BATHROOM… what the hell!!! Reckless disregard for protocol regarding secret, top secret and classified information should disqualify you from the Presidency….unless your last name is Clinton.

  • fyerrick

    “Enlightened Citizens ”

    George Nicholas, a hero of the War for American Independence, found it hard to imagine a scenario in which free Americans would allow their government to abuse the powers that the people granted to it in the Constitution. He said, “An Enlightened people will never suffer what was established for their security to be perverted to be an act of tyranny.” (1. Constitutional Literacy, Michael Farris, 2014). Please join us

  • Joe

    Lt. Bryant: Stop right where you are! You know the score, pal.
    If you’re not cop Beltway Democrat, you’re little people.

    — BLADERUNNER (kinda, sorta)

  • Vic Trottier

    after all this there are some out there who still defend her ,but this is just merely the tip of a much larger criminal activity [s]

  • George Rombach

    Has, or will, Hillary lose her security clearances.

  • stpioc

    And this from the party of law and order?

  • samfried
  • samfried

    IF you want to hear Obama using vulgar language Checkout You
    Tube Video “Presidents Acting Colorful Part 2.” Obama calls
    Whites Mother F*****

    Also to hear Potty Mouth Hillary checkout today’s Drudge
    Report ” Collection of Hillary’s Potty Mouth. Far worse than
    Trump’s Video.