The former rival of Wilmington, Delaware bad dude Corn Pop just got challenged by a girl.

Tulsi Gabbard told supporters she could beat Joe Biden in a push-up contest.

While addressing voters in Manchester, New Hampshire on Thursday, she was asked, “Do you think you could take him?”

“My educated and informed guess would be yes,” she said to applause.

“However, Joe Biden may have some superhuman push-up ability that nobody knows about, but I would take most people in a push-up challenge,” she added.

She went on to engage in a push-up contest with a male voter.

Gabbard won:

Meanwhile, Biden told the New York Times editorial board that he can do 44 push-ups:

KK: We will not be disappointed. So how many push-ups can you do?

I can do 44, but what I’m doing is that I pulled my bicep on the right. So I’m doing these — if you exercise, I’m doing closed-hand push-ups because outside is putting too much pressure on this one.

KK: Do you want to show us? No, just kidding. [LAUGHTER]

If you want me to.

KK: Let’s do it.

Elsewhere in the interview, Biden seemed to not recognize his own ringtone:

MC: So now your message is more you’re running on experience, a restoration of sanity, invocations of the Obama era. How do you convince younger voters that you are the person to help move the party into the future? So that’s a bit of a nostalgia thing.

No. By the way, just so you know, my message isn’t that I’m going to return to the Obama era. My message is twofold. Number one, the next president of the United States, I think you’d all have to admit, is going to have to be able to do two things. [BIDEN’S PHONE RINGS] What the hell is that?

KK: You’re getting a call.


BS: That’s your staff.

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