The Rebel Media wants Florida Gov. Rick Scott to fire Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel as soon as possible, but the gatekeepers for the almighty Twitter apparently think it’s a bad idea.

“Twitter running cover for Scott Israel by discouraging people from clicking our #FireScottIsrael petition link,” The Rebel TV host John Cardillo posted Sunday. “Don’t let them. RT and sign now at www.FireScottIsrael(dot)com”

The post was accompanied by a screenshot from Twitter, Inc., with the message: “Warning: this link may be unsafe,” referring to

The prompt contends the site could be harmful or a violation of Twitter’s Terms of Service, possibly because it steals passwords or personal information, contains malicious software, or could be spam.

Twitter offered a large blue button to go “Back to previous page” and a tiny link at the bottom to “ignore this warning and continue.”

“Twitter is prohibiting tweets that link to our petition at www.FireScottIsrael (dot) com. They literally are forbidding your to disagree with them,” Ezra Levant, “Rebel commander,” posted in one of several tweets about the ordeal.

“CENSORSHIP SHOCK: Twitter is running extreme interference for disgraced Broward sheriff Scott Israel,” he wrote in another. “Try typing www.FireScottSsrael (dot) com normally – Twitter won’t let you post that. What other conservative ideas are being thrown into an Orwellian ‘memory hole’?”

The Fire Scott Israel petition contends “he must be removed” because his “history of corruption, incompetence, protecting radical Muslims, and politicizing the Sheriff’s Office has now resulted in the deaths of 17 innocents.”

Numerous folks have criticized Israel’s leadership in the wake of the recent deadly shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.

The Fire Scott Israel petition contends the sheriff’s policies “allowed for dozens of calls on Parkland killer Nikolas Cruz to fall through the cracks.” Many believe intervention by law enforcement earlier could have prevented the tragedy.

The 19-year-old alleged gunman, Nikolas Cruz, allegedly called police himself because he was “dealing with a bunch of things right now.” Many others concerned with his growing stockpile of guns and erratic and angry behavior also contacted the police and FBI before the attack, the Daily Mail reports.

During the shooting, the sheriff’s management “resulted in four deputies, including the now disgraced School Resource Deputy Scot Peterson, not entering the high school,” according to The Rebel Media.

The news site contends the Parkland shooting wasn’t the first time Scott has bungled big cases or misused his office for political or personal reasons.

According to the petition, Israel’s “history of disgracing the Sheriff’s Office before the school shooting includes:

* A 2014 donation from a convicted felon and organized crime member of what law enforcement calls ‘The Cuban Mafia’.

Misusing his office for political campaigning.

* Stocking his inner circle with far left political appointees instead of career law enforcement people, and telling citizens “Lions don’t care about the opinions of sheep”. 

Protecting a radical Muslim deputy who heads the FL chapter of CAIR, and who shares stages with terror associates

* A botched response and criticism by deputies during the Ft. Lauderdale Airport active shooter terror attack.

Israel, meanwhile, has refused to resign, and continues to push back against his critics.

“BREAKING: Broward Sheriff issues statement that ONLY ONE DEPUTY was at school at ANY time during school attack; …,” he tweeted, along with a link to clarify some of the numerous criticisms from the attack.

“How do you look at yourself in the mirror?” Twitter user “@minkgx” replied. “You don’t deserve that badge.”

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