The University of Wisconsin – LaCrosse appears to be on a roll these days.

uw-lacrosse-halloween-costumesThe hyper-sensitive campus is set to host a review of student’s Halloween costumes to ensure they do not come across as racist.

UWL made headlines recently for a student’s outrage at a Harry Potter-character themed mural that, the student claimed, depicted “Man power. Cis power. Able power. Class power.”

In a comical attempt to avoid offending anyone else on campus, the Ethnic and Racial Studies Department of UW LaCrosse (which offers students classes in white privilege and “Food and Race in the United States”) is holding a Halloween costume review on October 5th.

“Is Your Costume Racist?” a poster for the event queries passersby.

Politically correct sensitivity at UWL already led to the resident Hate Response Team investigating sidewalk chalk that simply read “Trump,” “Build the wall,” and “All Lives Matter” because the words and phrases were deemed discriminatory and “hostile.”

Last December, a school official asked local law enforcement to investigate a truck driver who displayed a rebel flag on the grille of his tractor-trailer. The driver worked for a private company that was participating in a building project on campus. The official, Paula Knudson who was a vice chancellor, then apologized to students for the fear and angst” caused by the truck. Several UWL students harassed workers at the job site when they saw the flag.


    Can I dress up like Monika’s Boyfriend’s wife? Let see, I’ll need fat Cankles and chairman Mao suit.


    Can I dress up as Chelsea’s real dad? Anybody know where to get a Webster Hubble mask?


    I’d like to fashion a giant hand extending its middle finger?

  • cyclodoc

    Those students had better stay home in their basements because real life outside will be too traumatic.

  • Opinionated2

    They should all dress up as babies or maybe snowflakes.

  • cyclodoc

    The people at UWL are commiting microagressions against all civilized tolerant societies.

  • David

    I guess I won’t be allowed to wear my afro-wig, topped by a sombrero, while dressed in drag and carrying a flag of “Don’t Tread on Me.”

  • Jack_Kennedy

    please GOD, send me some of those snowflakes to interview for jobs……….PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE

  • Jack_Kennedy

    am thinking……………..ghetto thug costume this year……………..

    • Glenn Quagmire

      Me too. Decisions, decisions…… dreatlocks or corn rows? Maybe best to keep it simple and just go with a doo rag. Do you know anywhere I can pick up a grille at a decent price?

  • Lars

    So it is OK to beat up people because they do not support hillary and write in chalk KILL ALL WHITE PEOPLE. But to support Trump is racist , wanting to close our borders so that we are safe is racism, and being sarcastic is a microaggression. The same people that are burning cities , pulling white people out of their cars and beating them, not to mention hunting police. All the same people being trained in psychological warfare against anyone that disagrees at our colleges and universities. If you make an off color comment they need to go to a safe place and suck their thumb and if they disagree with your political views they beat you bloody. GOD help us if we go to war with RUSSIA or CHINA. These emotional cripples that think they can beat down people that do not agree with them and sue you if you do not say things in a specific way. I feel sorry for them when they must enter the real world and find out all the jobs are taken by foreigners and they have to face outright aggression from their bosses. Man are we in trouble if they need to go into the military , the first time a drill sergeant calls them a Maggot in a loud voice half will start crying and the other half will beat him up. I truly have little hope that what was once the USA will no longer exist in 30 years.

  • arthurvandalay

    Is my “community organizer” costume ok?

  • froggy546

    This is how stupid people make money. I know professors who teach classes of no consequence just like this bull because they are not competent to teach anything of substance. School crossed off list as possibility for myself or my kids.

  • Michael Sullivan

    Shooting the president of this university in the head would be something to be cheered. Executing any or all members of the board of regents that governs this university would be something to be cheered far more loudly. The punishment for Treason is death. These wealthy anti-American shits need to learn a lesson. I hope they get their lesson. I pray they get their lesson.

    • xavier

      You sound more like a liberal trying to convince people your against liberal. I am pro gun and altra conservative but i dont believe you go shooting people because of their beliefs.

      • Glenn Quagmire

        Damn straight. Tarring and feathering them is way more gratifying.

        • Michael Sullivan

          Agreed. I would be happy to see them simply removed and replaced by less harmful individuals. They are basically untouchable however; they are above the law in both wealth and power.

      • Michael Sullivan

        I also agree it’s wrong to shoot or punish people for their beliefs–unless, that is, those people are agents of government acting in that capacity in a clearly treasonous fashion. Academia often teaches about “institutionalized racism.” The problem in academia, however, is institutionalized Treason.

      • Michael Sullivan

        You do when the people in question are in positions of governmental power and they use that power to prevent Americans from expressing their political beliefs!!

        That said I don’t want nobody shot I just hate these overpaid bastards that spit on Liberty and freedom of speech and abuse the youth who come blindly to university. If given a lawful order I would kill them without a second thought, because I do think they are guilty as hell of Treason, but I get that others may differ and a life sentence of hard labor might be the better way to go at the end of the matter. That is for others to judge. That Treason is happening, of that, I have zero doubt.

  • Jerry

    Anyone have a good contact email to that moronic school ? EVERYONE who posted here should fire off an email , say to the dean , to tell him what an ignorant bunch of pathetic fools go to his school and that graduates from that ridiculous place will be rejected in all quarters

  • Plur307

    Honest question, if whites wearing dreadlocks is cultural appropriation, then why aren’t blacks with blonde hair seen as cultural appropriation? Oh, never mind, I get it, “politically correct” is code for anti-white.

    • YeahRightPal

      I demand that blacks stop straightening their hair, as well.

      Obviously cultural appropriation.

  • Glenn Quagmire

    I plan to attend the review dressed like this. Will that be a problem???

    • noboat11

      Look…’s Rachel Dolezal’s father!

    • jmoke

      You look like an 1865 black Republican pleading before the racist democrat KKK not to lynch him. LOL

  • James V.

    Another Indoctrination Center that will not be considered by our kids. No Snow Flake Safe Spaces for our kids.

    The Weakest Generation.

  • Chris

    Oh god forbid that one of our fragile little snowflakes should see a Halloween costume that offends him or her! These coddled idiots need to grow up and face reality!

  • Keith Hagarman

    Just read that some kid has announced his preferred pronoun as “his majesty” hahahahaha

  • RW

    Since Halloween is based on a traditional European holiday/celebration, no non white can wear a costume or else it’s cultural appropriation. I also demand that any non European stop speaking any European language or wearing any clothing developed in the West. You may also not eat any foods that are European or created by Europeans in America. Stop stealing OUR culture! ~sarcasm alert~ hope I made a snowflake have a meltdown.

    • Brandy Danielle

      Well, if they lived by their own dim understanding of what constitutes “cultural appropriation” they would not ever see this comment because which race invented the internet again? Hmm… It is a mystery…
      But, as you’ll soon find out, this whole “appropriation” business is just another one of those do as we say, not as we do kind of situations. Naturally.

      • RW

        Exactly. They want to control and dominate everyone and everything and have it their way while ordering everyone else around and jerking them about like puppets on strings. It’s a power trip and they want to be large and in charge and boss everyone around. If you don’t surrender and submit, you’re a racist, have an attitude against black people or are micro-aggressing against them. In their colossal conceit, egotism and arrogance, they think they’re the final word, the giant moral authority that everyone else must bow down to. I just tell them to stfu and go away.

  • UW Wisconsin is the lefty bastion of the Midwest. Drive around town and all you see is CLINTON for President signs or Feingold. Without their govt paycheck jobs, this city would dry up and float away. Political correctness disease, a mental disorder.

  • tommie20h

    What a bunch of crap…its Halloween, be what you want…Liberal Idiots….Get over it!!!!

  • foreversilky

    I’m starting a be-bop band and I have a black lead singer.
    We are going to do be-bop music about how being PC is BS.
    Their are 4 of us One black singer and 3 white men.
    The name of my band is
    “Honky White & The Black Faces.”
    The black guy is Honky White and the other three are the black faces.

  • Templar8

    That wise sage Clinton says that we are all racists. So that makes everything we say, do or wear racist. The only solution is to wear nothing. Even though those Democratic women will make you shudder, it has to be done.

  • dfw_maverick

    Forcing me to show you my costume is a micro-aggression

  • Big Whiskey

    The fascist-left has set up dystopian enclaves where students no longer read William Shakespeare — being the cultural barbarians they are the left refers to the bard as a “dead white male” — yet the Orwellian thugs have time to inspect Halloween costumes for perceived crimes against accepted orthodoxy. Sick puppies.

  • Mancave001

    I would dress up as a Tom Sawyer character (you know which one) with a confederate flag shirt, an “I Heart Cisgender” cape, and a “Make America Great Again” cap.

    • Templar8

      The fainting would be epidemic. Bring along a gallon of smelling salts.

    • feellikeastranger


    • BraveNewWhirled


  • Templar8

    These stories are read the world over by our adversaries. They must be becoming supremely confident that we are too silly, preoccupied with nonsense and so politically correct that we don’t have the intestinal fortitude to resist them They must be laughing at the girly society that has been created. The sissies on campus would run away if confronted with any real challenge, yelling “please don’t hurt me, where’s the hate Response Team? Save me, save me”.

  • Ralph Mouth

    This is complete stupidity.

  • jmoke

    “liberalism is a mental disorder”

  • Tim Page

    They should scrutinize their sign. Ever hear black as a bat’s ass? Obviously a reference to African Americans

    • There is a huge, black mountain in East Mesa, Arizona called “Spook Hill” for more than 125 years because the surroundings are scary. Several years ago, there was an outcry by the “aggrieved class” who claimed that name was Racist®. As usual, Mormons who have run Mesa for 140 years folded like a cheap, used suit donated to them by Willard Romney. ~◔▼◔~


  • lucifer

    Institutions of higher learning are going to push a little to far in curtailing the freedom of the students and making a point to oppress, when the masses TURN against those who intimidate because of their positions, then it will be a NEW chapter in America, out with the oppressors and IN with the freedom fighters? Thank You.

  • Alex Yamach
    • He has an excellent point – unless blacks enjoy their Democrat plantations.

    • BraveNewWhirled

      You’re once again failing to recognize genius.

  • SilverCristo

    Oh FFS. I encourage people – if they have any sense of personal liberty and moral agency – to dress as they please. In fact, be as ‘offensive’ as you wish. At this point, you can just be ‘white’ and it will offend some sensitive doofus. Be free and give the middle finger.

    • I’ll be in “black face” (camouflage) as I guard my property with its YUGE Trump 2016 yard signs. What’s that sound? Try to steal my signs and see … .

  • ChrisKilber

    Watch people who wear a sheet and go as ghosts will be banned because it will remind them of the Klan.

    • Only if they are Democrats – and justifiably so.
      (of course that will never happen)

  • Chronos Z. Wonderpig


  • ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ ahahahahaha ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪

    Next Up: Wiccans claim that any images and costumes on Halloween representing witches hurts their widdle feewings. Dia de los Muertos – ever heard of it?

  • DrFunk✓Funkᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ™

    I am dressing up as Sniffles The Clown….I hope, it is a very hard costume to find right now

  • CDR_N

    Halloween itself is offensive and should be cancelled. It’s an islamo-phobic pagan celebration.

    • OriginalRS

      Is that sarcasm?

  • TheFirstRule

    You damned zombieists must be stopped!

  • fed-up

    It started with the Obama presidential campaign mask. The Halloween mask was a barometer that was as effective as a poll. But when the Obama mask came out so did the fools decrying that it was racist. That’s when it all started. But these turds didn’t say anything about the costumes being sexist, or nationalist. I’m offended by their lack of inclusivity. SMH

    • Brandy Danielle

      They make caricature-esque masks of many different presidents, from Abe to Kennedy to Nixon to Bush… and it’s only the Obama mask that’s racist? Another fine example of liberal failure-to-logic.

  • ImNotPC

    Is my costume “racist”???? I don’t know. You tell me. I’m planning on being a black, BLM protester.

  • Derek Diaz

    I am going in black face and in a gorilla mask.

    I will hand out bananas to all black people I see.

    This PC shit has to end, now!

    • BraveNewWhirled

      If I did that around here I might be able to hand out two or three.

  • St8kout
  • Brandy Danielle

    Well, there you have it: the educational equivalent of ‘going full retard.’ See? This is what happens when you let the inmates run the asylum.