If the U.S. Department of Agriculture has its way, first lady Michelle Obama’s vision for what Americans should be eating will affect more federal programs.

The department is seeking to overhaul rules related to the Child and Adult Care Food Program, a program similar to the National School Lunch Program, except for day-care providers.

Day care centers are eligible for reimbursements from the federal government, provided there is compliance with their rules.

The USDA wants more vegetables and less sugar served to children and adults in day care centers.

“Grain-based desserts, such as cookies and cakes, would no longer be reimbursable, and children younger than 1 would no longer be offered juice,” the Lansing State Journal reports.

Facilities that deep fry food on-site could no longer participate in the program. “Prepackaged fried foods,” like chicken nuggets, would be allowable, so long as they are served “infrequently.”

The effect could be sweeping.

According to Mlive, at least 30 states “require day cares to use the program’s nutrition guidelines to receive licenses.” The program also feeds about 120,000 elderly or disabled adults each day.

The proposed federal program overhaul is just another thing overseers will have to keep an eye on. And if the National School Lunch Program is any indication, more programs may be created than solved.

The Daily Caller reported last month:

Federally-mandated changes to school lunches backed by first lady Michelle Obama helped cause an unprecedented drop in the number of students eating lunch, according to a new report from the Government Accountability Office (GAO).

The GAO cited two factors stemming from the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010, which caused a decrease in the number of children eating school lunch each day: school childrens’ issues with “palatability” and “federally-mandated” increases in the price of school lunches.

“Several factors likely influenced the recent decreases in lunch participation, and while the extent to which each factor affected participation is unclear, state and local officials reported that the decreases were influenced by changes made to comply with the new lunch content and nutrition standards,” the report reads.

At least some of those send their kids to day care will breathe a little easier, knowing Mother Government is watching after them.

“It put my mind at ease,” Christy Birt, whose daughter goes to a Y day care, says. “So, if we are running around at night having to feed her something not as nutritious, then I know she received something nutritious while she was at day care. It was one of the things that made us want to go to the Y.”

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    That’s right. If you want kid’s that are turning into huge blobs and lard azzes with diabetes by the time they are ten years old then that’s you God given right. How dare we expect a school or daycare to feed our kids anything that might be nutritious in nature.

    • garysco

      How dare you expect productive workers paid for public schools to feed your children.

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      Nobody has said it better. Thanks.

  • Ben Gozzi

    Read the menu where the first kids go…for example

    Local Butternut Squash and Celeriac Soup
    Farmer’s Salad
    Local Collard w/ Grapes
    Tomatoes & Bacon Salad
    Sliced All-natural Rosemary Chicken
    Farmer’s Market Quinoa
    Roasted Local Market Vegetables
    Basmati Rice with Garden Fresh Herbs
    Toigo Apple Crisp

    *Your* kids can eat what the blue bloods decide. Stale garbage.

    • Happycrank

      I am skeptical as hell about the new guidelines, but that looks like a tasty lunch.

  • MJD

    Vote Conservative in November 2016. The only solution. Throw the bums out.

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    Who elected this guy? (Michelle)

  • mikeammo

    First Inaugural Address March 4, 1861 Washington, D.C.
    Abraham Lincoln
    This country, with its institutions,
    belongs to the people who inhabit it. Whenever they shall grow weary of the
    existing government, they can exercise their constitutional right of amending
    it, or exercise their revolutionary right to overthrow it.

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    Controlled from the cradle to the grave ,This has become the American way

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    Stupid Americans! Elections do have consequences. We are freer in Vietnam than you are in the so-called “Land of the free.”

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    What election did this sasquatch win that allows her to dictate what our kids can eat?

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    Remind me to NEVER put a kid or grand kid into a government school and to NEVER let anybody stuff ME into a government run place for oldsters.

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    School lunch Italy, Greece, Spain, France . School lunch USA Michelle Obama nuff said ?

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    What the hell, eating healthy food only prolongs the inevitable.

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    WTF?? Who cares what Michelle Obama envisions? No one is compelled to pay any mind to what this classless transvestite thinks. This story is so beyond the pale of what America is and should be. I find it absolutely insane that anyone tolerates even the suggestion that any part of government, let alone that unelected cυnt in the White House, can try to dictate what our children eat. Our government has been usurped by a fascist elite cabal that is mocking us and seeing how far they and their controlled media can push us before we cry foul. So far we are failing miserably.

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    juice is garbage junk food and there is a SERIOUS obesity epidemic in America. All the power to her!

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      people have the right to kill themselves by eating garbage, the first tranny has no right to dictate anything!

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    That’t because the Mothers in our country today are to lazy to take responsibility for their own kids. THey want someone else to do it for them Having children is a sacrifice you have to take care of them they are yours not someone else’s and certainly not the government. WHen someone else takes care of your children they will not do it as good as you. Simply because they are not your children’s mother.

  • How much longer are you limp wristed males and female cowards going to tolerate these dictums from this un-elected witch?

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    No one talks about it because it’s extremely politically incorrect and a large brainwashed segment of the population will be all over you like a rabid pack of animals but, Womens Liberation was the death knell for our Nation.
    Every aspect of our society has been on the skids ever since from unsupervised and uncared for children, mass unemployment with low pay jobs since the women flooded the job market and on and on.
    This school lunch fiasco deployed by our Government is just one more example.
    Mother always made the time to prepare a good lunch and we didn’t have some stranger like Michelle Obama telling us what we could and couldn’t eat.
    Transfer your kids to Government care and this is the result.
    A massive fock up.

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  • Kelley Moore

    ‘Facilities that deep fry food on-site could no longer participate in the program. “Prepackaged fried foods,” like chicken nuggets, would be allowable, so long as they are served “infrequently.”’
    So, chemical-laden, processed chicken cartilage chunks = bad & freshly homemade chunks of chicken breast = bad. Tyson paid somebody off, big time.

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    Schools are not under the authority of Michelle Obama. Any school that complies with the dictates of MO is operating illegally and the school board needs to be arrested and thrown in jail.

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    With the evil racist president and his racist wife, the country has been the least respected since George Washington. Even Carter is in second place. Just give her French fries and pizza.

  • That age group is the hardest demographic group when it comes to eating. The government’s rules will not mean a thing to a 2 year old who won’t eat certain foods. A lot hungry kids will be sent home to their momma’s.

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      Hi, want to be friends?

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    Cookies are EVIL.
    Watermelon and fried chicken are RACIST.
    Boy, is she out to lunch.

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    Just as soon as that SOW drops 70 pounds and her spawn BOTH drop 15 pounds each she can tell me what I can and cannot feed my kids. No one in that family looks like they have had THEIR food monitored in any way. Well except maybe Barack who obviously loses the race with the Wookie to the dinner table.

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    It’s ironic that the Wookie can dictate what we feed our kids and what we can buy them to eat BUT you cant do the same to Welfare and Food Stamp families…..now THAT would be raciss right? PUH-LEEZE

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    Doesn’t the 10th Amendment have to come into play at some point?

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      OStupid has eviscerated what was left of the Constitution and just last week the scotus gave him their blessing. We are finished. the United States of America as was founded and established no longer exists. Don’t know what we will become but we are no longer a country of “free men”

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      Do any amendments still exist with BO and his administration? Congress and the SCOTUS don’t seem to think so.

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    Parents have become lazy. They let the govt. and others dictate how to raise their children.

  • Proud Conservative

    Not any more – OStupid has eviscerated what was left of the Constitution and just last week the scotus gave him their blessing. We are finished. the United States of America as was founded and established no longer exists. Don’t know what we will become but we are no longer a country of “free men”

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    I’ll not let any person tell me what to eat. Well, unless I’m begging. LOL So, here’s the deal. Let them have their say but don’t give them any authority. As soon as you give them authority, they’re in a position (at least in the long term) to eventually make you beg. Probably a bit late for that warning. Fortunately, we homeschool so that “long term” is a bit longer than those who suck off the federal teat. Not sure what it will look like when all food is 100% controlled by the federal government but I believe that farming subsidies will eventually get us *all* there. Not laughing now.

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    I wouldn’t expect this woman to have figured out what is causing the dear little children to become fat and indolent. It I so obvious, I hesitate to point it out. Children nowadays are inactive. They sit in front of their TVs, computers, iBook’s, smartphones and any other screen they come across hour after hour.
    They are driven by their parents every place they go, Children don’t walk to school if it is more than just a short distance away. If you have ever seen a photo of elementary school children from the 50s and 60s, you notice very few who were fat. Compare that to today. Believe me, we had plenty of cokes, Twinkies, moon pies, ice cream and other “bad” stuff. But we were active, outside playing, riding our bikes, burning up calories. We needed all that stuff because we were fat burning machines.
    The truth is you can’t reduce calories enough to stay trim if you are inactive.
    BTW. Mrs. Obama looks like she could stand to lose a few. It would make her proselytizing more believable and less hypocritical.

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    Lunch encounters of the worst kind.

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    Drug dealers could make some money if they got fleets of snack trucks and parked them outside of schools and they wouldn’t go to jail…yet. I’d call my business No Arugula. And if I was little Patty, I’d bring an extra 2 cupcakes to school and deal out of my school locker.

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    Now comes Moochelle OhBummer, the great nutrition expert (just like Elena Ceausescu was a great research chemist) and she attacks obesity in toddlers. She puts all pre-schoolers on a reducing diet, as she previously put all grade-schoolers on a reducing diet.

    For a banana a republic — one run by idiotic relatives of the ruling caudillo — we have very few bananas.

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    . . .

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    This is what all the libs wanted; a big brother and big sister telling them what to do. They’re too stupid to act on their own.

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    Hunger-Free? What a joke. Kids won’t eat most of the slop being served to them in school now. What is even the point of having a hot lunch program if kids won’t eat it? A sad day in America. Will be glad when the Obamas pack their golf clubs and all their vacation gear and get out of the White House for good!

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    The disingenuous cow who loves ribs, kobe beef and other fat foods is again trying to impose her warped will on others only because she thinks she can. She hates this country and is doing all in her power, like her Marxist husband, to neuter my country and make it third world.

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    I hope all those federal bureaucrats who know better than I do what I need to eat will allow me a cookie once in a while.

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    That which is not mandated is forbidden!

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    Anyone that looks to this government for advice is too ignorant to be helped.

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    All of those voted for a radical leftist who is an Alinsky student, TWICE, what did you expect?
    Thanks for dragging the country and the rest of us down with now.