Leftist agitators employed fascist tactics at a Donald Trump fundraiser in Minneapolis on Friday night.

Video shows protesters banging on the doors of the Minneapolis Convention Center where Trump was speaking to attendees.

When the event concluded, Trump supporters were forced to run a “gauntlet,” with many, including elderly women, being punched and pelted with garbage.

Here’s video posted by Renee Jones Schneider, a photographer for the Star Tribune:

Agitators could be seen following attendees down a sidewalk screaming expletives and throwing objects.

Other video shows attendees being accosted as they attempted to make their way into the building.

Anti-Trump protesters burned an American flag outside the venue as Trump supporters attempted to exit:

In another shocking video, one of the agitators jumped on the hood of a vehicle in Trump’s motorcade:

Minneapolis police spokeswoman Sgt. Catherine Michal said there were no arrests, the Star Tribune reports.

  • J2

    This was not coincidence. It was engineered by Minneapolis DemocRat Mayor, by not providing police escorts and barricades, and telling the DNC paid thugs it would be open season. This is a worse scandal than Bridgegate. This was a mayor setting up members of the public for physical harm.

    • ukalally

      if the traitor cops were there they would allow the negroes and others to beat on them and arrest the trump people if they fought back

  • oldmanjb77

    I am willing to bet before this election is over with , someone is going to open fire on these anti Trump

  • Dirk Agia

    The Libtards are coming! The Libtards are coming! The Libtards are coming!

  • ukalally

    whites are to dumb and cowardly to see a war has been declared on them and total genocide is the end game. they worship traitor cops who they think will “protect” them. they cant see govt is the enemy and behind their destruction thru non white immigration. they actually thing they can vote their way out of it. they have to start attacking those in this video

  • middleclasstaxpayer

    Disgusting criminal actions like this should be met with force and everyone of these idiots should end up with a minimum of 10 broken bones in their bodies. Theses stupid liberal democrats led by the terrorist group Black Lives Matter and financed by the worlds largest terrorist George Soros should all be thrown in maximum security prisons for the rest of their lives or something even worse.

  • Juan Martinez

    Bring it on .Im sick and tired of the George Soros supported BLM getting away with this anarchy. They all need a smack down.

  • yousaytroll

    Wheres the damn cops to arrest these scumbags. Why is it if I punch someone I go to jail but these turds can block traffic, spit on people, punch old ladies and nothing is a problem. F’ing BS.

  • Steamroller

    Why wasn’t Sheriff JOE CLARKE providing security here? You all KNOW the police chief here is a liberal Hitlery supporter and anti-gun totalitarian maggot form Mass-a-chew-shzts. Why trust him Donald? Do you need someone smarter than you have running your security? Call me Donald.

    • SDN

      Because he can’t work if the union city cops are told to hinder him.

    • cindy_in_tx

      It says this happened in Minneapolis, not Milwaukee.

  • SDN

    No arrests, therefore no problem. Remember that when you get told about falling crime rates. If the cops drive up, look around, and drive on, did the robbery / assault / rape / murder really happen? Not according to the crime statistics. How about if none of the witnesses will testify because the homies are following them around and no cops in sight? No crime here according to those same statistics.

    Your broken bones may not agree, but “Shut up, racist! “

  • meangreenMarine

    The minute thst these brain-frozen pukes start to push, hit or throw things at the attendees, they should be arrested, handcuffed and perp walked to the Police Vans for transfer to the Police Station! These mental midgets should have assault charges brought against them and their sorry butts put in jail, or, if they have criminal backgrounds, Prison! They don’t belong to be with thinking citizens!

  • lobstahlovah

    Domestic terrorists and nobody was arrested or even stopped by the SS for jumping in their vehicle, just letting them act like monsters empowers them. And BOzo is on vacation golfing

  • jack quick

    Follow them….home

  • jack quick

    Klan With A Tan……….time to do the ….right thing

  • Whitehall

    The demonstrators are not getting their fair share of abuse!

  • TxnByBrth

    Here’s hoping Soros buses those same Clinton-supporting pieces of trash to Texas…It has been too long (April 21, 1836 along the San Jacinto River) since we’ve last had a chance to physically fight for our freedom and liberties (e.g., peaceful assembly) on Texas soil.

  • Franko USA

    no arrests……that’s the problem.

  • cindy_in_tx

    It’s time for some political ads showing police standing by while people like this chase down Trump supporters. This would never be allowed to happen in Texas.

  • Robert L Nipper

    Hitler’s Brown Shirts did exactly the same tactics! Liberals are so tolerant and diversity accepting…until you disagree with them.

  • stairgauge

    Conservative Cowardice on display again.
    Won’t even protect old lady’s this time.
    Tell me …just what is the conservative male
    good for or are they training for the next Olympics
    in running sports. Pathetic…..

    • American Patriot

      Smart conservatives will stand down and watch Soros stew in his on feces.

      Now shut up bitch.

      • stairgauge

        Patriot? Not likely. Stand down ? We have to stand up first.

      • Chi Sam

        You wrote ‘on’ instead of ‘own’.

        What sort of jobs have you held that could tolerate your level of incompetence? You make some stupid mistake in every single one of your posts wherein you are mocking others as stupid.

  • banger377

    Get a group together to attend a Trump rally. Each has a 2 foot long piece of 1/2 rebar. When attacked, respond by beating the living crap out of these punks. Repeat as necessary. The assaults will soon stop.

  • American Patriot

    If you phony conservatives are so tuff I can just give you George Soros address.

    Oh right, you are all fake CIA agents, I forgot.

    We piss on your face.

    • SumtingItink

      Conservatives would smash and detroy the communist democrats incredibly fast. The problem with us conservatives physically fighting back on the democrats would require rollong around in the street with these animals. Cinservatives have jobs and business, families to attend tp. We cannot get criminsl records. The democrsts on the other hand coluld care less about supporting a family they vote democrsts ti have this done . These criminalss do not work so a crimnal record is of no detriment nor concern to them. What I can say is when tje dollar drops out and people lose

    • That was uncalled for.

    • Chi Sam

      Tough. It’s not a difficult word…unless you’re particularly stupid.

  • vondutch

    This just proves folks that the cops are not on our side. They serve their liberal masters. If conservatives were attacking liberals, the blue wall would be out in full force.

    • Amen, Brother. It’s happening here in the countryside too. Cops are afraid to do their jobs – the jobs for which I pay handsomely in property taxes.

  • Where are the cops? If this were Conservatives assaulting BLM mooks, there would be Hell to pay and everyone knows it.


  • Rick Reed

    We have been silenced, but only if we are white.

    We have been told there are “hate crimes” and that only whites can commit them.

    We have been told we are “white priveleged” no matter of upbringing or current level of poverty.

    And just like a 3rd world shithole…we have capitulated our rights.

    Any self segregatory actions by a group of alike participants, railing about anyone that doesnt fit their category being racist…is the actual definition of racism ( or any other ism). Also sweeping generalizing a demographic not like their subgroup.

    Thank You Treasonous Bastard in Chief for turning this country’s harmony clock backward 60 years. You are an abhorrent Human, raised by ypur White family. While your dad disappeared back to Islamic Kenya…

    If only we had the sense to at least Not Allow politicians to bury their past, like this douchebag paid over a million dollars to do, our National Present w[uld Not Reaemble a 3rd world gong show government…

    • SumtingItink

      When that dollar drops out and the people who have followed the rule of law and put up with abuse for years will wake up with absolurtely nothing to lose . The dynamics wil change incredibly fast . A highly organized , well trained extremely well armed populace will swarm wiith a vengence . No corrupt government will stand in it way. Inaddiition most military and low level law enforcement will not stand up for a corrupt government . Their will be to much of a division in the ranks with some following their constitutional oaths while other will try to defend a corupt system. Be patient – It will happen soon. Be this guy-‘”I thought that might happen and I prepared myself and family for it’ ” things can and will change at lighting speed. Their will be no safe spaces for the thugs to hide.

  • Dennis Finan Jr

    How are they not arrested tho? If I just ran up to let’s say Walmart and started punching the door I would be arrested. If I just stayed the road harassing people I would get arrested. Why are these people not getting in trouble?

    • Steamroller

      Police are Demonrats in Milwaukee.

  • Johnny Canuck

    My take on this election:

    • Steamroller

      Hi Johnny, good to see you here! I got booted from IW on the same day they were crying about censorship! LOL I won’t say what I said as it was pretty tame but apparently hit a nerve! Stuff happens! Here Gateway Pundit and Breitbart seem more to my liking reporting wise anyway.

  • Red Star OS 2.0 는 안돼710그것은 블 레

    And the big bad loud mouth conservatards cower and whine and run away like the little dick cowards they REALLY are… guess what trailer trash? You’re gonna KEEP getting chased out of every place you go… no safe space for eurotrash bigots anymore. LOLOLOLOL you’re gonna wish you chose Jeb. LOLOLOLOL… and if any of you cousin fucking meth addicted Eurotrash immigrants don’t like it? You can go the fuck back where you belong. In the caves and bogs of your shithole homelands in the armpit of Europe. Burn in hell you NASCAR watchin little dick white losers. LOLOLOL

    • LOLOLOL^^^^^^

    • Thanks for this post. I’m saving it so I know exactly what BLM people are really thinking. You’re on the record!

    • roystonvasey

      You are just jealous because whites invented everything, built everything.

      The bottom line is, you need us, we don’t need you.


    • Noodle

      Pretty tough sitting there behind that keyboard.

      Bet you have gotten so fat sitting on your axx eating your EBT food you haven’t seen your dxxx in ten years.

  • LePatriote1980

    According to the left, the violent thugs in this video are the victims.

  • Kilo Monaghan

    These people MUST be getting paid for this. Nobody I know really cares about this kind of thing. I wonder if their hiring? I could use a job right now! Not sure if my Resume will pass inspection as I have no experience as an Agent Provocateur.

  • EdmundBurke

    Leftist democrat scum in all their violent glory.

  • Bubba Spieth

    Typical Soros/Clinton Savages. Paid for by George’s $100 Million Dollars!! This is Exactly what the money is for. Expect a new Political Party to emerge under the Democrat banner to combat good, decent, Americans. Law abiding Faithful Americans are their Enemy. White or Black.

    • Expect a new Political Party to emerge under the Democrat banner..

      It’s already emerged – the deal was sealed when Obama took office.

  • gearbox123

    When do we get to fight back?

  • CrOoKeD_HiLLaRy
  • whamprod

    I’m not a Trump guy (not a Clintonista either), but this kind of “liberal” fascism is unacceptable. There’s no room for brown-shirt behavior in American politics.

  • David Gearhart

    This was criminal assaults. Caught on camer. Where are the arrest?

  • Reverend Dean Drone

    Brainwashed morons.

  • mystate2

    Total Scum bottom dwellers!

  • Midwest postal worker

    Where the fuck were the police?? They all should have been pepper sprayed before the rally ended. Complete bullshit….little do these idiots realize they’re going to lose all “freebies” soon. Better store up that energy to find a jobie job!

  • Aloha Snackbar

    Male Trump supporters must step up and coordinate their n these situations. Males should exit first and clear out the area of the exits. Then we must create a tunnel away from the venue. These lefties are stupid and lazy. Find the leaders and take them to the middle, isolate them and the crowd becomes ineffective.

  • Right-wing Realist✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ

    There are many things that must be erased

  • NoMoLies

    For finally waking the fuck up!

    20-30 years ago I felt was sitting alone in a room of gloom and doom as I watched America completely mistake the nightly news for REALITY? On the day of 9/11 I thought “surely they will awaken now!”. Since then a mighty people began to very slowly come out of their stupor. We have a ways to go before we stop the beast that feasts on us, but we are on the path.

    Thank you all! We can now save ourselves.

    And to Black Lives Matter, “WTF is your problem? Don’t you realize you are pawns taking part in your own demise?” Come and join the side with all the power and holding what is best for you.

  • Most of the people giving trouble to Trump attendes – if researched – will turn out to be paid for by Hillary campaign folks.

  • bobzilla

    “gauntlet,” The word is gantlet you idiot!

  • Michael L

    Police should arrest ALL who have their faces covered. That will help
    trace the source of these paid morons.

  • Horus

    No coverage by the mainstream media.