Failed Texas senate candidate Robert “Beto” O’Rourke is now making spaghetti for votes, though no one seems to care.

“WATCH LIVE: @BetoORourke and Amy are visiting with a family in #Flint who was AND STILL IS affected by the water crisis. And Amy & Beto are cooking dinner in their kitchen as we speak #Beto2020,” O’Rourke cheerleader Susie Draper posted to Twitter, along with a short video of the visit.

Beto For All also posted the whole episode on the campaign’s YouTube page, though it’s been viewed less than 100 times and generated no comments.

In the video, O’Rourke and his wife meet with the Collins family to make Amy’s “amazing spaghetti” and discuss the struggles the Michigan community has endured in recent years, primarily the tainted water that sickened residents and the government’s bungled response.

“We learned from a friend whose family is from Italy,” O’Rourke boasted. “So we think this is close to the real thing.”

O’Rourke chopped onions for about a minute as he discussed the “maybe couple hundred” folks who showed up for a town hall earlier in the day, then left the rest of the work to his wife while he sat down at the kitchen table to chat with the family.

For about 45 minutes, Beto leisurely discussed the city’s history, from the declining auto industry through the Flint water crisis, but David, the head of the family, told the 2020 contender things have improved a lot in recent years.

“Jobs started to come back. … Businesses started to come back,” Collins said. “Lear, that’s who I work for now … they been here for over a year now, and we started off with 100 employees and we have over 700 now on three shifts. So it’s crazy. That alone is bringing other companies back to Flint.”

It’s a big change in just a couple years, he said.

“I’ve been here since 86, 87 and saw the crime and violence and stuff,” he said. “It’s on the rebound. There’s a lot of good stuff for kids. … Jobs are coming back.”

“It’s on the rise,” Beto chimed in.

“Oh, ya,” he said. “Definitely. That’s a good thing.”

O’Rourke also spoke with younger members of the black family about criminal justice, local law enforcement, and resources the government could provide to steer youngsters away from trouble.

Meanwhile, Amy slaved away in the kitchen, preparing noodles and sauce for the feast. After the lengthy conversation, O’Rourke returned to the kitchen to help his wife drain the water from the noodles. O’Rourke explained it takes two gallons of bottled water to cook spaghetti in Flint because tap water remains unsafe.

“Do you need these onions?” O’Rourke asked his wife.

“No,” she said. “Sorry.”

“But they were so well cut,” he said.

After discussing how to divvy up a limited amount of butter, O’Rourke and his wife buttered the noodles, then mixed them with the sauce and juice drained from the sauce pan and hauled their concoction outside, where the large family prepared a University of Michigan sun shade and tables for the feast.

O’Rourke concluded the video with a message of thanks for the Collins family as he displayed their prize, and Amy joked about whether the pan of jumbled noodles and red sauce will be well received.

“Amy, if you want to, I think this is a good time to sign off so that we can enjoy the meal. But, Amy, you made this,” O’Rourke said.

“We don’t want anybody to see the reaction,” Amy said.

The spaghetti stunt come as O’Rourke has tanked in recent polls, including a new survey in New Hampshire in which not a single person said they would vote for him.

It’s also O’Rourke’s latest stunt to gain attention in a crowded 2020 Democrat primary field, following failed attempts to garner interest with a dentist visit.

Sen. Ted Cruz, who beat out O’Rourke in 2018 to keep his seat, weighed in on his former challenger’s troubles during a recent interview with PBS, claiming O’Rourke’s plummeting popularity is driven mainly by the same media that propped him up as a superstar last year.

“He has crashed and burned,” Cruz told Firing Line’s Margaret Hoover. “You know, part of it is his base was the media.”

“When he was running against me, the media were enamored with him,” Cruz said. “They were like groupies at a Beatles concert. There was, every week, a different fluffy profile.”

“So, the media has fallen out of love with him?” Hoover questioned.

“Yes, that’s exactly what happened,” Cruz said. “The instant he was no longer running against me, when he was running against Kamala Harris and Bernie and Elizabeth Warren, the media turned on him like that, and suddenly – and I got to admit, he’s been in free fall, he hasn’t known what to do when the media turned on him.”

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