Does Bill Clinton have Parkinson’s disease?

While campaigning in Iowa Saturday to rescue Hillary’s floundering presidential campaign, the former president’s hand could be seen trembling while he was making a point.

As he was explaining his wife’s rationale for invoking 9/11 to defend her ties to Wall Street, Clinton said, “She was making the point that the people devastated on 9/11 were people to her, not categories.”

Watch his left hand at the :30 mark:

In 2013, Clinton denied having Parkinson’s.

“I have a condition that sometimes you get with aging,” Clinton said at the time, the Huffington Post reported. “You may have noticed it; my hand has a little tremor when I’m tired and a lot of people do when they’re older.”

“The first time it happened, I had to go get myself checked to make sure I didn’t have Parkinson’s [disease],” he said.

He said his doctor claimed he didn’t though Clinton didn’t say what condition he has.

  • 4everBfree

    What difference does it make?

  • It’s fun to watch dinosaurs fight.
    Go get him, Clintonosaurus Rex. Protect the aging female of your species.

  • Hugh Mcgarity

    The guy looks as brittle as a dead twig. He’s paler than the belly of a catfish. I bet his hand can still find a well formed breast though.

  • Ray Black

    Parkinson’s ? Wow !

  • TheGhostwriters

    The man is only 67. He couldn’t be in this sorry of condition unless something were really, really wrong.

  • Cindy

    Will they never get done lecturing us?

  • Little Bright Feather

    I didn’t notice his hands shake but his overall appearance is frightening. He looks like he has AIDS. That is what the final stages of AIDS looks like. It’s Hillary who has had reports of terrible health issues, but either we have been seeing a clone this past few months or something along those lines (they all have chipped clones) because she looks healthier and younger then she has in 10 years ! In case y’all don’t know it , they have been cloning people since 1938. And they now even have “Organic clones” so they cannot be seen as any different then the real thing. only better. Clones are all chipped so they are controlled by the PTB. But Bill here and in another video must be the real one because he looks and sounds awful. Last week there was one of him with Hillary and that one was a clone and looked healthy, alert, younger and had more healthy weight on him and looked 10 years younger. No one changes that drastically in one week.

  • Avi Solomon
  • TruthNow

    Americans want a President with a beautiful wife. But with Hillary we get a perverted threesome – a pair of lesbians (Hillary and Huma) and a male rapist and sex addict (Bill).

  • ColonelSander

    I am no fan of any Clinton but it may be what I have. My dad developed a tremor in his right hand so bad he had to eat left handed at about 40. My niece developed a little tremor during college, which pushed my dad to go to the doctor and to get his adoption records opened to determine what it was. We too worried it was Parkinson’s. I am now 45 and I developed it in my left hand. The doctor asked him a simple question: does it shake when you use it or when you aren’t using it? As soon as dad said it was when he used it, the doctor said it was a non-Parkinson’s tremor and hereditary. Parkinson’s tremors happen when the muscle is not used. Think of how Ali’s arm shook in the 96 Atlanta Olympics when the torch was not in that hand. My family’s tremor is only when we use the muscle. If I were Ali, the torch would shake like crazy in my hand whereas Ali’s calmed when he held the torch. It’s hard for me to tell in this video but we need more footage to see his muscles are relaxed when he shakes or not. As for his voice: too many cigars! See also Clint Eastwood, and Rush Limbaugh is headed that way.