Perhaps Americans should be more worried about the seemingly frail and sickly Bill and Hillary Clinton, and less so about their 74-year-old rival Bernie Sanders.

During an appearance in Fairfield, Iowa Friday, KTVO reports Clinton was “much more direct today in attacking his wife’s chief opponent in the race, Bernie Sanders,” than at a Thursday rally.

“Who will do the most to make you a part of the future that the president painted in the State of the Union,” Clinton said, his voice quivering. “How are we going to do it and who’s the best change maker to do it?

“It’s not close. Hillary is the best change maker to do it,” Clinton said, his hand shaking as he pointed at the audience.

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The once energetic Clinton is showing his age. It’s not 1992 anymore.

KTVO reports 350 people turned out to see the former president, but notes “many” of them were Sanders supporters who turned out to see the former president.

The news station also tweeted out this photo, again claiming 350 in attendance.

(Does that look like 350 people to you?)

The Clinton campaign has been plagued by low turnout at events, certainly an indication of enthusiasm — or lack thereof.

The Globe Gazette reported there were so many people at Bernie Sander’s rally in Mason City Wednesday night, some had to stand outside in the freezing cold and watch through the windows.

Sam Frizell of Time Magazine appeared on MSNBC Thursday and reported Clinton also appeared in Mason City Wednesday night and couldn’t match Sanders’s crowd.

Clinton had 300 attend while Sanders had 1,100 — nearly four times the former president’s total.

  • Nick697

    Takes one back, doesn’t it?

  • Blah Blah

    Former CIA black-ops agent exposes the Bush-Clinton crime syndicate!

  • jackcandobutwont

    If I was Iowa, I would tremor too…you rearley see both heads of the clinton crime syndicate together…between the 2, the hildabeast and the serial rapist, they have cost WE THE PEOPLE MILLIONS in lawyer fees, have sold miliatary secrets to the highest bidder, have killed or ordered the death of 50+ people, have sired and raised a horse faced female younger version of the hildabeast, and continue to tell WE THE PEOPLE to f()ck off each and every day becuase we are better than all you little people!! do as we say, not as we do!

  • Dax Harsalter
  • 2summer4

    It’s been a busy year of hobnobbing with Wall Street for Hillary Clinton
    Here’s a List of All the Hillary Clinton Wall Street Fundraisers

  • Paul

    The media embarrasses themselves daily–editos are lame, in the tank libs. There was NOT 350 there. The media doesn’t even question campaign propaganda.

  • Wrong_track

    The Clintons are washed up has beens, Hildabeast is TOAST

    • Chi Sam

      I hope you are right…but you probably are not… I cannot stand this woman and I don’t think she deserves jail time for her arrogant disregard for protocol.

      And you know her supporters could care less what laws she broke…

  • A Tree Full of Owls

    Bill Clinton is not looking healthy at all. I have no sympathy for this monster. he deserves the worst life can throw at him…

  • Chi Sam

    Despite the common ‘meme’ that Hillary is a shrewd politician, she totally blew it with ServerGate…

    Given the numerous State Department leaks at the time from Julian Assange and Edward Snowden, she ought to have said that it was intentionally done in an effort to either protect information or help determine where the leaks were coming from.

    More people would have begrudgingly accepted that excuse than the myriad ever-changing nonsense she has been offering.

    • The Mikado

      Hitlery isn’t smart, shrewd, or any other word ever used to describe a politician commonly thought of as competent. She’s a shrill harridan whose only nuance is blunt force trauma and the only reason we’ve even heard of her is because of the serial rapist she married. If she hadn’t had the entire democrap party propping her up for the last 25 years, she would have long ago faded from memory.

  • Nick Rausch

    The Clintons are finally getting what they deserve.

    • mredward

      Remember it aint over til Hillary sings. How many times have we heard the Clintons will finally get what they deserve. I suspect they have files on every politician that would put J Edgar hoover to shame.

  • kurt9

    Its time for the Clinton’s to retire with dignity.

    • Chi Sam

      Why do so many posters shoehorn an apostrophe into the simple word ‘Clintons’? It’s fairly common, in that it seems about one out of ten do that.

    • nukethedems

      I agree with the first part. No way on the second.

      • Chi Sam

        Perfect… They should be run out on a rail like the American version of Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos that they are.

        • Vetfromhell

          The Marcos had some character, and Ferdinand fought in the war. Unfair comparison. They actually cared about the PI.

          • Chi Sam

            Hahaha… I didn’t know whether to go with Marcos’s, or Marcos’. I only knew that neither Marcoses, nor Marcos was right, so I carefully worded my comment to avoid that choice.

            Seeing how that actually reads, I am glad I did…

    • mredward

      That ship has sailed.

    • aka_Deerhunter

      Dignity??? Ha Ha Ha!

    • Vetfromhell

      That ship sailed dude.

    • bevolvr

      To a cell

  • vijnyan

    Stage-3 syphilis

  • nukethedems

    The Clinton and the ObaMao legacy: Revenge of the Disbarred Lawyers.

  • Plasticvet

    Tabes Dorsalis

  • AvalS

    Mrs. Clinton always worked with small crowds. Usually small groups are in order in Iowa as I understand. No problem with a small crowd as long as they vote.

    • Chi Sam

      I tend to agree with you… A small group of hardcore vote-getter-outers can be more valuable than a throng of fans.

      We’ll soon see, though I can’t imagine her losing even Iowa to Bernie Sanders.

    • mredward

      Yes, why would you want to speak to 1000 or 5000 people who vote when you can speak to a hundred.

  • nukethedems

    Bill is turning into FDR right before our eyes. Apparently, he was horn dog to.

    • Chi Sam

      Here…have an ‘o’. I can crank them put in unlimited numbers with my keyboard.

    • Chi Sam

      Interesting analogy, given that one deserves the chair and the other did not…

      • nukethedems

        FDR was a bigger NWO sellout and murderer than the Clinton’s ever thought of being.

        • Chi Sam

          How so? Is there a brief summary? I only know about his seeming capitulation to the Soviets, but I can’t judge, as I know little about what his options were.

  • SongeSinger

    hi fans! im taking time out of my life to say I don’t give a flyin rats who wins! thanks!

    • Chi Sam

      What difference, at this point, does it matter…

      • mredward

        No quotation marks, and the word was “make”. Unless you are purposely misquoting for some odd reason.

        • Chi Sam


          That was sloppy… Fixed… With little fanfare. (As it is postulated as my reply, no quotation marks.)

    • WayneJ

      Really doesn’t matter does it? When our country is on the trajectory it is and at a velocity that defies a change of course…..headed toward ruin at warp speed.

  • Bozwell

    The left couldn’t put any candidates out that weren’t complete dinosaurs

    • nukethedems

      Thanks to abortion, any future dem leaders never even existed. The rest were gotten by drugs or ended up in prison. Many never fully developed, emotionally or spiritually, because they grew up in illegitimacy and a secular home and/or educational environment.
      See, democRats like to complain and throw blame around and spend other peoples money. When it comes to the hard work of maintaining a country and it’s sovereign population, not so much.
      This is why I don’t feel sorry for them. They’ve brought this all on themselves.

  • rusty shackleford
  • odys

    “Old and in the way
    That’s what I heard them say
    They used to heed the words he’d say
    But that was yesterday.

    Hair must turn to gray
    And youth must fade away
    They’ll never care about you
    Once you’re old and in the way!”

    • Chi Sam

      She is the leading Democrat contender for President of the United States… That does not conjure-up images of an old, washed-up person that is largely impertinent, and in the way as the world struggles to navigate around him or her.

      There must be an appropriate song about gray hair and other physical effects of aging, if that’s your point.

  • Chi Sam

    The first President that I was old enough to vote for, was Reagan in 1980, but as my family was politically in tune I have watched the elections going back to 1968, and I must say that this is hands-down the most interesting, exciting Presidential election of my lifetime.

    Despite all of the caterwauling about America being ‘broken’, and the odd meme that the system is ‘fixed’, and the ever-popular whining about all politicians being the same, we have a plethora of good choices, no matter which side of the aisle we are on.

    Quite frankly, I have never seen a more capable, qualified crop of candidates than we have now. Any one of the Republican candidates would do a decent job, and the front runners would be stellar.

    Though I doubt I would ever vote for a Dem, Hillary and Bernie Sanders offer the left much more than any recent Dem candidate that comes to mind, and either would do less harm to the nation than Obama has done or Al Gore would have.

    • Vetfromhell

      You are 54 years old and like the 74 year old commie? I call bs on your little story. Anyone “feeling the Bern” needs a penicillin shot.

      • Chi Sam

        I did not say that I like either of the Dem’s… I very clearly said that he would be a good choice for a Dem.

        Don’t let your zealotry cloud your thinking…

        • Vetfromhell

          Your whole post is bs.

  • Vetfromhell
  • Pete

    Maybe the old pig will drop dead on the stump.

  • mateoenfuego

    His voice quivered? His hand shook? Doesn’t sound or look like it….

    • Vetfromhell


      • The Gentle Grizzly


  • Kindot

    The Clinton campaign is set to defraud the public. Hillary has yet to attract more than 5 000 to a rally, most Americans are not corrupt or perpetual liars, Sanders honesty has great appeal. Hopefully the next revolution in coming years is against our corrupted media and radio. I cannot wait until the Clintons and their entourage of entrepreneurial criminals are gone for good!

  • Mitch1056


  • Mitch1056


  • Mitch1056

  • uhavetobekidding

    Give poor old president Clinton a break. You would have quivering hands and a shaky voice too if you had been exposed to all the STD’s he has. By now, his brain must be rotting in a stew mush.


    Bill Clinton looks like he is on death’s door step. He looks prematurely old & this age spurt came on lightning fast. And what the heck is wrong with his voice? His hands shake and he seems to always have blotches on his face. I think the man is very sick – I think he is just hanging on to help Hillary through the election campaign. I don’t know how much help he is — he seems weak and not like the old Bill Clinton.