Several black pastors joined Donald Trump on-stage at a Virginia rally last night to publicly endorse his candidacy for president.

Dr. Steve Parson, a minister in Richmond, Virginia, joined eight others at a Manassas rally to show their support for the Republican front runner.

“People ask my ‘why are you endorsing Donald Trump?’ Well, in my opinion, he’s the best and the only one that can beat Hillary Clinton,” Parson said.

“We’ve got to win and one thing about Donald Trump is that he’s a winner. He knows how to create wealth. As a black minister, we’re right in the inner city and I’ll tell you, we need jobs, we need employment, we need businesses, and who better can help us help ourselves than Donald Trump?” Parson asked.

“I personally believe that this is a movement. I personally believe that we’re in a situation now where this country called America is going to come back and be made great again,” Parson said.

The pastor joined Trump in New York on Monday during a meeting with about 100 black ministers from across the country.

“When I met him, I had the feeling that this is a humble man. It’s not the image that we see out in public. This guy is a humble guy and has a heart for people,” Parson told WTVR after the meeting.

“He was there opening to our advice and wanted to hear from us. He wanted to get counsel from pastors,” Parsons said. “He asked for prayer and that’s powerful.”

  • flyr

    I fully subscribe to John Smith’s comment and welcome the challenge to work together to solve the problems including employment, education, vision , equality of opportunity.

    I am a great supporter of immigration but legal immigration. The democrat model is really a filter which removes from the stream of immigrants virtually anybody who respects our laws and brings skills. It is hard to see how importation of millions and millions of unskilled workers have not hurt blacks more than anyone else. Not just the visible jobs lost but the truly important first jobs lost. Jobs for those in high school and college. Jobs where young men and women are working in small businesses and service firms. There was a time when McDonalds was the largest first employer of blacks and of all young people. Now it is becoming a career not a stepping stone.

    We have a president ( lower case because of the man not the office) whose stock in trade is conflict, hate and bigotry.

    Our economy is not a zero sum game where to win you have to take something from someone else. Rather the sum of what we have is the sum of what we produce plus what we buy on credit. Our credit rating is sinking like the Titanic. We also destroy a vast amount of our physical capital and human capital. The 50 million Americans sitting on the sidelines need to get back into the game for the benefit of all.

  • That’s not the “official” Black narrative. Somebody is in BIG trouble.

  • Psalmon

    That Dr. Parson is terrific! What a great speaker.

    One of the reasons I want to see Trump as POTUS is I would like to see him address the UN as frankly as he addresses these crowds. It’s time those thugs and thieves get straightened out.

  • stillbill22

    Trump is no racist and neither was Bush. For all his faults I never remember Bush make a single nasty partisan comment. Barry is a divisive POS.

  • Akello Rashid

    Since Trump is genuinely not a conservative (i.e., Regressive), he probably will not have such a negative effect on Black America as some of the other Republican candidates. As a Progressive myself, Trump doesn’t pose an existential threat to my values as most of the others would. Heck, other than pandering to our Nativistic sensibilities (i.e., building fences, stereotyping groups of people, proclaiming the demise of the country, etc.) he’s truly a Progressive at heart.

  • CharleyX

    I can’t believe what I’m reading. Blacks who don’t actually want handouts? Not even for the boys in the hood? I’ll believe it when I see it.

  • Snake Plisskin

    To all Black Americans: LEAVE THE PLANTATION!!!!!! You sheepishly traded the slave plantation for the Democrat plantation and you all have become “slaves” and are being used as patsies to help get these clowns elected. Even LBJ was purported to have said after signing the civil rights act in 1964 “now those n*ggers will vote democrat for the next 200 years!” My advice to you all, come next November stop it at 52.

  • fatboyinde

    Hillary better darn sure get back to speaking her Kentucky Fried Hillary routine, or she is going to lose this demographic, big time. I love how her fake Southern accent comes out when she is below the Mason-Dixon line, and I mean geographically, not her polling numbers, which will soon be below the Mendoza line.

  • jb1331

    All Unions should support Trump!

  • Toby Belch

    Uh, no.The pastors issued a statement saying the meeting did not constitute an endorsement. Nice try.

  • bozotheclown

    To those who ask “why are you voting for Trump?” Because voting for most any other candidate is a vote for the status quo and a vote for the continuation of a family political dynasty. A vote for Trump, or O’Malley, is a vote for disrupting the status quo, throwing a wrench into the gears of the political machinery. Is Trump presidential, I don’t think so, not yet anyways. Over the next year, much more will be revealed about the feild of candidates and the landscape will likely change, which I hope will not include Hillary or Jeb.

  • Charles Scruffy

    Trump will help many blacks along with poor whites. The illegal invasion has decimated the entry level jobs for many people. Many poor blacks and poor whites at least had some dignity in these jobs. Many even provided a living. Not anymore with the lower wages by illegals. Construction industry which used to make a good living to Blacks and Whites is almost gone in most areas. Hispanics are in all trades now holding down wages.
    Cant understand why Blacks havent revolted over Democrats and the free amnesty they want for illegals?? Maybe being Santa Claus to Blacks..but with being Santa you take away peoples dignity.

    • FalcondRippr .

      Whether it be Trump or Cruz that does it, once we secure the border alot of good things will happen. If nothing else, we’ll be able to free up a significant amount of jail space.

  • p martin

    Nice to hear but the major media will keep these pastors out of the limelight. Majority of black pastors still feel that Obama did not fail, but the republicans sabotaged him. 80% of blacks will still vote Hillary once she is nominated and the media machine kicks into gear. She is already attending the black churches and soon she will wear a blacklivematter t shirt.

    • tim bruce

      Will she imbaress blacks with a fake dialect?

  • Anthony Wayne

    They’ve been helping themselves for years, that’s part of the problem.

  • phil8

    More are joining the Trump Revolution….. Make America Great Again….

  • perpetual victim hood…

    And Obama’s Pastor continues to call me a white devil…. Dang…

  • CNeder

    How awesome is that. Jeremiah Wright must be doing back flips.

  • perpetual victim hood…

    Democrats Divide…..Republicans Unite!

    • Blues of Morderer

      RINOs unite?

  • Cheryl55

    It was so great to see the UNITY at the Mananas rally! This is how it SHOULD be! Blacks and Whites in this country while growing up would always stand together against anyone that tried to go against America!! And that is what we NEED now…to stand united. Trump does not see race… he sees competence and work ethic and character in people and I have seen so many that if they do not have that he spends the time to try to make them better…TRUMP 2016!!!

    • VashTheStampede

      very well put

  • Herma Hudek

    Pastor we need Jesus. Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and he will give us what we need.

  • Blues of Morderer

    Trump will Make America Great Again!

    • JD532

      HOW? BUILDING A GATE AND BEING A BULLY? He knows nothing about the issues scary

  • RacistRepubliKKKans BigotedCon

    These comments are the same thing Conservatives said in 2008/2012. You RepubliKKKan voters are delusional if you think Blacks/Latinos/Hispanics/Asians will vote RepubliKKKan. Lol too funny #DreamOnNutters

    • tim bruce

      You must have wondered off the Huffington Post , that tripe won’t fly.Smart money wants to get on board with a winner.

      • Bernard Marx

        Got that right, you can see his/her/ah-“Its” desperation….


    • Bernard Marx

      How many dead and dogs have voted Democrat recently?…


  • tim bruce

    The liberal open border policy alone, is decimating the chances for inner city blacks.substituting welfare for jobs, has created these hell holes, with no end in sight.

    • JD532

      THE GOP/TP Built Isis blowing up the wrong country and we have MILLIONS of people hating us!!

  • Templewind

    Trump is The Lord’s King Cyrus for rebuilding America!!

  • Julie Sehler

    Said the spider to the fly… I am here for YOU.

  • keludel

    We’re all brothers in Christ! Drop the Democratic chains of lies.
    Hard work, clean life and faith in Christ is what we are all about!

  • John Perry

    So lets see DT Pastor supporters talk about wealth and money and Dr. Carson’s Pastor supporters talk about love of God and their fellow man. Hmm…. So who is in it for what??

  • ajwp

    Trump is a charmer. BUt I see lots of character defects, a bullying style mixed with generalities. Yes he appears to be interesed in PEOPLE, but he is OF the 1 %. He is one of our AMerican Lords, Nobles, and Aristocrats. He is OF the oligarchy and the Plutocrats. What would one expect from this? Politics is the last refuge of scoundrels. Maybe a nice guy, who runs lots of enterprises, but would you want to work for him?

  • ajwp

    My God. What am I saying “NICe GUY” . . . I got misguided by fact that African American ministers actually endorsed this man TRUMP. He ain’t no NICE GUY. He has spoken as a racist about Hispanics and others. He has spoken as a dunce and mean spirited person — women. He has made fun of a disable man — a reporter. No. No Mr. NICE GUY here. Egocentric, OCD, narcissistic and bully.

  • trump is a racist spaz – so is his supporters – and that preacher speaking up for him – Just got kicked out of church recently – for stealing money and sharing it with his family members – from the church …

    trump is not CHRISTIAN at all – far from it …. no CHRISTIAN would want to kill the family members of a terrorist – to get back at the terrorist ….. people don’t have control over their other family members in their choices ….

    and let’s not forget – he lied about the 1,000’s of muslims celebrating – to play on the emotions of those racists who are paranoid of muslims in this country and beyond ….. not to mention he kept lying about the amount of pastors – there was no more than 45 to 50 at tops …. and only 14 at the table …

  • Monroe Frazier

    Donald Trump chose the wrong bunch of “Black Pastors” to try and garner black support.

  • KingFisher