Suffice it to say there are at least two women who support Donald Trump for president.

A duo of black women — hosting a YouTube “show” called “The Viewers View” — eviscerated Fox News debate moderator Megyn Kelly for her questions related to Trump’s statements on Twitter concerning women.

Lynnette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson produced, “Megyn Kelly and that Damn Debate,” today:

“Okay, so it’s a day after the debates and you all know I am mad as hell,” Hardaway began. “Somebody already tried to come for Donald, so I’ve got to come for them.”

Hardaway objected to Kelly’s opening question to Trump, asking him to respond to comments he made on Twitter towards Rosie O’Donnell.

“Here’s the damn deal, Megyn Kelly, or Kelly Megyn, whatever your name is: Rosie O’Donnell started that whole foolishness! She was on The View and she was the one who spoke out against Donald and Donald had to come back on her!

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“So I don’t know why you’re gonna make this here a part of your forum last night. You know, perhaps you don’t need to be hosting debates! Perhaps — maybe it’s time for us to file Kelly and make her go back to reporting news at the local news! Try Sesame Street! Maybe you should go back and report news for Sesame Street and have a debate with them.”

Hardaway wasn’t finished.

“You hit below the belt, Kelly. You hit below the belt, girl. But blow on this: leave my man, Donald Trump, the hell alone! If you’ve got something you’re going to tell him, run it by us first! Run it by me first and I’ll let you know if you have permission to come for him!” she said.

“He’s gonna be the next president of the United States when you like it or not, Megyn Kelly or Kelly Megyn or whatever your name is, or not.”

Hardaway and Richardson appeared on The Hard Line on Newsmax TV earlier this week after they produced another pro-Trump video.

Host Ed Berliner asked the duo how they fell out of line with the traditional black female supporters of the Democratic Party and Hardaway said, “Well, listen, we have our own minds and we can no longer be spoon-fed. We can pick up our own forks and eat for ourselves. We have our own minds to think for ourselves. Stop believing everything those Democrats tell you.

If our man Donald Trump gets this, we going Republican, baby!”

They called Trump a “breath of fresh air” during the interview.

“It’s like now we have a leader. We have someone that can lead us, secure that border, bring jobs back to America so people can not only survive, but they can also thrive in this country.”

Tea Party activist Katrina Pierson posted the duo’s video on Facebook, saying, “People don’t know how much support the Donald has with black Americans. (they may not want to know).”

To see more of “The Viewers View” videos, visit their Facebook page.

  • David F Souza

    Again the Donald sticks it to the elites. They are truly puzzled that the people are not stepford like they thought. This was never true and now they are getting dealt some cold hard reality. This isn’t so much about Trump as it is about the American people getting a chance to F with the minds of the elite.

    • Trump is the turd in their punchbowl, and they’re gonna have to deal with it.

      • qqqjones

        Actually its the other way around. Trump is the golden apple is a punch bowel full of sewage and corruption.

        • Punch bowel? I’m going to assume that’s a great intentional pun and not an errant iPhone spelling correction.

  • PatriotGalNC

    I am very upset at how the debate turned out. So blatantly obvious what “they’re” angle was. All intentional. I have been watching the Trump rise for several weeks now, and admit to being very exhilarated at his speaking the TRUTH about what ails this blessed country. But, over the weekend, I wound up reading a lot about how his candidacy is a “set up” for him to run as a 3rd party candidate, like Ross Perot did…which insured a Clinton win, TWICE. I like Ted Cruz very much, but they totally did a lock out of him talking much at the debate–another clue that the Establishment elites want no one but their guy Jeb to get the nomination. Megyn’s face looked like she was OUT FOR BLOOD during her whole “performance” at the debate. Shame on her. I know what Donald Trump meant when he made his “blood comment”. But, on the same hand…I think he might best consider toning it down a bit, though that is not his personality.

  • slobotnavich

    All this yowling about Megan dissing The Donald is pre-packaged MSM drivel by the Big Three who are weary of losing share to Fox News. I wouldn’t be surprised if Donald and Megan got together after the “debate” and had a good laugh about it. Overall, the quality and caliber of the discourse and reporting on FoxNews is so much higher than that of the Big Three that it’s no contest. Plus, between Megan, Kimberly and the others you can see why it’s named the Fox Network. Meanwhile, Katie Couric is now doing the 3-6AM Agricultural Report on WORM in Biloxi, MS.

    • qqqjones

      Bullshit. If you think Trump relishes being humiliated by a blonde bimbo in front of 24 million people for kicks, then you are out of your mind.

      • slobotnavich

        It didn’t seem to me that The Donald was being “humiliated.” But then, I didn’t see the whole debate, having fallen asleep about halfway through. And Kelly’s hardly a “blonde bimbo” – she’s a smart, incisive, and competent moderator.

        • qqqjones

          Trump was set up to be humiliated.

          The Fox moderators bragged about planning ziggers to get under Trump’s skin and had a contingency plan to have him removed from the stage if he didn’t follow their rules.

          Kelly might be smart and competent. She is also dishonest and cunning. The quote mining she pulled on Trump was the yellowist of yellow journalism.

          But lets face it. The cultural and ideological gap between traditional Americans and cultural marxist Americans is so great, its dumb to discuss issues like honor or fairness or morality. We would pass like ships in the night.

          In fact the Trump campaign is increasingly looking like a show down between traditional American values and Marxist
          cultural values. Personally, I think enough young people are so sick of politically correctness, that Trump could win in a 3 party race.

          • slobotnavich

            Actually, I think The Donald would have a good chance in a two-party race, but if he were to run as a third candidate he’d likely throw the win to the verminous Democrats, since he’d siphon off mainly Republicans sick of the typical RINO pols. The Loony Left will stick with the Dems all the way. If Don runs as a third party candidate my guess is that he’d withdraw at the eleventh hour and urge his supporters to vote Republican. Donald’s a pot-stirrer but he’s not a vindictive lunatic like most Democrats

      • Davole

        Donald Trump wasn’t humiliated by the blonde bimbo – she was the one to whom he publicly gave a well-deserved figurative spanking!

        • qqqjones

          Yes. Trump turned the tables on Kelly and crew.

  • Chic Magnet Bailey

    What these woman are saying is. ‘Were sick of people being ‘presidential, we want a PRESIDENT!”

  • buzman

    I love it. pass this all over every website you can. Maggot Kelly’s FB and Twitter Accts. have not made a tweet or post since August 7th. Prior to the DONALDS smack down, she was tweeting/posting EVERY SINGLE DAY….hahahahahahaha..

    • qqqjones

      Kelly has over played her hand and squandered an abundance of undeserved good will. I suspect on a conservative news show she is now damaged goods who loses rating points. Too many pretty, talented and younger women who can do her job without the baggage and raise the ratings.

  • Reverend Jeremiah Wright


    • paperpushermj

      __________________________ TROLL ALERT_______________________

    • Paul in NH


    • Your metaphor is flawed, Rev. “House Niggers” are securely enslaved on the Dem plantation. These fine young women are runaway slaves.

  • Reverend Jeremiah Wright


    • anAmericanMom

      LOL yeah you sound happy about it.. so happy you are frothing blood from your eyes nose and ears.

      Thanks for the tip off.

    • Connie Fuller Wright

      ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahah……you are a laughing stock… out of touch with true Americans….ahahahah.

    • paperpushermj


    • Paul in NH

      Your “hero”, the oSquatter, needs his boots licked, get on your knees…

    • nrinc


  • anAmericanMom

    Trump/ Cruz/Trump Gowdy AG, Carson HHS, Palin Energy Sec, West Sec of Defense Gut the Fed IRS and Dept of Education. Stop all fudning eveything that is not needed by all Americans in other words. NAACP PP La Raza, Cair Arts Humanities.

    No more divying up funds for special interest unless it is of interest to ALL americans.

    Wall built armed and manned Tear up treaties and start fresh. 21at cntury tiem to Gut our Our spending and take care of our vets and elderly. Any Questions?

  • edneedham

    trump is pro-abortion and pro-amnesty. the blowhard isn’t really a republican, let alone a conservative..

    • paperpushermj

      When did he say he was a Republican?

    • qqqjones

      ROTF. Who the hell would wants to be a freakn’ Republican? I’m a moderate to conservative and all the hell the freakn’ Republican establishment has done is marginalize my conservative beliefs and acted contrary to what they have promised to do, while selling out to the Democrats.

      The Republican party can either go with Trump or it can go to hell. You sure an hell aren’t my friend.

      • paperpushermj

        Well seeing how Trump threw his hat in the Republican Primary Presidential Debates, I thought it a fair question. Other then writing out the check to the Republican Party to get on the stage, what ties does he have to the Party, or even Individuals within the Party.
        Has Trump spoken at any Conservative event as a Conservative fellow Conservatives? NO

        • qqqjones

          Its a fair question and has been answered. Trump is leading in the polls with Republican voters by double digits. He gained points and Bush lost polling points after the debate.

          So if you wish to question Trump’s conservatism, you are either in the position of claiming the Republican establishment is somehow more conservative than Trump, (which doesn’t wash) or that Republican voters are somehow more liberal than the Republican establishment. Which also doesn’t wash.

          Trump is clearly conservative enough for most Republican voters.

          • paperpushermj

            Yes Trump has about 1/3 of the Conservative base at this time.. How about the other 2/3s that make up the Right .His base is small and I don’t think growing . He is such a Polarizing figure that most either like him or don’t. Not a lot of fence sitters with this guy

          • qqqjones

            Again. It all depends on what you mean by conservative..

            Some corn farmer in Iowa who is pro life, and pro Israel, but left of Trotsky on globalist economics because he’s got 2000 share of Apple in his 401K is hardly what I would call a “conservative.”

            He’s likely waving the flag for the TPP trade deal thinking he will sell more corn and get low wage Mexican pickers, without a clue he is pushing the dissolution of American for the North American Union.

            When the political situation is that corrupt and that confused convenient political labels such as “conservatives,” that worked 20 years ago are damn near worthless.

            On the other hand this corn farmer might swing to Trump, for the simple reason that for the most part, Trump thinks just like him.

          • paperpushermj

            Well you have had 2 bites at the apple called not answering the question. I don’t blame you for not knowing because no one does.

            Well you bought the sizzle…time will come when you will want to pop the hood and see what you bought.

          • qqqjones

            Its not that I’m not answering the question. Its that we are coming from totally different points of view. People generally don’t change abstract ideology until the ideology become real. Immigration is not a problem until the police point a gun to your head and move in a Mexican family into your spare bedroom.

            Which is where this is headed. For you. Not for me. I’m too old. I’ll be dead before it happens.

          • paperpushermj

            Third bite.. What does what you said have to do with Trump expanding or reducing the size of Gov.? Nothing

          • paperpushermj

            What conservatism ?

            Do you see Trump slowing the growth of Government?
            Sending the EPA to the wood shed?

            I realize it’s just a guess for you because He hasn’t given any specifics at all on anything. He speaks in Generalities.

          • qqqjones

            Its not a guess. I look at Republicans calling themselves conservatives working diligently with Obama and democrates to undermine the soverignty and liberty of this country so when I think of conservative I’m thinking about issues more basic than the EPA.

            Like securing the borders, bringing jobs and manufacturing back to the US, rebuilding the infrastructure, returning to former prospertity, recinding the Patriot Act, and rejecting the North American Union.

            As far as I can see, besides Trump, Ron Paul and Cruz, all the rest of the republican candidates are globalists which for anyone with a brain, in the very antithesis of a conservative.

          • paperpushermj

            So you think what? Do you think he will grow or shrink Government?
            Will he take the EPA to the wood shed?

  • BigEd2

    This comment is “snarky;” I’ll admit, but… Do any of you remember Johnny Carson’s famous line describing the eyelashes on the wife (Tammy Faye Baker) of the celebrated televangelist? Well, I dare say Megyn Kelly could easily hide 10 or 12 undocumented workers under each of those “brooms” she attached to her eyelids. How can you take any journalist seriously when they knowingly and willfully adorn themselves in a fashion which most in the general population would associate with the facial make-up on a two-bit street-walker or, possibly, a transvestite?

    • RC Christian

      Megyn Kelly is an agent provocateur representing the US federal government (aka a crime syndicate).

    • larry

      No, but I do remember when he had Betsy Palmer on and he ask what she did to help Arnold’s game. Her response was that she polished his balls, to which Johnny said “I bet that makes his putter stand up”.

      Sorry Can’t help it, good memories.

      • Carson: California decriminalized marijuana today. The good news is possession of less than an ounce is no longer a felony. The bad news is the band doesn’t know what “less than an ounce” means.
        Doc Sevrinsen (off stage): It means you’re almost out!

        Good times!


    Obama and his socialist agenda needs to be stopped. We cannot take care of the world. Jim Jones of Jonestown wanted a socialistic form of control also and look where it got them all. I applaud Don Trump for not being so PC correct and telling like it is.

    Jim Jones: Rise of a Cult Leader

    In San Francisco, Jones became a powerful figure. He curried favor
    with public officials and the media, donated money to numerous
    charitable causes and delivered votes for various politicians at
    election time. Peoples Temple ran social and medical programs for the
    needy, including a free dining hall, drug rehabilitation and legal aid
    services. Jones’ message of social equality and racial justice attracted
    a diverse group of followers, including idealistic young people who
    wanted to do something meaningful with their lives.

    • Is there anything more dangerous than idealistic young people?

  • nrinc

    The conspiracy theorist in me thought for a minute that these two hilarious ladies are Dem lefties who are pushing Trump thinking he can’t win the Presidency against any Dem nominee, but they’ve been pushing for the Donald since July and seem genuine, so I guess not. They’re just southern gals who know how phony the media can be. Hmm-hm! That’s right! Get it together Megyn Kelly or Kelly Megyn-whatever it is.

    The awesomeness of these two is overwhelming. Camille Paglia and Jim Goad are right-he’d be our first comedic nominee, including his “fans”, regardless of whether or not he can win, and that has its selling points.

    If Megyn Kelly or Kelly Megyn, whatever it is, had a decent sense of humor about herself, she’d play this whole four minute thing on her own show.

    • RC Christian

      Megyn Kelly is just doing her job manipulating the masses to ensure the chosen candidate(s) is in the best position to ultimately win the general election.

    • paperpushermj

      So does Kelly chuckle off the Tweet that he sent that night or his ” wherever” quote about Her as well.. just as a display her good humor?

  • gabwin

    Agreed. This woman too, stands against the inappropriate, mean, gotcha, questions aimed like a weapon at Mr. Trump. It’s not the media’s place to try to “fix” the election, It is their place to report on it.

    Shame on Kelly. She’s exposed herself utterly as a tool of the establishment…”The Washington Cartel”…as Ted Cruz has named them. And shame on Fox for the entire, pathetic, debacle.

  • 1stAfterburner

    Oh my,..I fear we are Germany’s Weimar Republic January 1933,..all over again!

    • qqqjones

      That was seven years ago when Barry Sorento got elected. You are many moons behind predicting doom.

  • motimer


  • Brian9999

    I really like Trump and what he has added to this process, but the problematic question is,
    “Who do you want controlling the button and it’s access codes?”

    I’m not sure I want Trump’s finger on the button, but I don’t really trust any of the others that much, either. But this question is sure to eventually come up.

    • qqqjones

      Having a beautiful wife and children and 10 billions dollars tends to make a man cautious about throwing it all away.

      • Brian9999

        She is pretty hot.

  • Alan Wayne

    I say elect him because Washington deserves it!

  • RufusVonDufus

    When it comes to those black women, Trump is right!

  • drwhatnot

    Dr Whatnot 2 seconds ago
    The more this goes on the more convinced I am that it makes no sense for ANYONE OTHER THAN TRUMP to be our president. This is the guy we need. This is the guy we have waited for. He is honest. For the first time in my life, someone is speaking to us like an equal. Like a real person. He does not preach, he does not posture. He is a very smart guy and he has been through so many high level deals and behind the scenes conversations that he knows the game from the inside and the outside. There has never been a candidate like this, with the possible exception of Bloomberg. And if you look at Mike Bloomberg, billionaire businessman with no political experience, you have to agree he was one of the best mayors in New York City history. Why? Because in the corporate world, you must set goals, priorities, and expectations. And then, you have to report back to your stockholders and your peers on the results. If you fail, you are out of business. If you do nothing, you are out of business. But the way our “leaders” run this government is very different. In their world, YOU don’t set goals, priorities, or expectations. You simply make promises and if you win the election, you then proceed to do what your financiers ask you to do. If they say you lied, you simply say that all politicians say things during campaigns. If they complain because you don’t vote the way you said you would, you simply tell them that circumstances forced you to compromise. If you are caught red handed doing something that most of us would be imprisoned for, you simply issue an official apology. You tear up and you beg for forgiveness. You blame yourself, your human frailty, and you throw yourself upon the mercy of the people. CAN YOU IMAGINE DONALD TRUMP PLAYING THAT GAME? We all know the answer. It’s not in his DNA. He can’t be a phony. Not on that level. He can be a shrewd evasive manipulative hustler. He can make his opponent crazy in order to win a negotiation. But he can’t be a phony. He is what he is. Look, he doesn’t need this. He doesn’t need the money, or the fame, or the glory. He has everything he ever wanted. He took his dad’s construction company and turned it into a dominant global brand. Do you know how difficult it is to do that? To spend your life creating a multi-billion dollar empire that has built hotels, casinos, homes, apartment complexes, parks, television shows, books …. in fact, he has built a movement in society. He has built a way of life. I know that sounds a bit over the top, but if you think about it, and if you speak to anyone who lives or works in one of his creations they will tell you that it’s more than a structure. It is a feeling of quality and a way of living and working that he has created. From the interior and exterior design of the structures to the experience one has when dealing with Trump employees – everything is … The Best. He has no time for losers. No patience for pretense. No room for trivial dishonest politically correct blustering and posing. He is actually more like Ayn Rand’s heroic iconic creations – Howard Roarke or John Galt – than any of the other so-called “true conservative” party candidates. I know Rand Paul fancies himself as an Ayn Rand disciple, as do many other republicans, but when you look at the facts, NONE OF THEM are true OBJECTIVISTS or CAPITALISTS compared to Mr. Trump. Read Ayn Rand carefully and it becomes clear. America is in trouble. And if there ever was a time when a “John Galt” is needed, now is the time. In her epic novel, Atlas Shrugged, the people asked “Who is John Galt?” In her fictional world about to collapse, America was looking for a hero. Someone who was unafraid to speak the truth and someone who would not apologize and not compromise. Someone who believed in himself and who would not allow his efforts to be diluted, diverted, misinterpreted or altered. Someone who knew how to make the engine of the world work again but who would only do it on HIS TERMS. That is the very essence of successful capitalism and objectivism. Selfishness. But not the stupid definition of the word. The accurate definition. Belief in the power of the self. Belief in the importance of the individual. The Belief that YOU built that house. YOU wrote that book. YOU made your business a success. And not being ashamed to take the credit. Donald Trump is by nature, a patriot. He is sacrificing his life, his comfort, his wealth, his time, his reputation, his future…. because he believes in America and he believes in himself. He has looked long and hard in the mirror and he has made up his mind that this great country has made it possible for a kid from Queens to become a billionaire and to live a life that few can imagine. And he sees his beloved country in peril and he knows how to save her. If we let him, he will.

  • nulaqmi

    We finally have a candidate who’s unafraid to stand up and say THE EMPEROR HAS NO CLOTHES!

    It’s about time.

    • jonbrownzbody


      You lose.

      A G A I N

      • Davole

        We all know where John Brown’s body is – at least under ground!


  • Atticus Finch

    I wonder if Trump’s third gaudy wife likes it up the rear, any thoughts????
    Hey, after all it’s not like it’s none of our business.

    • Anonymous

      Dude, no one cares that you’re gay; but, this is really not the appropriate forum for your fantasies.

      • Atticus Finch

        Are her tits real? They look like cheap bags of silicone to me.

        • Anonymous

          And you wonder why the courts have to force your fruitiness on everyone against their will.

    • Contemplate my avatar, dickless.

  • Greg Siemen

    Bravo! – Black Americans are hurt by millions of Illegal Aliens entering the country and taking jobs from Black Americans, Asian Americans, Hispanic Americans Native Indian Americans,etc., not to mention Caucasian Americans.

    The Key Word Here Is Americans – Americans Should Come First Period!

    • India Reddy

      Let’s form an American I.T. Association. We should model it after AMA, the doctors are successfully countering the Hospital lobbyists. Please contact me at [email protected]

    • India Reddy

      Let’s form an American I.T. Association. We should model it after AMA, the doctors are successfully countering the Hospital lobbyists. Please contact me.

  • Joe

    Could it be that the rank and file American is sick and tired of being whipsawed between the Uber-Left who despise America and are doing their level best to destroy our country, and a so-called Republican Party, whose real intent seems to be merely to let the Left do it?

    The Leftist press has described the rise of the F – U Americans, which is, in reality, folks fed up with being nice and seeing their country torn apart and all our land and income and jobs taken from us and given to foreign invaders.

    Trump has the savvy to tap into that deep vein of anger. It’s not a bad anger, but the anger of a patriotic and Conservative America, one that wants to defend what’s good about this society and this country.

    BTW MeGYN .. F U!

    • Paul in NH

      I must say I really did like Megan, that is until … the debate last week.

  • Trump is a dick. And that’s okay, because pussies like Obama and Oboehner can’t fuck assholes. Only dicks can fuck assholes. And the world is full of assholes like ISIS than need to be fucked.

    Trump 2016!!!

    • Davole

      Shrillary Clingon is a worn out democrat revered hack whose time has passed during the previous century!

    • Paul in NH

      I guess that’s one way to put it, not quite the way I would’ve stated the obvious, but none the less …

    • Davole

      Megyn Kelly is a competence lacking dickette who is furtively striving to be regarded as a dick!!

  • Davole

    Donald Trump is successfully taunting and frustrating the lame stream media talking heads and posteriors by utilizing the old but still effective political marketing strategy – constant negative publicity will often increase voter support for a candidate who can effectively weather the storm – negative publicity is not always bad publicity!

  • liberalguilt

    Kelly is NOT a journalist. She’s a self promoting dirt bag who likes to create scandal to get ratings.

    • Davole

      Bur she is a cute democrat bimbo who is striving to be regarded as a credible news reporter!

      • liberalguilt

        She’s not a Democrat

  • Davole

    Donald Trump has effectively neutered the political extreme left wing and RINO political factions – their underware is in a perpetual state of constraint and convulsion!

  • Davole

    Soon to be President Elect Donald Trump has ensured that Megan Kelly will be merely a forgotten footnote in the sphere of American biased journalism!

  • Davole

    The democrat nominee for president is desperately searching to have her nonsense included in that discussion!

  • DoubleD2015

    So when will Hillary do an interview with whom she called “incredibly impressive” Megyn Kelly?

    Hillary better be careful though because “incredibly impressive” Megyn Kelly may dig up some comments Hillary made about Linda Tripp and others and insinuate Hillary called Bill Cosby’s accusers the same.

  • pottershand

    ENOUGH ALREADY !!! Two days same headline. Time to change the main headline Drudge.

  • DP


  • Joe

    FOX … WTF?

    Either something has happened to Fox to drag it Leftard, or I’ve missed something for awhile.

    MeGYN hit Trump with an ambush question. Somehow Perez Hilton’s ambush of Carrie Prejean comes to mind. Obviously, she wasn’t interested in how Trump, the vastly successful businessman, was planning on how he could turn around our tanking economy, or right our vastly imbalanced balance of trade, or what he would do about illegal immigration.

    It’s like Mizz Magazine wrote her talking points.

  • L0525111

    They are so great. This shows you whats happening. The polls need to be registered people. Not all Republican people. I get more excited every day. The sleeping giant in america is ready to go to bring our country back. Lets run out the old had establishments. Time for new blood straight across the board. Ha Ha.

  • Jack Black

    I love these beautiful girls they are true rock stars, keep it up Ladies you are absolutely awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    TRUMP 2016 He must WIN…………………………………………………………………………………..

  • Jack Black

    Remember it was the Republican party who fought off pro-slave Democrats.
    I admit I am a registered Democrat however this will be changing. I will follow Trump to what ever party he is. It looks pretty solid he’ll stay Republican if the GOP keeps off his back.
    TRUMP 2016………………….WIN – WIN – WIN – WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • farrightwing

    You tell Megyn, ladies! She ought not to mess with you 2!

  • rosaca322

    Dennis Rodman endorsed Trump, that alone will give him half the black vote

  • rb18

    African Americans have lost more jobs to Illegal Immigration than anyone because they move into their neighborhoods first. Now they are beginning to threaten the jobs of all Blue Collar workers. Donald Trump have more and will get more African American support than the Democrats think. They have ignored the Black population for illegal immigrants. Obama is not as popular with blacks as the media would have you believe.

  • Winston Smith

    Megyn really wants to be at CNN anyway.

  • Judy Main

    Trump can stand up for the US and we need him!

  • tiapa

    My goodness! How did I miss all this for three month’s. What an amazing duo. I don’t care what you’re saying, I know I’m gonna believe it. You two are powerful, intelligent, and fun, a trait you share equally well with Trump and Kelly. It is amazing to see hard hitting political commentary delivered with the precision of a perfectly balanced comedy team, and both the straight man. (Trust me, that’s a compliment.) And to top it off, along with Kelly and Trump, you all are fashionistas.

    I once wrote that I would like to see Kelly as president just to hear her iconic cut-the-boloney response “Really???” when someone says something stupid. I pictured her in a NATO conference or debating Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi and stopping them all dead with “Really???”. Trump has that power by just dismissing stupid comments out of hand and moving on. Both of you have that power too because you believe what you say and you say what you believe. Guts, gravitas, and perfect delivery.

    I noticed there were very few comments about the center of this article, both of you. But you succeeded in what you were doing by encouraging political debate. I just wanted to say how extraordinary you are.

    Now to fend off the trolls let me say this: I’m white, 65, Christian fundamentalist, conservative, quiet, and live in the country in Texas. If anyone has any problem with any perceived bias, take it up with Lynnette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson, I’m going to take a nap.

  • Malek Mark