A pair of California men went on an apparent Donald Trump yard sign-stealing spree this week and filmed several of their exploits for the enjoyment of their Twitter audience.

One citizen IDed Lemoore, California residents Angel Mendoza and Rolando Vega as the culprits, and combined their videos into a single one, likely in case they were deleted.

The first video shows a woman being beaten on the front lawn of a home while she tries to protect a Trump sign.

“Bruuuuh niggas be crackin females like nothing hell nah,” the caption read on the cell phone video that was originally published alone on the social media site.

As Mendoza crowed about his deeds on Twitter, he laughed off suggestions that he hit the woman.

“All he did was record a nigga sock a girl tf y’all brazy thinking it was me that smacked her,” he tweeted.


Mendoza IDed one of his partners in crime,  Twitter user @AsvpStreaker. “They really tryna get you caught up,” he tweeted to his friend.


When this article was published, he had merely protected his Twitter account from the public. Now it was deleted altogether.

Mendoza let his feels be known about Trump, tweeting, “YEEE FUCK TRUMP PUTOSS,” followed by several Mexican flag emojis.


One of his allies jumped into the Twitter conversation, maturely accusing Trump supporters of being “gay.”


“Fuck Donald Trump,” QueenCapiii wrote. “if you like him your (sic) gay,” she said.

The tweet she shared was captioned, “Let me just repost this cause fuck all you white people trippen,” followed by several Mexican flag emojis.

UPDATE: As expected, the quoted tweets have been deleted. For your reading pleasure, screen captures have been inserted where the actual tweets previously appeared.

UPDATE II: Mendoza appears to have admitted to stealing at least one yard sign:


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