It must be tough being the child of Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Conservative activist Robert Morrow attended Chelsea Clinton’s book signing in Austin, Texas Friday with camera in hand.

“Has your mother ever told you that you’re the daughter of Webb Hubbell, and not Bill Clinton,” he said while Chelsea was looking down, signing a copy of “It’s Your World: Get Informed, Get Inspired & Get Going.”

The question was in reference to a long-time rumor alleging Chelsea was the result of an affair between the Clinton lawyer and Hillary.

Looking up, smiling, Chelsea responded, “I am so proud to be my parents’ daughter,” without actually naming her parents.

The store staff thanked Morrow, seemingly as a way get him to move on, but obliged another question.

Referring to Clinton’s book being geared towards kids, Morrow asked, “Would you say Bill Clinton also targets teenage girls, except for sexual reasons?”

“I would say my book is really resonating with kids,” Clinton responded. “I was at the Ann Richards School earlier today and I’m so grateful that it’s resonating to the young girls and the young boys that I’ve been talking to across the country.”

“Thank you so much,” the book store staff said repeatedly after Morrow’s question.

  • Mikey-Da-P

    Tomorrows debate: Hillary will stroke out, Bernie will have a heart attack and O’Malley will tax them.

    If Biden were there, he would grope both before they hit the floor.

  • Clifford clammy

    Da Clamster will now watch an old movie and rest his fertile mind. Ready to battle the scum sucking leftist pukes another day. Fellow Clam Cadets carry on and no BB I’m not baked. I ran out days ago but will soon re up. I’ll mail you some. Luv ya.

  • Mikey-Da-P

    Alright, drinking game tomorrow…

    Hillary says,”I have been…” Two swiggs

    Sanders says, “I have done…” Two swiggs

    O’Malley brings his guitar, Two swiggs

    Hillary kills both with a gun, then blames the gun, TWO CASES.

    Hillary poisons Bernies water, ONE CASE.


  • Spudly

    She already has her hands out.

    • Mikey-Da-P

      Please, please elect me, I deserve it. I’ll cry…

      • Spudly

        Only if you autograph it. The book…I mean.

  • Blah Blah


    Hillary for Prison 2016

  • Spudly

    How do you get a book published? Is it the luck of the draw? Or do you become born filthy rich and infamous?

  • NoMoBongo

    Spittin’ image of Hubble.

  • Mikey-Da-P

    If you let Chelsea go, you let the Clintons go. Chelsea is heir apparent. She is in on this. Both republicans and democrats defending her because she is a child? Chelsea is 35 YEARS OLD. She is the same age as Monica Lewinski! She can handle herself.

    How about the children on Pedo Island that we KNOW Bill Clinton frequents? Is Chelsea selling BOOKS to them? Huh?

    You screwballs best get your priorities straight. Otherwise, you just ebable this to keep going on.

    Stop defending Chelsea. She is also part of the problem.

    • Nicholas I

      And she’s married to an enemy alien.

  • Mikey-Da-P

    Hillary is lost. Sources say she has been going haywire behind closed doors. Her campaign staff is completely scared to death of what may happen next. They are afraid of getting “dressed down” for no other reason that they cannot re-make her.

    The story the other day published by “The Hill” was designed to get comments from supporters to answer, “Hillary is for-__________” and the comments section blew up with Benghazi, sexual assults by her husband, her failed healthcare ideals, e-mails, even the fact that she never baked cookies back in 1991.

  • Nicholas I

    She’s obviously screwed up. She married a Christ-Killer :/

    • Cankles Lawyers Up

      A Roman?

      • Nicholas I

        A Kike.

        1 Thessalonians 2:14-15

  • Mikey-Da-P

    And by the by… Webster Hubble is her true father.

  • Spudly

    She says it with a smile on her face all the way to the bank. We need the crazy laugh.

  • George Adler

    From my conservative point of view the candidates kids are off limits

    • Spudly

      She’s not a kid.

    • Cankles Lawyers Up

      You failed math obviously. 35 years old no longer qualifies her for kid status. Also she has chosen to be a public figure which makes her fair game.

    • MR. BOBO


  • MR. BOBO

    She looks like HammeredShit

  • Poseidon

    Hillary is a terrible person and wife… she must have been a terrible mother.

  • gbaltil

    Shes definitely from Hildebeast because she is awfully fugly.

  • gbaltil

    She looks like a younger version of Web Hubbell with Debbie Shultzs hair. Ewwww you know what that means. Google fugly and Chelsea will come up. Hildebeast comes up in the bing search.

  • Mal Hildebrand

    While I am NOT a fan of Hillary Clinton, I think the questions posed to Chelsea was entirely rude, degrading to her and had nothing to do with her book. This media person truly was one of most disrespectful and crude persons that has come along in a very long time.

  • sportsman321

    Chelsea did not fall far from the tree.She is now making millions with the Clinton foundation. Her man is a hedge fund manager who are as crooked as they come. The clinton foundation is a front for bad money. She should be put on the spot for she is now public with her book signing.

  • Anna Lisa Jerpe Mercho

    I’m not a fan of Chelsea Clinton, but if anyone talked to my daughter like that I’d “accidentally” deck the jerk, right then and there!!!! That jerk showed he had absolutely no respect for girls or women!

  • Mike

    Bill Clinton has that same sex disease that Tiger Woods had. Clinton’s daughter would never admit to anything adverse about her parents even though Hillary probably had more than 1 affair or maybe even gone gay but no one will ever know because they have to maintain appearances to keep the money flowing.

  • Listen to you knuckle walkers. You support lunatics that belong in straight jackets who are an embarrassment to this nation every time they open their mouths and the only game you’ve got is attacking the one who will win the White House this time next year. The tar pits are calling. Your extinction is near.

  • SkierJim7

    No way the rumor about Webb Hubbell could be true. I just can’t believe that any man would have sex with Hillary, drunk or not.