Chelsea Clinton is feeling the Bern.

While she was campaigning for her mother in Minnesota Wednesday, Chelsea slipped and said “President Sanders.”

Courtesy of KARE 11:

While criticizing her mother’s Democratic rival to a crowd in Minneapolis, Chelsea said, “We also need to strip away the immunity that President Sanders — excuse me — Senator Sanders, I hope not President Sanders — Senator Sanders…”

She nervously moved about in her chair as the audience laughed.

Clinton addressed about 250 people on behalf of Hillary at the south Minneapolis home of House Minority Leader Paul Thissen, the Star Tribune reports.

  • Hot Wanda

    This twit Chelsea makes the box of rocks look pretty smart.

  • Mary Stramoski Broome

    Is she looking for heavenly guidance with eyes looking up, up, up?

  • DangRight

    Even Chelsea says “Anybody but Hitlery!”

  • James Fahnestock





  • tweaver1945

    Uh, uh…tell me it ain’t so – Joe, Our leader that “thinks” she DESERVES to be President came in on the bottom. Actually, that’s not new – That’s where Bill has had her for years and years.