Chelsea Clinton is feeling the Bern.

While she was campaigning for her mother in Minnesota Wednesday, Chelsea slipped and said “President Sanders.”

Courtesy of KARE 11:

While criticizing her mother’s Democratic rival to a crowd in Minneapolis, Chelsea said, “We also need to strip away the immunity that President Sanders — excuse me — Senator Sanders, I hope not President Sanders — Senator Sanders…”

She nervously moved about in her chair as the audience laughed.

Clinton addressed about 250 people on behalf of Hillary at the south Minneapolis home of House Minority Leader Paul Thissen, the Star Tribune reports.

  • RVCM

    How do you spell ugly & stupid?

  • zagnut64

    President Sanders, Colonel Sanders, it doesn’t make a difference. Her parental unit is still a rapist enabler.

  • WayneJ

    Looking up…… looking in the belfray for a correct answer….give her a second or two….maybe five or six.

  • jerry2286

    The only way I would vote for Hillary is if I was voting to convict.


    • formerusaf

      She has a face that only Webb Hubbell could love.

  • KeepYourPlan

    Webster Hubble would be proud.

  • JimmaObama

    Chelsea as dumb as her dad Webster Hubble

    • zagnut64

      And as handsome.

  • MrAndrews

    Are Bill and Hilary 1st cousins?

  • LChad

    “I find it” “disturbing” uses her mommy’s rhetoric – can’t find her own voice; “President Sanders” she just relieved the Dem. stratigery… They’d do best to keep her off the campaign trail.

  • OlGyreneFU

    She is just like her mommy they can not keep things straight because it is so hard to remember ones last lie and what was said then, on top of that she is even uglier than her momma physically and I am sure inside as well since she was raised by two of the worlds premier liars.

  • Warren Rose

    She’ll have h e l l to pay for that with mummy.

  • divinity11

    President Sanders…

    Has a good ring to it, doesn’t it?

  • rtc_MA

    President Sanders??? …. Not even Colonel Sanders!

  • Goofy R

    So damn tired of Clinton and all the political lies and games… both parties!

  • Gary Hallas

    who wasted their money on this twerp

  • Clover11111

    They’ll blame her slip on the pregnancy.

  • gwbnyc

    Good Lord that woman is as homely as a dropped pie.

  • VickyBevis

    Freudian Slip??????????????

  • BenJones1

    Chelsea slammed against the wall of stupidity once again. I now see why MSNBC fired her.

  • Markie Mark

    Another idiot out of Stanford.

  • Jeanie

    Even she doesn’t believe Mommy can win it.

  • ttiwkram

    If she can’t be pretty, can’t she at least be smart?

  • Cole Thornton

    That confusion also happens to her when she calls Webb Hubbell “Daddy”

  • Chelsea, a total talent free DITZ.

  • Barack Obeaker
  • Slappy T. Klown

    Every time my balls swing a Clinton tells a lie.

  • Distillerman

    Yet another gravy-training leech that this country will have to support in the years to come. Just like the Kennedy parasites, she provides nothing to the discourse except pre-written blather that she, obviously, poorly recites.

  • H.D. Rennerfeldt


  • moleshired

    I am surprised she isn’t for Sanders. Freudian slip?

  • H.D. Rennerfeldt

    ALL Socialists will CLAIM they are NOT Communists.
    Since when did Karl Marx make Socialism and His
    Communist Manifesto mutually exclusive of the other???
    “If the Communists win Europe and a large part of the
    world, it will not be because they know how to stir up
    discontent or how to infect people with hatred, but
    because they know how to preach hope.”
    ― Eric Hoffer

  • vaquero711

    Yea , another clinton idiot . Just get lost , you fakin ugly imbecile .

  • vaquero711

    OMG , this is classic : this idiot looks up and left which is : ” visualizing constructing or imagining visually lying “

  • Benderisgreat

    Dumb Clinton daughter is dumb? Who knew?

    Well, everybody. I mean, c’mon.

  • stronmness

    syphilis has long been known to have effects on cognitive function…

  • antiliberalcryptonite

    Stupid little twat.

  • josetoyou

    The clintons DEFINE corruption!
    I don’t understand how any rational person could vote for clinton OR socialist sanders…

  • 1911

    Even her own daughter realizes hillary has a face for radio, and a voice for a book.

    • formerusaf

      Google “Webb Hubbell” and realize that Chelsea has a problem with more public exposure.

      • 1911

        well, you have to give her a little leeway. IF she actually is the biological product of bill and hillary, there isn’t a whole lot of useful genetic material there to work with.

  • TeddyRoos

    The girls a homely idiot. Her job is working for the Clinton money laundering foundation. She has zero clues when it comes to the real world. Her whole world has been say whatever you need to in order to get what you want. And you’re a Clinton. So you’ll never get called out on it. She should have no value what so ever. Except the media continues to genuflect.

    • RightVote

      Her husbands Family are CORRUPT POLITICIANS having served ‘time’ in the Fed Pen.
      What a legacy !

  • formerusaf

    Chelsea is just warming up for her 2024 presidential campaign, after mommy has served her two terms.

  • craigcw

    She probably thinks he owns KFC

  • Poto63

    They’ll give her a pass. Freudian slips don’t seem to apply to progressive/socialist/democrats. #liberallogic

  • Machismo

    CHELSEA CONFUSION: ‘President Sanders’ – There is no confusion here. She is just like her Mother….unqualified, not capable, and is completely our for herself to get as much Power and money as possible.

  • Super Smart


  • TheCogitator

    Chelsea makes big bucks because she was born into the Clinton crime family. It’s in her DNA. They all belong in prison forever.

  • wolfpack907

    The only question for the kid is: When mommy was out waging the war on daddy’s rape victims, how did she protect you from daddy, as he is also a pedo-phile? Or, did she protect you from him?

    • Dennis O’Keefe

      Wow, you really are paranoid idiot. Juanita Broaddrick told Ken Starr that her testimony about Clinton raping her was false.

      But, Trump cheated on both of his wives and abused the first one. But, that’s just fine because he’s going to kick out the brown people, right you dumb stooge?

  • dok dokki

    Why is she always looking up or side to side when speaking to people ?

  • NoRagHeads

    Chelsea seems to think saying Islamic terrorists is ”hate speech” I guess she also likes the fact that Obama and her mother want open boarders, more Libyan type wars etc.. Sorry I want my country back!! Now here is some hate speech go F yourself!

  • billsbowl

    When I want political advice, I always go to rich, ugly dingbats.

  • Attila

    Um, she and the rest of the Democratic Party would vote for Pol Pot or Hugo Chavez in a heartbeat.

  • Christopher A Goodwin

    She’s not real bright. Kind of like mommy and daddy. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

    • RightVote

      She doesn’t have to be bright……………..She just needs to be connected !

      • Christopher A Goodwin

        Unfortunately, that is the way the world turns.

    • Gma Tea Nut!!!

      Has a Phd… did you have a point or was this just weak trolling, by a con dummy ?

      Oh sorry, I see this isn’t a site where “men” respect women…

      I’d be ashamed… clearly your egos are weak.

  • RightVote

    The Clintons are The First Family of American Grifters.
    and NOW that Chelsea is Co-Chair of the Clinton Foundation …… Clinton Crime Family is
    now Generational.