During a New Hampshire focus group of Democrats televised on MSNBC this morning, “Shannon” didn’t want to say what she really thinks of Hillary Clinton.

The exchange with moderator Mark Halperin began with Shannon saying Hillary’s “scorned” tone can be “off-putting.”

“Tell me what it’s like, what are you seeing,” Halperin pressed.

After sighing, Shannon replied, “You know, when she’s — I don’t want to use the word,” laughing. Then she whispered “bitchy” to Halperin.

“It’s like that ‘women need to be equal’ [attitude], I mean, I don’t know, I don’t feel unequal.”

Another female participant jumped in, saying, “I agree. I don’t feel unequal. I don’t feel I’ve had a job where I feel unequal to my male counterparts. So it’s not an issue that speaks to me.”

A male voter said, “I like Hillary, I think she’s a strong candidate. But she has that –,” pointing to Shannon, “that condescending and I can see that causing gridlock.”

Shannon jumped back in mimicking Clinton, “I’m a woman, I deserve it.”

Halperin asked the group of about 12 voters who thought it could hurt Clinton’s chances and every participant raised their hand.

  • Refresh the Tree

    That gal better watch her back. Hildabeast might just make her disappear

  • John Victor

    All expenses paid trip to the ISIS controlled section of Syria? Maybe she could save the kid with the RPG? Show him the error of his ways?

  • Toby

    Revolting would of also have been a correct response as well.

  • ava712

    Hillary’s voice is like chalk on a blackboard

  • Elapoides

    Well, she better get her affairs in order. Sometime in the future, she will have an accident.

  • ava712

    Her Secret Service guy just wrote a book about how Hillary would throw things like books and even glasses at Bill in their limo, and how she beat him up in there the day of the inauguration. She’s a real witch.

    • Conrad

      Recall the front page of the National Enquirer (not normally known for reality), supposedly documenting how the Secret Service had to remove her from her physical attack on Bill on the evening of the Lewinski revelation. Her blue language peeled the wallpaper.

      The stink of it was, she wasn’t so much concerned with the infidelity, but the damage it would do to them politically.

      Evidently, her preference was for other females, so it’s not like whatever Bill did would affect Hillary’s bed.

  • MaineRep

    And she is the best the Democrats could offer as their lead candidate?

  • Timebomb

    What ever gave anyone the impression that Hitlery was B i tchy??

  • hoodtruther

    Uh oh hillbots to the rescue in 3..2..1….

  • Robert Hanson

    I suggest she be pulled apart by horses at the next Super Bowl halftime show.

    • Conrad

      It might be more humane to horses to relegate the task to dermestids.

      Now, THAT would be a streaming video worth watching.

  • Rob

    I agree with this focus group. This is the problem I have with these focus groups, though. If Clinton takes notes on what to do / not to do and what to say / not to say, she is still (in true form) a total fraud…..because at her core she is still an ill-natured elitist and she can’t help but to display poor character (condescending, etcetera). We can all see it – we can all see right through it – and we all don’t like it. She ain’t gonna be President.

  • transmaster

    I wish they could come up with a more appropriate name for this waste of Skin, a bitch is a female dog I very much like dogs. This is an insult to my favorite creature on earth.

  • ab

    Please WATCH, SAVE, and SHARE this PRIMARY SOURCE video that
    should serve as EVIDENCE against her in regard to her DISLOYALTY to the

    video is of WALTER CRONKITE accepting a lifetime achievement
    FEDERALIST ASSOCIATION back in 1999. In his speech, you hear CRONKITE
    say such goodies as:

    “Americans are
    going to have to yield up some of our sovereignty–that’s going to be to
    many a bitter pill (5:56 mark);” “To deal with world problems, we need
    a system of enforceable world law (6:38);” “…all of which [c. 200
    sovereign nations] are going to have to be convinced to give up some of
    that sovereignty to the better, greater union–…and it’s not going to
    be easy (7:00);” “Today the notion of unlimited national sovereignty
    means international anarchy (7:32);” “It [world government] will be a
    world where the overwhelming majority of national leaders will
    consistently abide by the rule of world law–if we have our way and can
    sell our program (6:32);” “And those who won’t obey the law,…will be
    dealt with effectively… (8:43);” “He [Pat Robertson] wrote any
    attempt to achieve world order before that time [return of the Messiah]
    must be the work of the Devil. Well join me, I am glad to sit here at
    the right hand of Satan (13:53).”

    Near the
    end of the clip (15:17 mark), HILLARY CLINTON appears in a video
    CONGRATULATING CRONKITE for his commitment and work toward establishing a
    ONE-WORLD GOVERNMENT. She says: “For decades you told us the way it
    is, but tonight we honor you for fighting for the way it could be
    (16:03).” Keep in mind that she was the SITTING FIRST LADY at the
    time. And at the very end, the “distinguished” actor MICHAEL DOUGLAS is
    introduced to speak at the podium (17:05). Interesting!

    is CONCLUSIVE EVIDENCE that folks at the HIGHEST LEVELS of the US GOV’T
    the REPUBLIC and establish a GLOBAL GOVERNMENT that WILL NOT be based

    “ASI presents: Hillary, Walter Cronkite and World Government”youtubeDOTcom/watch?v=95Jfa95PLSI [17:20 full clip]

    “Walter Cronkite receives “Global Governance Award” from WFA”
    youtubeDOTcom/watch?v=heegk07026I [1:29 summarized clip]

  • DEF

    The “Body language” is a very informative tool/Window!!

  • Beedogz

    Bill Clinton’s nickname for Hillary is reputed to be “Hilla The Hun”.

  • Married to a pedophile who has been waging a war on women his entire life.
    Most Democrats are such vile people.

  • DEF

    Unraveling the “Sound bytes”!! To hypnotize/Mesmerize with the mastery of Gibberish/False promises has put many in power by those who “Believe the lies of liars”

  • Jeff King

    Sweet video.

  • Neo

    Questions we need to ask Presidential candidates:

    What kind of grades did you get in school for “working well with others” ?

  • HealthyAmerican

    “I’ve never had a job where I felt unequal.” and this sentiment was voiced by at least one other female panelist. This should be the story of the day.

  • Waldo

    i remember the poll that asked what’s the first word you think of to describe HRC. Liar.

    i wonder why we never got the poll results from from a similar question about BHO? feckless?