During a New Hampshire focus group of Democrats televised on MSNBC this morning, “Shannon” didn’t want to say what she really thinks of Hillary Clinton.

The exchange with moderator Mark Halperin began with Shannon saying Hillary’s “scorned” tone can be “off-putting.”

“Tell me what it’s like, what are you seeing,” Halperin pressed.

After sighing, Shannon replied, “You know, when she’s — I don’t want to use the word,” laughing. Then she whispered “bitchy” to Halperin.

“It’s like that ‘women need to be equal’ [attitude], I mean, I don’t know, I don’t feel unequal.”

Another female participant jumped in, saying, “I agree. I don’t feel unequal. I don’t feel I’ve had a job where I feel unequal to my male counterparts. So it’s not an issue that speaks to me.”

A male voter said, “I like Hillary, I think she’s a strong candidate. But she has that –,” pointing to Shannon, “that condescending and I can see that causing gridlock.”

Shannon jumped back in mimicking Clinton, “I’m a woman, I deserve it.”

Halperin asked the group of about 12 voters who thought it could hurt Clinton’s chances and every participant raised their hand.

  • AtlantPeach

    Every word out of her mouth is WELL rehearsed. MSNBC Morning Joe and Meika said for her to have an INTERVIEW… she must have TOTAL CONTROL over each question… ahead of time.. and she gets to pick and choose which questions. Most items are OFF Limits. That is why so few interviews.

  • Win4Ever

    I don’t care for her condescending nature either, but I’m much more concerned about the fact that she’s another civil liberties-hating, corporatist warhawk just like Obama and Bush. That’s is much worse than being a b*tch.

  • AtlantPeach

    Where is HER accountability for that really bad behavior… MUST we really have these people in our WH Again?
    Where is HER accountability for that really bad behavior… MUST we really have these people in our WH Again?
    Where is HER accountability for that really bad behavior… MUST we really have these people in our WH Again?

  • Punditator

    They won’t be inviting Shannon back any time soon.

  • Andy_Beatgozon

    Bitchy or not, you have to respect Hillary’s most memorable accomplishments. Here are the first ten:

  • UtopianPlan

    If the Trump things has taught “career politicians” one thing……it’s to chill and stop with all the disingenuous teleprompter vitriol. there is nothing more pathetic these days than to see someone run for President because the feel it’s their birth right…. people just will not respond to that this election…….or respond to ANY “career politician” anymore. those days are over.

  • richard

    The best part of watching the fall of Hillary Clinton, is laughing in the faces of her most ardent supporters who told us “you better get use to saying Madam President.”

    • Sally Fields

      No kidding…such ignorant arrogance!!!!

  • Carlos Casten

    Bitchy is the nicest thing you could call her.

    • Sally Fields

      I thought they were being rather generous, too đŸ™‚

  • Razor Maclennan

    Everyone pretty much feels the ‘angry scorned woman’ attitude that Hillary exudes… except Hillary and Huma.

    • AtlantPeach

      She is STILL angry at Bill.. and ANGRY at her self for putting up with it. Doing his dirty work and she now hides behind her personality… no REAL love in her heart just HARD as NAILS….. Hard Heart.

      I do understand it… BUT that was her choices…

  • nozebleed

    Yeah you know whats the most hilarious part? These braindead morons will still pull the lever for her if given the chance

  • Atticus Finch

    Obviously her political handlers must try harder and do a much better job to make her seem human like.

    • 1angrywhite

      Yeah…You must have noticed as of late she has acted publicly with several different emotions? She was crying the other day for shooting victims in hopes of banning arms. She also has been laughing frequently and humanizing herself with anger and the whole spectrum of emotion. She ends up appearing more crazy than we thought she was.

      • porcer34

        Have they tried combining the emotion with her various English accents? Maybe there is some synergy there that could be explored. I’d also recommend dressing to the crowd. Woodsman attire when campaigning in New Hampshire, corn farmer garb when in Iowa, porn actress lingerie in California.. That sort of thing.

        • 1angrywhite

          Hilldabeast does have a Preachy, screechy, southern drawl, “I don’t feel no ways tired…I’ve come to faaaar…”

  • Jason Nort

    “bitchy”…why compliment H. Clinton?

  • god

    Bitchy…how about CORRUPT? Watching these liberal speak…uggh…stupid people.

  • RoadtoFreedom

    The drunk old bat is under investigation for her email server shenanigans and her ‘foundation’ is a corruption money machine. that she uses a b1tchy tone is the least of her problems.

    • 1angrywhite

      Polls are important tools that reveal to politicians where they need to improve their lies and personalities along the way to their life’s ambition of ruining our country.

      • RoadtoFreedom

        yes, like the old SNL skit about Bill Clinton, “Just tell me what you would believe…”

  • AtlantPeach

    Hillary took that 3 AM Call and allowed Stevens to be murdered.

    • Zach Peterson

      You racist mysoginistic war-on-women gun totting Christain hater!

  • Trade Martin

    I’ve heard that Hillary “THROWS GOOD LAMP.”

    • 1angrywhite

      Hillary stole furniture from the Whitehouse as they vacated the premises; she was forced to return it. What a turd.

    • Gerry C

      Also heard she gives very good headache

  • carl davis

    what in God’s name is there to like about hillary?!!!

    • sniffles09

      dems vote for dems no matter what.

      • Zach Peterson

        Hence why it’s called a mental illness.

  • dumocratsuck

    How about lying condescending murderer?

    • Zach Peterson

      Come on… Amb. Stevens took one for the team.

  • carl davis

    staffers are reporting that you can fill a DEAD CAR BATTERY with hillary’s PEE and get another couple years out of it.

    watch for 32oz jugs at local auto parts stores of it, in 3 exciting colors: COW P!S$ YELLOW, COW SHT! BROWN & HUMA PINK.

  • Victoria Koseck

    After Hillary and her staff sees this video, I wonder what will be her next act. This past week, we saw her at SNL trying to be funny (she’s not!), then during interview with CNN, she was angry, then during town hall, she was choking to tears……..what’s next after this video? Everything this woman does is calculated. At least everyone knows she’s a liar but let me guess, Dems will still vote for this partisan, lying witch.

    • JohnWolf

      She could try telling the truth

  • LOL.

    • FeministSafeZone.blogspot.com

      ^ Reported for Sexism

  • Mr.L

    Condescending is putting it mildly. She thinks the majority of America is stupid. The fact is, the majority of her base is.

  • Razor Maclennan

    Hope the Dems nominate Hilldog that will be sure thing for President Carson, our first truly African-American President. Obama is just as white as he is black, it’s called bi-racial.

    • Zach Peterson

      I get your point but only Trump is ballsy enough to call out the Hilderbeast for what she is… a bitch.

  • Redpenmaster

    Bossy too.

  • Janet91

    And to think there are Democrats who still believe she isn’t quite dirty enough for them to stop supporting her.

  • JohnWolf

    You could write an abnormal psychology textbook just on Hillary and Obama

    We are in so much trouble

  • JohnWolf

    Who is more corrupt, Obama or Hillary

    • PygmyJerboa

      Obama isn’t corrupt as much as he’s an ideologue, so I’d have to go for the latter.

      • JohnWolf

        Would agree

  • JohnWolf

    When the Clintons left the White House. They trashed it. Did thousands of dollars of damage to it. The broke, what they did not steal

  • bigrick113

    The c-word comes to mind and it doesn’t stand for Clinton

    • svenpr

      Carpet muncher?

    • FeministSafeZone.blogspot.com

      ^ Reported for Sexist Hate Speech. Moderator? Please DELETE

      • Gerry C

        Such a dirty mind

      • BluzLover

        What the hell? You may disagree with someone’s speech and opinions but merely speaking them does not constitute hate speech, nor is it necessary to DELETE IT.

    • Gerry C


    • Gerry C


  • JohnWolf

    Even the Trolls have run away

  • Deese Dose and Dems

    The Hildebeast is so despicably arrogant and condescending that even those who agree with her political views can’t stand her.

  • vink

    Who are these male beta cuckfags that would ever entertain voting for Hillary Clinton as their candidate for POTUS!? Hand in your testes immediately. Don’t forget your Fedora’s on your way back to Cuckville.

  • Wally Bobo

    Just wondering….will Hillary have a first lady? You know she’s kicking Bill out and coming out of the closet the minute she is sworn in. One of the biggest keep secrets in America, Hillary is a lesbian.

    • FeministSafeZone.blogspot.com

      You have a problem with that? LGBTs have every right to occupy the white house

      • Wally Bobo

        Yep I have a problem with her not disclosing it, Why be a secret carpet muncher, she should be loud and proud of her rainbow and we’ll see just how popular your perverted ways truly are, now STFU [email protected]

        • FeministSafeZone.blogspot.com


          • Wally Bobo

            Just like a liberal pimp, YELL AND SCREAM, and have no problem with silencing my free speech as long as it serves your purpose. Just curious, how do you guys plan on repopulating the world thru your a$$?

          • Gerry C

            Thank you for your insight Ayatollah Komedy

      • UnCL3

        good job on that raid, man

  • Deese Dose and Dems

    If it weren’t for the most heavily politicized and totally corrupt DEM Justice Department in US history, the Hildebeast would have already been under indictment for mishandling classified US government documents and Obstruction of Justice, for purging official government e-mails subpoenaed by Congress.

  • JohnWolf

    If Hillary were a Republican, she would have been in prison years ago.

    • wolfen244

      1998 when her people essentially admitted that she took $65M from the Red Chinese for missile making secrets, hardware and computers for her 1996 campaign. Since then she’s been emboldened because even now she will never wear prison orange…well, except that prison orange pants suit of hers she wore a month ago which had me ROTFLMAO.

  • JohnWolf

    HillaryÅ› College Roommates had to make her take showers and shave

    You want that for president

    • Deese Dose and Dems

      Any link to that? Would love to see it. Hildebeast never did pass the sniff test, anyway. That’s why Slick Willy would even consider playing ‘hide the cigar’ with Monica.

  • El Maybe


  • dbt3481

    So the Satanic beast is a testy? Imagine that?

  • JohnWolf

    Trump/Cruz 2016
    Hilton for Prison 2016
    Even Bill, doesnt want Hillary

  • CannonBall2014

    She and Huma are lesbian lovers. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

    • dbt3481

      Anything that would engage in contact with that ugly hag has serious mental issues.

      • CannonBall2014

        Look at who Huma married.

  • La Billyboy

    All I know for sure is if the Democrats had a single decent candidate running nobody would even be paying attention to Bill Clinton’s wife. November 2016 will be a landslide victory for the Republican.

  • AndrewInterrupted

    I thought the czarina of Western Marxism, Sheryl Sandberg, banned “bitchy”.

    • UnCL3

      she’d hate my a$$ then…

    • wolfen244

      “We need to get rid of free speech.”
      –Bill Clinton – 1993

  • wolfen244

    Howzabout the fact that Hillary Rodham Ben Ghazi is a gnikcuf criminal? She’s a murderer, a thief and a traitor.

    “Do you like apples? How ’bout them apples?”
    –Will Hunting [Matt Damon] – Goodwill Hunting.

  • bkww

    read clinton cash they are hillybilly grifters

  • AtlantPeach

    Hillary: I’m the Most Transparent Person in American History
    Yep.. just ask her… that is what she says… LOL…

  • airtexaco

    Unless you are absolutely happy about what has gone on in the last decade (especially the last 6 years), why on earth would you vote for more of the same with Clinton?

  • Judge Doom

    Get all gooey for Clinton!
    She keeps her shit in the shade!

  • I agree with Shannon. When I hear her name, I think of b–ch as well, and I have personally seen how she treats personnel around her. For instance, the first time, Billie and her flew back to Andrews AFB, she descended the steps and told the nearest secret service agent to carry her briefcase. The agent, politely told her, he had to keep hands free to protect her and Billie. She told him, three times, he refused three times. She told him, he would be out of a job. Next day, he was removed from Presidential Security Detail. In the beginning of the Clinton Admin, our military personnel were told not to wear uniforms to and from the White House, this caused quite a riff, under a military general with some gonads, worn his uniform to the White House, not a word said again!


    Imagine that all these people said that they would vote for Hillary if she wasn’t so “women’s libby”. Beyond this they can’t see the real danger she will do to America.

  • Engineer IKB

    Hillary is a traitor for scape-goating that obscure film-maker for Benghazi. She was agreeing with the enemy that it is not OK to insult that mo – ha – mid jerk. That is aid and comfort to the enemy. That is treason by definition of the Constitution.