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Kiddies watching Fox News on Saturday afternoon learned some new words, courtesy of a Charlottesville protester — and network producers who apparently were fazed by his obscene language.

The man, clad in a black Johnny Cash t-shirt, was asked, “Where are you guys heading, do you know?”

“We’re not exactly sure, they’re f*ckin’ gassin’ us, dude,” he said, adding something about a “f*ckin’ Jew.”

“Pardon his French,” the Fox reporter said as he informed the man he was on live television.

As he continued to walk down the street, he said, “I was assaulted … with a f*ckin’ stick.”

The blue language didn’t deter the reporter, who kept asking questions.

“Tell me what you’re here for. Are you here for the Robert E. Lee statue?” Doug McElway asked.

The man said the protest was about America.

“We’ve got a whole f*ckin’ generation,” he said before apologizing, and continuing, “of millennial entitled degenerates.”

The anchor cut in and McElway moved on.

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