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The Clinton campaign is groping for anything to talk about these days besides the growing pile of classified emails she sent over her home-brewed server.

They’re so desperate, apparently, that they’re recalling a women’s conference she attended 20 years ago in the campaign’s latest video, presumably as a reason for why she should be elected president.

“I’m glad that the First Lady is going to lead our delegation,” President Clinton says in the video, referring to the UN’s Fourth World Conference on Women, to be held in China.

“The reason these men and women are going to Beijing is to focus world attention on the issues that matter most to women and families,” Hillary says in the brief clip.

The takeaway? Hillary went to the conference 20 years ago and that was an accomplishment!

“Many people in our own government and in our Congress did not want me to go to Beijing. But you don’t shy away from confronting human rights abuses and oppression, no matter who is telling you to stand down,” she says.

Yes, they really think this is an accomplishment.

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