While Jeb Bush was speaking at a campaign event in New Hampshire Tuesday, the lights literally went out.

A video tweeted by ABC reporter Candace Smith showed Bush standing in a darkened room, only illuminated by the TV lights.

Bush paced the stage as the ceiling lights came back on.

Smith reported the lights went out three times during the event “apparently due to electrical issues.”

She said he suggested someone was leaning on the light switch.

“That’s leadership!” he exclaimed when they came back on.

It wasn’t the only awkward moment for Bush Tuesday.

At an event earlier in the day, he told a younger voter he wanted “to be your first.”

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  • Del Misrell

    Damn it Jeb! This is a push push push business, Jeb! . It’s push push push, all the way,
    all the time! It’s push push push, all the way, all the time, right on
    down the line!

  • rmiers1

    Please notice the disparaging images of Jeb Bush are over 5 hours old and still prominately displayed as the latest comments. The American Mirror is in the pocket for the Democrats and anybody but Bush…the only guy who can beat Hillery handily.
    A tru rag

    • Funkenstein ✓FUNK verified

      ok right wing troll

      • rmiers1

        O Funkenstein, you noticed, thanks

  • rmiers1

    Filthy mind by follower’s of Ekberg and Republican destruction team

  • gotoguy

    Little Jebbie wasn’t worried; he had his mom on speed dial.

  • intheknow1798

    How pathetic.

  • Quit, Jeb. Really. Just quit.