Milwaukee police officers are respectful of the American flag because of the liberty it represents.

Black Lives Matter protesters just want the freedom, and couldn’t care less about the flag — or the country that affords it.

Democratic State Sen. Lena Taylor posted several photos of protesters outside the Milwaukee Theatre where the Republican presidential debate was taking place last night, including one of a protester standing on an American flag and pointing at it.

Lena Taylor flag


Taylor posted several photos from what she called the “circus in town.” Some included the “#Hillary2016” hashtag.

A short time after protesters trampled and tried to burn the American flag, police officers Joel Rossman, Jedidiah Thompson and Jutiki X recovered it.

The Milwaukee Police Department posted several photos, as well as a video, showing the officers picking it up, folding it properly and saluting it.

MPS flag 1


MPD flag 2


MPD flag 3


MPD flag 4


The department posted a video of the officers folding the flag:

OFFICERS CEREMONIOUSLY FOLD AMERICAN FLAG BURNED BY PROTESTEROFFICERS CEREMONIOUSLY FOLD AMERICAN FLAG BURNED BY PROTESTERMilwaukee Police Officers Joel Rossman, Jedidiah Thompson and Jutiki X gave honors to a flag tattered and burned by a protester.This evening brought thousands to downtown Milwaukee for the theater, basketball game and the debate. During one demonstration, a protester set an American Flag on fire.Milwaukee Police Officers, seeing the burning flag in the crowd, immediately grabbed a fire extinguisher to put out the flames. The plume from the fire extinguisher prompted reports of tear gas being used. These reports were false.The flag was taken to be inventoried for possible charges against the protester.Milwaukee police officers later conducted a small, dignified ceremony to properly fold the flag before placing it on inventory.

Posted by Milwaukee Police Department on Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Police said protesters circulated rumors than officers had deployed tear gas when in reality, they had used a fire extinguisher to put out the flames.

According to the Facebook posting, officers held a “conducted a small, dignified ceremony” for the flag, folding it and taking it “to be inventoried for possible charges against the protester.”

  • Cdreeder

    criminal to defecate the American flag on US soil! #thuglivesmatter

  • Johnny Kay

    Black Lives Matter is a front group for the corporate elite and is funded by billionaires, including George Soros, Paul Egerman, Tom Steyer, Leah Hunt-Hendrix, and Robert McKay. The fundamental mission of Black Lives Matter is to incite racial division.

    First, Black Lives Matter seeks to polarize police violence as a racial issue. Violent police officers attack anyone they perceive as an easy target, Black or non-Black. By re-framing police violence as something directed exclusively at Blacks, Black Lives Matter encourages non-Blacks to defend police violence — something that works against their actual best interest.

    Second, Black Lives Matter seeks to discredit Blacks and repel non-Blacks by behaving menacing and offensive in public — that accounts for the shrieking, shaking, interrupting, and threats of violence so common to Black Lives Matter appearances.

    Third, Black Lives Matter discredits the legitimate demand that police officers be held accountable for their actions.

    As a result, police violence is legitimized in the minds of many Whites and Hispanics as necessary to combat the criminality of Blacks.

    Once again, Blacks, Whites, and Hispanics, instead of realizing their common interests and the need to unite against their real enemies — instead of standing side by side and saying “We’re not going to fight each other, we’re going to fight you!” — fight among themselves.

    Just one more example of how the people at the top remain so many moves ahead of us.

  • TheOneFromTheFuture

    Black guy stands back because he knows it doesn’t mean that much to him. America is a white man country created by white men for white men. Blacks were no more than a cattle. Most African Americans are what are called coloreds. They have some degree of white mixture. To support the flag means to support a country that was very similar to South Africa and Rhodesia. They got their inspiration to create a republic from America and its founding fathers.