An MSNBC reporter had better things to do on Wednesday after a Republican senator began highlighting Hillary Clinton’s connections to foreign governments.

Just as Sen. Lindsay Graham began talking about Clinton and potential influences from foreign powers, Kasie Hunt ran away from the shot to pursue another interview target.

The moment left the network without audio during Graham’s statement, and the hosts scrambling.

Graham told the media despite Donald Trump Jr. being “new to politics,” a lot of questions still need to be asked about the kerfuffle involving a meeting with a Russian lawyer during the campaign.

“It’s very frustrating for every couple of weeks to find out about a new meeting,” Graham said. “I’m sure they met with a lot of people during the campaign. I’m sure the Clinton campaign met with a lot…”

As Graham mentioned “Clinton,” the audio dropped as Hunt pulled the microphone away and pursued Sen. Rand Paul down the hallway.

As MSNBC continued to show Graham with no audio, Hunt could be heard saying, “Sen. Paul? Sen. Paul. Do you have half a second?”

The confusion concluded when the hosts, who seemed a bit stunned, appeared on screen.

MSNBC never did air Graham’s comments on Hillary’s connections to foreign governments interested in, in the words of Democrats, “hacking our democracy.”