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It’s only the motto of America.

As Nancy Pelosi was touting how much she cares about our country, she completely forgot the meaning of the de facto national slogan, “E pluibus unum.”

Speaking at the Progressive Caucus Center Strategy Summit this week, Pelosi said, “If we, we have to— with all of the vision that we may have about, uh, uh, E pluribus unum— and from one nation, you know, one, uh, uh, the idea of bringing us all together—whatever vision we have about liberty— life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for all Americans, all sharing in prosperity.”

The congressional leader — once two heartbeats from the presidency when she was Speaker of the House, apparently forgot the short Latin phrase means, “Out of many, one.”

“Whatever vision we may have—my, my motivation is one in five children in America lives in poverty. I can’t handle, I mean I just can’t handle it, so everyday, I eat nails for breakfast, don a suit of armor and go out there and fight for the kids because that’s about everything, it’s about the future,” the 77-year-old Pelosi said.

The House Minority Leader continued to struggle putting sentences together throughout her remarks.

“In order to win the election, we have to have an economic, the economic message of a better deal, uh, they’ll be, it’s be wrote, has been roasted,” she bizarrely said.

Pelosi said if Democrats win, they will “take our country back to what our founders intended.”

It’s not the only time many were left slack-jawed by Pelosi’s vain attempts to exercise the English language.

During her weekly press conference, a jaw problem seemed to impact her speech, she suffered at least two brain freezes and garbled words.

Once again denouncing the Republicans’ popular tax cut, Pelosi said, “After adding $2 trillion to the debt, Republicans plan 2 thousand — 2 trillion worth of cuts.”

Congratulating the astroturf groups organizing against the tax plan, she said, “All over the country we’re having, uh, tax scam — the tax march…”

Claiming the tax plan is bad for some states, Pelosi said, “What does this mean to your state? In Arizona, in Texas, in Illinois, in Florida, in New York, in Massachusetts, in California — did I say California more than once? It’s a big state.”

She said “California” only once.

“House Re, uh, Democrats introduced H.R. 5-oh– Fifty-eleven,” she said about a bill she nearly claimed was brought by Republicans.

Riffing on Republicans, Pelosi said, “You have to ask yourself, why would they not want to protect the integrity of our elections? That’s so fundamental. Everybody cares about that,” she said, gazing off, before realizing she was off her script.

Riffling through papers, she continued, “Well…in any case, uh, uh, onto for (unintelligible) I’ve called on the administration of both parties— oh, I wanted to just say another thing here,” she said, confusing herself and riffling through more papers. “This week we had,” she said before trailing off, seemingly groping for words.

While discussing the bank bill, she suffered a brain freeze.

“There’s some features that you might say how do we help community— uh, community banks. How do we help, um, S, um, um—” she attempted to continue. “Raise that number, I think that number could be raised,” she finally said, her words again aligning with her brain.

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