Bill Clinton was on the stage for less than one minute before he was confronted about allegations he had a son with a black prostitute.

“Justice for Danney Williams!” a man shouted multiple times at Clinton’s Cincinnati rally on Friday, pointing at the former president.

Interestingly, Clinton didn’t act like he didn’t know what the man was talking about.

“You oughta give this guy a hand,” Clinton told the crowd. “You know, his side has had a very bad week so let’s try to make him feel better.”

The protester, who was kicked out of the rally, was referring to a son Clinton allegedly had out of wedlock in the 1980s, named Danney Williams.

He recently published a video testimonial claiming Bill Clinton is his father and pleading with Hillary Clinton to accept him.

“I have no doubt that I am Bill Clinton’s son,’ he said. ‘It was common knowledge, everyone in Arkansas knew,” Williams says in the video.

“Everywhere I went, they pointed out: ‘It’s Bill Clinton’s son right there. You look like him, don’t you? The ears, the mouth, the chin, the teeth, the eyes, the nose’. I see him in me.

“You can see a black Bill Clinton. When I’m brushing my hair I can see Bill Clinton with waves in his hair,” he says.

“I always feel bad about him not wanting to be in my life. Was it because I was black? Was there something wrong with me? Why do you not want to be a part of me? It made me even think of sometimes suicide.”

At the end of the video, he makes a heart-wrenching plea directly to Hillary Clinton.

“Hillary, please do not deny I exist,” he says. “I am your stepson. Chelsea is my sister and Bill is my father.”

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  • Phil McDonald

    Justice for Danney Williams – Black Lives Matter.


    He looks as much like Bill as he looks like Al Gore or Donnie Trump or Tom Hanks or anyone else.

    I love this ‘the public decided I was Bill Clinton’s son” — ‘everyone knows it.’

    Sorry Pal, “everyone” doesn’t know it — just like “Chelsea is Hubbell’s daughter.”

  • Dexter Hexter

    The very handsome Danny Williams-Clinton’s Mother was pushed out a second story window, likely on orders from Hillary! Danney’s Mother received serious injuries from the drop. Danney & his Aunt were ran off by Hillary when they approached the Gov Mansion in Arkansas! Hillary hates children, especially Bill’s children!

  • Gloria Jackson

    Thanks for sharing. I hope it’s true that they have undeniable footage so he cannot squirm out if it again. I also wish someone would help that boy claiming to he his son by demanding DNA.

  • fishydude

    This man is lucky to even be alive and not on the body count last. I guess Hillary didn’t think he was enough of a threat.

  • Steven Wilson

    It’s pretty bad when Hillary won’t even let the kid sleep in the dog house in the backyard.
    Being treated worse than a Abandoned Pit Bull.

  • Steven Wilson

    Just think of the child support this kid is entitled to.

  • US White Trash

    WJC is a perfect example of a 1%’er who feels superior to the rest of us and yet is a wimpy, sexual predator who is incapable of standing up to bullies or his bi-polar, warmongering bitch-wife. He is the worst example of masculinity I have ever seen.

    When he dies from whatever disease that is wasting him I am going to party hard here in Las Vegas!!

  • here’s the thing

    They may never be able to get a DNA sample from Bill Clinton, so follow Bill’s half BROTHER, Roger, around and scoop up a discarded cup or utensil from him and do a DNA comparison with Danny’s. It too will show a ‘Clinton’ DNA link!

  • 1265

    Donny the RAPIST Trump shoule be imprisoned for life! he’s such a little bitch!

  • 1265

    crazy motherfuckers!!!!! no wonder you simpletons believe rump~man! you sure love that rapist Donny!