“Welcome home Rahm” was the message a large group of protesters had for Chicago Mayor Emanuel as he abruptly returned from his Cuban beach vacation early.

Protesters converged on Rahm Emanuel’s home Tuesday night, demanding he resign over the police shootings of teenager Laquan McDonald and now Quintonio LeGrier, 19, and Bettie Jones, 55.

Police say Jones was “accidentally” shot, Fox News reports.

Now, activists are escalating their tactics and literally taking them to the mayor’s doorstep.

Video from Tuesday night shows several protesters standing on the sidewalk outside Emanuel’s home, chanting, “Hey hey, ho ho, Rahm Emanuel has got to go!” amid a heavy police presence.

The protester writes, “Just made eye contact with Emanuel as he was making a salad.” Speaking to the media outside Emanuel’s home, one of the activists said, “Rahm Emanuel is a criminal, so he shouldn’t be mayor.

“No matter what happens, we’re going to continue to come to his house, continue to go to city hall, continue to shut down the money until he resigns — and we’re not letting up.”

Sympathizers ordered pizzas for the protesters as they camped out most of the evening.

  • G Bailey

    What’s the problem? YOU VOTED FOR HIM. DUH.

    That’s America’s generational welfare mentality at work…

  • The Shocker

    Chicago deserves Rahm.

  • Miles Bennell

    Hey Rahm, don’t let this crisis go to waste.

  • Mark Thompkins

    To the people of Chicago. STFU! YOU voted for this. YOU wanted this. YOU will always vote for this.

  • honigs


  • honigs

    RAHM WAS HEARD WHISPERING great googa mooga gets me outta here, HE PLIEAYED ALL THE WAY BACK FROM CUBA

  • Paul Hue

    Why don’t they mass outside the (government-paid) houses of the two parents that abandoned Laquan? (If anybody can figure out the identity of his father). At least protest his mother for being a junkie and a drug dealer when she should have been honoring her natural responsibilities to her son.

    Next they could move to the (government-paid) housing of they many thousands of Chicagoans who have likewise abandoned their children or otherwise neglected them, producing a huge population of teens and young adults who are roaming around creating danger for themselves and others, as was Laquan on the day he died. Of course, this would involve getting into the faces and screaming at dangerous gang leaders and other criminals, who kill about 100x more blacks annually in Chicago than do cops. It would take real courage to defy and revile and publicly demand the arrest of such people.

  • Kent

    Did you think your new sugar daddy really gave a crap about you? Lesson 1: Politicians are liars, thieves and whores.

  • Do any of these people actually work?

  • eric_in_NJ

    How many of these idiot protestors voted for Rahm? And how many of those same idiots will vote in the next mayor from the same party that has been destroying their city for the past 5 decades?

  • Kent

    The new Democrat mayor who succeeds this little ball of excrement will immediately go to work taking kickbacks and selling influence in the best Daley tradition, and these geniuses will think the problem is solved.

  • Bobby Mc

    Corrupt people leading a corrupt city….go figure. Chicago will never be an good place to live, work or visit. My daughter went to a seminar there a couple of years ago. The company would guarantee a safe trip to and from their hotel to the convention center, anywhere else you were on your own.

  • Black Ops

    karma is a bitch ain’t it

  • Prelusive007

    Rahm Emanuel Matters


    I’d bet that pencil-necked c0ck sucker wishes he was still sleeping with Barack.

  • Cecil


  • laweegee

    We have passed the 50 year anniversary of LBJ’s Great Society. How’s that been working out for you?

  • Major Remington

    So, this is what a liberal implosion looks like, lol!

  • Tootrue4you

    (Gimme a banana, Rahm.) GIMME A BANANA, RAHM!!!…. wait…. what?

  • Noble Gunnz

    Bring in Hillary! She’s tough and smart and just like their grandmothers.

  • Everything went so terribly Rahm…so sad 🙁

  • Rahm deserves to be clacked up on WorldStar !!

    • EbolaJenkins

      hoopa-doo, you stank Chewbacca, but that dinka need to be strung out at the hands of his citizens like some Qaddafi, nome-sane???….

    • EbolaJenkins

      naw, nikca, aint no nikca dasarve to be clacked up on WorldStars…. We just need to find a way to evolve more… Like impulse control, actually OBEYING democrat Gun-Control, and simple thangs like THAT, nome-sanes???…