Detectives with the Los Angeles Police Department’s Southeast Area are working to track down a man who robbed a convenience store at finger-point in November, and they recently posted a video of the outrageous student to YouTube in hopes of identifying the suspect.

According to the LAPD’s video description:

On November 11, 2016, around 11:55 p.m., the suspect entered a local convenience store in the 500 block of West El Segundo Boulevard in the city of Los Angeles. The suspect grabbed a bottle of water and proceeded to the front counter. After waiting for multiple customers to leave the store, he simulated a handgun and ordered employees to take money out of the cash register and place it on the counter. He then jumped over the counter and removed around $300 dollars of US currency from the cash register. Suspect then fled the location on foot.

The video of the fedora-wearing culprit is as comical as it is ridiculous.

Immediately after a customer cashed out with a coffee and a bag of snacks and drinks, the middle-aged man put his hand in his pocket and told two cashiers “Hey, I don’t want to hurt none of you.

“Don’t close the register or you will be shot,” he said. “Take the money out now and put it on the counter. Now! All the cash, put it right here. All of it, or you’ll be shot.”

The cashiers didn’t seem amused, and simply stared back at the man as he moved his right hand from his pocket to under his shirt. As he pointed over the register at the cash drawer with his left hand, one of the cashiers took his nearby cell phone, shut the drawer and backed away. The other cashier also backed off as the man jumped over the counter, hand still under his shirt.

“What the f*** you want to get shot?” the man yelled at the cashiers. “Get the f*** back and open it up! Open it up!”

The cashier tapped the screen, and the robber moved his right hand behind his back, where security footage showed the man was armed only with a cocked finger.

He continued to scream at the two male cashiers as he snatched the cash with his left hand.

“Get over there! Get over there!” he yelled.

The cashier seemed to doubt the man possessed a weapon and briefly defied the robber before backing away.

“Get back!” the man screamed. “Go mother*****!”

In the background another customer carrying two energy drinks casually walked out of the front door of the store, glancing only briefly at the finger wielding suspect as he emptied the register.

The overweight “armed” robber then threw the cash drawer on the floor.

“The rest is yours. Go on!” he said.

“Get the f*** out of here!” one of the cashiers yelled back as the suspect rolled back over the counter and walked out the front door.

“The suspect is described as a male White or Hispanic, around 45 to 65 years-old. He stands approximately 5 feet 9 inches and weighs around 250 pounds. He was wearing a light blue long sleeved dress shirt, blue jean shorts, white socks, black ankle high tennis shoes and a fedora hat. He also has tattoos on his left index finger and hand which extends up his wrist and another tattoo above his right knee,” LA police posted in the YouTube description, which also included contact information to report information about the case.