There’s nothing subtle about Kansas Sen. Pat Roberts’ reaction to President Obama’s idea to close the terrorist detention facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

Roberts literally threw it in the trash.

“This is what I think of the president’s plan to send terrorists to the United States,” Roberts said before balling up the papers and throwing them into a garbage can.

CNN reports Obama sent his plan to Congress earlier today — seven years after proposing it.

“The plan we’re putting forward today isn’t just about closing the facility at Guantanamo. It’s not just about dealing with the current group of detainees, which is a complex piece of business because of the manner in which they were originally apprehended and what happened. This is about closing a chapter in our history,” Obama said.

“Keeping this facility open is contrary to our values,” he said. “It undermines our standing in the world. It is viewed as a stain on our broader record of upholding the highest standards of rule of law.”

To say Roberts disagrees may be putting it mildly.

  • Juanita Broaddrick’s Lip

    Roberts could take Obama one on one.

    Kansas knows a little something about roundball.

    See Dr. Naismith.

  • gary2505Texas

    The only way to close this disastrous chapter of history is to get Obama the hell out of office.

    • ..And expunge his vile name from every book, tablet, and stelae from now til forever….

  • White Clowns

    Earth to RINO’s. When you have surrendered your soul to Obama for the past 7 years, you have made it nearly impossible to stand up to him this late in the game. Get ready to wilt.

  • pookiee68

    Send the terrorist Muslims to the White House, some are already there.

  • I will buy that man whiskey for the rest of his life! What a great American. Bless you sir.

  • Shagnasty1

    It’s disgusting when Obama starts citing what “our values” are. Mine are nowhere near what its is.

  • clothos

    I know what to do. Send them to Chicago. They’ll fit in perfectly with the other armed thugs who roam the streets in a safe ‘gun free zone’.

  • John Dough

    You tell um Pat!

  • dlmstl

    Our national nightmare officially ends in 332 days. POTUS Barry’s last act of defiance will be a lenghty list of commutations and pardons right before President-elect Cruz or Trump takes the oath. Hopefully, the new POTUS will also release the letter that all out-going President’s leave in the Oval Office. I am sure it will be like all the rest of his professorial rants and musings……long on verbage, short on substance and a whole lot of I’s.

  • blancojoe

    Thank you, sir! I wish many, many more were like you! How much longer until I don’t have to listen to, or see that Muslim sympathizing cretin called Obama?

  • YarplyTwelve

    he wants them to come here, to lead all the others which obama has been importing. They need generals.

  • 20670

    Senator Roberts is doing what Harry Reid did to every single bill that came out of the Republican House of Representative. Reid refused, at Obama’s behest, to compromise with the Republicans.


    I cringe every time this filthy Muslim says “our values” EWWWWWWWW

  • Thomas Stump

    Oh for gods sake, arnt u the bad azz… Making all the click bait and such…. 20000000000000000000000000 bricks on our children’s backs and I’m suppose to be impressed

  • Penny Dog

    Get them while they’re warm. I making them as fast as I can

  • tbone51

    “It undermines our standing in the world. It is viewed as a stain on our broader record of upholding the highest standards of rule of law.”
    What the heck is Dumbo talking about – “highest standards of rule of law”?
    Who’s and what law?

  • Dennis A Lee

    Why won’t Obama ever tell me what my American values are. What a PUTZ.

  • tbone51

    Dear Generals, when do you think the time will be ripe for a coup de’ tat? Soon I hope.
    After all, Obama’s threatening the congress with another executive order.

    • Nathan Bedford Forrest

      All our generals are gays, women and lesbians handpicked by Obama. Remember it was Obama’s Navy that gave up a US vessel to an enemy for the first time in US history without a fight. I wouldn’t count on them to do anything but wipe Obama’s but.

  • Dindoo Nuffin

    My God there is hope for the Senate yet!!! That quisling wurm Mitch McConnell will probably fold later but at least we have some Senator’s with principles and backbone.

  • vincedc

    Election year….free headline

    • Nathan Bedford Forrest

      He’s not running this year.

  • Sherlock Jones

    How about throwing Obamacare into a garbage can.

  • Sherlock Jones

    Trump will just open up Gitmo when he is elected.

  • Doc Lemm

    Right on!

  • friedchickenwatermelon


    • mr.nuggets

      .he could easily be impeached for aiding and abetting a known terrorist organization that has vowed to attack the US

      .obama has been knowingly arming isis under the guise of arming “vetted moderate rebels” in Syria

      A defense intelligence agency document obtained by an foi request in 2012 states , “The salifists (isis), the muslim brotherhood and al qaeda in Iraq are the main forces driving the insurgency in Syria” .the document also states, “there is a possibility of establishing a declared or undeclared Salafist Principality in Eastern Syria …this is exactly what the supporting powers to the opposition want, in order to isolate the Syrian regime”
      Ex head of the defense intelligence agency, Lieutenant General Michael Flynn in an interview with aljazeera stated stated he argued with the obama administration against arming these groups and the administration made a “willful decision to do what it’s doing” other words, the current administration doesn’t want to fight isis in Syria ..but it wants it to be strong, wants it to be armed, in order to take out Assad

      .a favorite group Obama sends arms to is the Free Syrian Army .several factions making up the FSA have repeatedly pledged allegiance to isis and huffpo and international business times reported in late 2014 that FSA and isis signed a ceasefire. There are many reports, many news articles stating that the idea of”moderate rebels” fighting in Syria against Assad is a myth .in 2013 the New York Times reported “Nowhere in rebel-controlled Syria is there a secular fighting force to speak of,” .and went on to speak of “”division 30”, a group of US trained moderate rebels who turned over weapons to Syrian al-Qaeda affiliate Jahbat al-Nusra. .that incident was also reported in the uk telegraph

      .yes Obama has been arming isis ..he even went as far in September 2013 as to waive sections of the Arms Control Export Act which prevents selling arms to known terrorists

      ..arming isis abroad and then using the threat of isis at home to gut the 4th amendment by warrantless surveillance, and demonize the 2cnd amendment each time we are attacked certainly rises to the level of impeachable offenses

    • Beavis the Great

      It won’t happen

  • Chris-m

    There is so much to complain about the GOP’s performance the last 8 years but in this case I will just enjoy it.

  • Sherlock Jones

    “Keeping this facility open is contrary to our values,”
    What values? Obama has no values.
    “It undermines our standing in the world”
    Obama has trashed whatever standing this country had in the world.

  • Patriot41

    If Obama wanted to uphold the highest standards of law for terrorist leaders, he would have ordered a military tribunal to try them and shoot them.

  • Ooga Booga

    Hey God…what are you waiting for?

    • JWM

      He may be waiting for America to turn back to Him.

  • finabiscotti

    The USA has a forevermore lease for the Island at Guantanamo bay _ to PROTECT The USA.

    That’s why a U.S. Navy base was set up there.

    Radical Muslim TERRORISTS captured as ENEMY COMBATANTS were sent to GITMO _ to not bring them to U.S. soil _ as too dangerous!!!

    Obama is at it AGAIN to jeopardize our National Security.

    He is a MADMAN and should be REMOVED from office _ as UNFIT!

    • Ooga Booga

      That’s all true, but he’s got dirt/videos on every single person he’s appointed along with all the Republicans…

    • Nathan Bedford Forrest

      We had one in Panama too, but that didn’t stop Jimmy Carter from giving that away.

    • JWM

      You are correct.

  • finabiscotti

    All GITMO prisoners had pled guilty _ and Military Tribunals were already underway _ when Obama hijacked The White House _ and stopped the Military Tribunals.

    He is a very Sick individual _ and should have been removed from office _ as soon as he did that.

  • Ooga Booga

    Every single one of those terrorist animals should be shot by firing squad tomorrow morning, before this psychopath can get his way.

  • finabiscotti

    Thank you Kansas Senator Pat Roberts!!

    If only we could throw Obama in the garbage can.


      So he can see where you live

  • lepp

    So…why don’t we just execute all of the gitmo inmates? Problem solved. There are no “innocent” detainees left. These guys will never turn away from their satanic faith so let’s send them on their way to their paradise aka burning in hellfire forever.

    • Gail


  • Gail

    This is Obama’s last year. You can bet your ass he’s going to bring them here. He’ll probably pardon them and then give them houses. I’m telling you this man is going to destroy this country this year. This is his year to make it so bad that there will be no coming back. Every American citizen needs to arm themselves heavily.
    He is a Muslim born in Kenya. It’s been in our faces since before his election. He did not happen upon this presidency all by him self. This is a move being made by the Muslim religion to take over the world. There are too many people in this country that go home from work and turn on the news and listened to the news casters give you their opinions. Then everybody goes out and votes for the opinion that the media gave them. If you’re not going to listen to the candidates yourself and you’re just going to suck up whatever the media says then please don’t vote! Some of you don’t understand that the Muslim religion is not all about violence. They will use our laws and our justice system and our freedom of speech to further their agenda. Our country is being taken over from the inside because everybody knows we are armed people and willing to fight for our country. So they need to get in another way. They’re doing it through our democrats whose heads are in the sand and asses in the air taking it from behind.


      Provide concrete evidence of your theory

      • Gail

        There’s always one of you pretending not to see. It’s not a theory. It’s a fact. Are you awake? Maybe it’s just mental illness preventing you from seeing what’s happening?


          There’s always a group of you pretending not to be racists but hide it by trying to deflect it on us. No mental illness here. That’s a title given to people such as yourself who don’t have the courage to admit their racism but hide behind the guises of “he’s broken the law” which has yet to be proven. He’s been in office for 7 years and neither you or anyone else can name what law or laws he’s broken. Since your such a “genius” and I mean it very sarcastically, name the laws he’s broken? Why hasn’t the impeachment proceedings began? Also, why is it that the Republican Party always obstruct all of his policies, but they yet haven’t presented any policies to show how to move this country forward? All of these Republican Party mind, and not one idea? A whole party verses one man? It just proves how small minded you and they are. But I guess it’s better for you all to not think of policies to help this country, because thinking may give you a migraine. Their only policy is to obstruct his. Now, try to prove that not to be true. Thanks for the elementary insult to start your point. That seems to be a racist first line of defense when they have the inability to provide facts to support their argument.

          • Gail

            Your a stupid fuck! I am not racist!

          • LARRY BENNETT JR

            There you go again with the elementary words. Your resorting to curse someone out proves your lack of vocabulary and sentence structure, but I’m the one that’s stupid? You’re not a racist, then why are you getting your panties in a bunch? Just for the record, I’m much smarter than you’ll ever imagine to be. Racist!

          • Gail

            Lmao! Another novel ending with your projections I see. Your smarter. That was worth reading to the end. It’s been fun but I don’t like you so bye

          • LARRY BENNETT JR

            Oh my goodness! You don’t like me! I really don’t care and I don’t like you either. Bye!

          • ronjonmd

            Larry, Give it to Gail. Her lack of insight, education, and her use of foul language are very revealing.

          • LARRY BENNETT JR

            Thank you very much. I believe that she’s given up according to her last message. I don’t mind her not agreeing with President Obama’s policies. I even don’t mind her saying that he’s destroying the country, but provide tangible proof. She was unable to do it, which is why I believe she could only resort to curse words. I appreciate you seeing my point to her.

          • Gail

            Impeachment won’t happen because it would look bad to impeach our first biracial muslim president. Our government is all about how things look rather than the well being of its citizens!

  • Mithrandir

    Lawless gov’t does what it wants…

  • Chris


  • unkyjack

    I wonder if he’ll build the gallos and get the rope.

  • lambwood

    That’s a dirty insult to the dear leader, he should be put in stocks and flogged on the steps of the capital building. The dear leader was not making a suggestion.

  • Bud

    Just shoot them and get it other, there not going to change their little pea brain and I don’t want us spent half a billion on a new home for them.

  • Q: Which is is more STUPID, Closing GITMO or the Iran Nuke Deal?

    A: Both are Dumb.

  • Smelly Geezer

    So, the congressman from the 8th Congressional District in the State of Washington was on the radio yesterday talking about what a wonderful plan this is. So, I’m thinking, there’s a Federal Detention Facility right IN the congressman’s district. Let’s suggest those detainees, if they are brought to the US, let’s put them in HIS district. If it’s safe to have them ANYWHERE inside the US, it should be perfectly safe to have them there.