With less than four weeks to go before Election Day, Hillary Clinton seems to be thinking she can disappear and voters won’t notice.

Hillary Clinton Cleveland coughAfter Hillary has gone into hiding for five days to prep for the final presidential debate on Wednesday, she has no public events scheduled, according to two calendar-tracking websites.

NBC News reported on Monday:

Hillary Clinton hunkered down for an intensive weekend of prep ahead of Wednesday’s third and final presidential debate in Las Vegas.

The Democratic nominee has made no appearances since Friday and has nothing on her calendar until the final debate.

After arriving home from a fundraising trip to the West Coast around 1 a.m. ET Saturday, Clinton did a five-hour afternoon session at the Doral Arrowwood in Rye Brook, New York, a Westchester resort near her home.

On Sunday, she did two more sessions, including a late-night practice round after a dinner break. She is also expected to devote Monday and Tuesday to prep, before a likely final session in Vegas on Wednesday before the final matchup.

According to HillarySpeeches.com and WillHillaryWin.com, Clinton has no public events currently scheduled after the debate.

At the time of this publication (8:50 a.m. ET), Bill Clinton has one event scheduled on Tuesday in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania.

Clinton’s running mate, Tim Kaine, has appearances scheduled for Detroit, Michigan; Upper Arlington, Ohio; Springfield, Ohio; Asheville, North Carolina; Charlotte, North Carolina; Durham, North Carolina; and State College, Pennsylvania.

Chelsea Clinton will appear in Tempe, Arizona on Wednesday.


Coming off the heels of two private fundraisers in California on Thursday, Clinton doesn’t have any public events scheduled between today and the final presidential debate on October 19.

That’s five days.

Neither leading Clinton schedule tracking website — HillarySpeeches.com and WillHillaryWin.com — list a single event for her, as of Friday morning.

Meanwhile, chief surrogate Bill Clinton will be making two appearances in Ohio today. One in Delaware, and the other in Cincinnati, according to HillarySpeeches.com.

Chelsea Clinton is holding two events in Pittsburgh today, including one on the Pitt campus. She’ll speak at a New York City fundraiser on Monday.

President Obama will be in Cleveland for a lunchtime rally on Friday.

Vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine will appear in Miami on Saturday, Palm Beach County on Sunday, and speak at a Bethesda, Maryland fundraiser on Monday, according to HillarySpeeches.com.

But for now, the main candidate appears to be waiting it out for Election Day.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on October 14, 2016.

  • Richard

    Obviously, Hillary’s health problems do not allow her to stand up to the rigor & stress of a campaign. How on earth can anyone think she could handle being President? In my 50 years of watching Presidential campaigns this is the only time a candidate has been unable to actively & continuously campaign a month before the election. Of course, as others have mentioned, she has virtually the entire news, media & entertainment complex and the large social media companies actively supporting her and relentlessly attacking Trump day in and day out. Frankly that’s a disgrace. I only hope the silent majority of Americans decide that they have had enough of the left wing MSM’s blatant & pervasive bias.

  • Seerightthere!

    She needs to bathe in the blood of innocents to regain her strength. It’s going to take a lot of blood.

  • She’s prepping for the next debate, using surrogates that are more popular to try scare up some enthusiasm.

  • In GOD We Trust

    Honestly, Hillary has surrogates campaigning on her behalf, instead of doing it herself? “If” she were to become president, is she going to use Dole, Obama, Bill and Chelsea etc, as surrogates to handle her presidential responsibilities as well? Am I the only one, to be concerned if she becomes president, will she in fact do her job, or disappear, and pass her duties off to a surrogate?? Pure insanity, and very concerning.

  • stlfedup

    Hitlary is just plain UNFIT.. thee end !

  • Caseylover

    she is taking a break because she is NOT healthy!

  • Richard Peartree

    Is she resting or tribbing with Yoko Ono?

  • luckystrike57

    This is what would occur if Hillary did become president. Hiding in a dark corner rocking in a fetal position when the Parkinson disease sets in. She is not fit to be President.

    • Muzzled

      is Kaine able?

  • mmazzi

    It’s not the witch. Not a wrinkle on her face or on her forehead. No turkey skin wrinkles running down her neck. Appears 30 lbs. lighter and having to sit a few times.
    BEST ANALYSIS OF DOUBLES- Hillary Clinton Body Doubles Saga Day 11 and Full Recap

    • Street

      Will the real Hillary please stand up…..

  • Deplorable Hockey Covfefe

    She is doing what any good vampire does between feedings. She is sleeping it off in a coffin in Chelsea’s basement.

  • ibiwisi

    Can’t somebody just do a citizen’s arrest on her?

  • JDStill

    She has disappeared at regular intervals for the last few months, probably more medical procedures or devices being implanted or replaced . It would be interesting if some industrious reporters would follow her around to see her comings and goings or to see who comes into see her.

  • Ron T

    She doesn’t have the stamina and is ill. After the election it will come out. Plus the media campaigns for her every day. Trump has the clintons, the media, the dem party and the establishment republicans against him all to protect the status quo. More reasons we need Trump more than ever. Trump 2016

  • slobotnavich

    The ghastly old harridan’s gone into hiding for an emergency reinforcement of her latest face-lift, which left her navel just below her collar bones.

  • CINC

    Shes in a drooling comma, with those shades on.

  • Sam

    hillary is insane with what she plans to do. She actually thinks raising taxes by $1 trillion, open borders, and a million more unvetted refugees is a good idea! This should tell people that she has already sold us out to foreigners. I bet the saudis are paying her handsomely.

  • Fletch Miller

    She wants to rest and practice for the next debate, while Trump works his “a–” off and is exhausted by debate night, hopefully putting his foot in his mouth a few more times between now and then, giving the press lots to jump on him about.

  • Pow pow pow

    Bill Clinton put a cigar in Hillary’s back door.

  • Sir William

    The press is doing campaigning for they know how to carry on for hillary They do not tell the truth, spread hear say and facts don’t matter to them they know how to make up a story.

  • Ron

    Clinton is busy looking for more phony women to pay off to use her Clinton crap against Trump.

  • no privatedata

    CNN, MSNBC et al have it covered. The Clinton Ministry of Propaganda are doing a fine job while the old douche bag rests.

  • Oregon Voter

    She is getting refitted for Darth Vader’s mask, while Papa Doc Obama lines up the Death Star for his much desired war.

    Why else would Obama buy 100 million rounds of amo. Obama wants to go out like Rambo.

    Seriously though, why would Hillary do anything, if she can get others to do it for her? Everyone knows that Hillary Clinton has nothing but contempt for the masses, and the law.

    Hillary is likely just catching up on her chocolate stash while the media campaigns for her, and picking out torture cells for the American public. You know, Hillary is doing what all Evil Queens do. Maybe Hillary is working on a real life hunger games reality show.

    • usafrn

      She’s on R & R with Bourbon on the Rocks, Coumadin blood thinners, blood pressure meds,
      diuretics, and cardiac meds. Everything wrong with her has been brought on by herself. She
      is evil. Explains the serious diagnoses she has. Pray she see’s the light soon.

  • Thomas Weaver

    It takes 3-5 days for some meds to be effective. As they have in the past, she is pumped up in increments and given the biggest boost the morning of the debate. That way, they are sure she doesn’t have a seizure and is alert for about 3 hours on debate day.

    • usafrn

      Chemically prepared candidate. Jezebel and her clinic on wheels. What a crock.

  • Daniel Wink

    So, You think her ass cheeks might be getting a little tight about now? lol

  • Isaac Shelby Baker

    The succubus is on a “drug holiday”, so her dosage of L-Dopa can keep her looking & acting as normal as she’s able.

  • madone

    Guys go easy on her, she’s got debate questions and scripted answers to study. Don’t worry media has things covered.

  • ccgal

    She definitely has Parkinson’s. She bobbed her head throughout Sanders’ speech!


  • homeboy johnson

    Oh great day! The next POTUS will be a NWO, drug-laced, man-hating, rug munching, Parkinson’s patient. We are doomed!!

  • richwoods

    She be trippin and jumpim with that Refried Beaner from Mexico City.

  • ineradicable

    Will they roll in a hospital bed for her next debate appearance?

  • Ga

    This is because it has been proven that she pills better when know one hears her open her s,t,upid trap. No one really likes her. She isn’t worthy to be president so she hides so she can’t be on people’s minds as a bad option.