With less than four weeks to go before Election Day, Hillary Clinton seems to be thinking she can disappear and voters won’t notice.

Hillary Clinton Cleveland coughAfter Hillary has gone into hiding for five days to prep for the final presidential debate on Wednesday, she has no public events scheduled, according to two calendar-tracking websites.

NBC News reported on Monday:

Hillary Clinton hunkered down for an intensive weekend of prep ahead of Wednesday’s third and final presidential debate in Las Vegas.

The Democratic nominee has made no appearances since Friday and has nothing on her calendar until the final debate.

After arriving home from a fundraising trip to the West Coast around 1 a.m. ET Saturday, Clinton did a five-hour afternoon session at the Doral Arrowwood in Rye Brook, New York, a Westchester resort near her home.

On Sunday, she did two more sessions, including a late-night practice round after a dinner break. She is also expected to devote Monday and Tuesday to prep, before a likely final session in Vegas on Wednesday before the final matchup.

According to HillarySpeeches.com and WillHillaryWin.com, Clinton has no public events currently scheduled after the debate.

At the time of this publication (8:50 a.m. ET), Bill Clinton has one event scheduled on Tuesday in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania.

Clinton’s running mate, Tim Kaine, has appearances scheduled for Detroit, Michigan; Upper Arlington, Ohio; Springfield, Ohio; Asheville, North Carolina; Charlotte, North Carolina; Durham, North Carolina; and State College, Pennsylvania.

Chelsea Clinton will appear in Tempe, Arizona on Wednesday.


Coming off the heels of two private fundraisers in California on Thursday, Clinton doesn’t have any public events scheduled between today and the final presidential debate on October 19.

That’s five days.

Neither leading Clinton schedule tracking website — HillarySpeeches.com and WillHillaryWin.com — list a single event for her, as of Friday morning.

Meanwhile, chief surrogate Bill Clinton will be making two appearances in Ohio today. One in Delaware, and the other in Cincinnati, according to HillarySpeeches.com.

Chelsea Clinton is holding two events in Pittsburgh today, including one on the Pitt campus. She’ll speak at a New York City fundraiser on Monday.

President Obama will be in Cleveland for a lunchtime rally on Friday.

Vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine will appear in Miami on Saturday, Palm Beach County on Sunday, and speak at a Bethesda, Maryland fundraiser on Monday, according to HillarySpeeches.com.

But for now, the main candidate appears to be waiting it out for Election Day.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on October 14, 2016.

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      Or maybe a transfusion

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        She’d have to have blood to need one. All she is today is a vampire, sucking the blood and life from America.

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      Blood transfusions, fittings for new earpieces, going over the debate questions with her staff that were leaked to her,,,,….

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    Who cares?

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    she is feeble and weak due to health concerns and the media refuses to report on it. she also has been treated as above the law – that’s not good for a rule of law country.

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    Drug rehab

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    Frontal lobe electroshock therapy.

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    She’s got the media campaigning for her. She doesn’t need to make public appearances. Hell, she doesn’t even need to be a real person and the ignorant sheeple will still vote for her.

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      The media will be busy with their Trump attacks.

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    no stamina.

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    Her schedule, or lack of same, will certainly fuel the illness narrative.

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    minuscule crowds

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    wikileaks exposes her criminality

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    bubba jumped another groupie.

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    I’d hide too if I were the kind of criminal she is…I think they call it “on the lam”

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    a couple more seizures.

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    blood transfusion