Al Sharpton made yet another visit to the White House yesterday to offer his pearls of wisdom on “climate change.” How many does that make it for him?

And remember, these are just the official logs. Off-the-books meetings aren’t recorded.

Don’t believe it? Peruse them for yourself:

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Here’s another view:

Sharpton WH visitsAll told, it’s at least 100 visits since 2009. And that doesn’t include official administration visits to him, such as President Obama’s appearance at the National Action Network convention in 2014 or hobnobbing with Eric Holder at the Four Seasons in New York City last March.

Holder Sharpton Franklin

h/t John Cardillo

  • cleopatra


  • victoryman

    We are judged by the company we keep. Trash is attracted to trash.

  • Cluster_Chuck

    One of the worlds most accomplished liars being welcomed by one of the worlds most accomplished liars is. Go figure.

  • Shannon Martin

    Bath hose Barry on the down low?

  • jgdp


    • Sail445

      Wrong the N word is to High Class for these low life scoundrels

  • Mark Smith

    It says something about the president letting this lunatic race baiter inside the White House that many times!


      I saw that a long time ago. Sharptongue and HObama are both agent provocateurs who love to race bait and create chaos between blacks and whites….. Two POSs that none of us need in the US

  • Sail445

    This shows how Obama degraded America by allowing extortionist and the scum of the ghettos destroy our Capitol with degenerates of the lowest life forms on planet Earth.
    He should be impeached but the Republicans are even lower then he is because of lack of Cajones

    • Anonymous Guy

      These are his friends.
      This IS Obola!


      Our whiteboy Republicans don’t have the balls to push for impeachment…even though they have had the cause to impeach HObama years ago.

  • Sal befor

    And you thought Obama was elected to represent all of America….

  • Sal befor

    Al Sharpton, The Master Baiter.

  • deano

    Yeah MSNBC is a news organization…LOL…

    • Lois Sewell

      When pigs fly!

  • Anonymous Guy

    You can tell a lot about a person by the company he keeps.
    At this point I’ve seen ENOUGH!

  • Matt A

    The White House will need an episode of Hoarders buried alive to come clean all the trash left over after Barry’s parade is finally done.

  • Matt A

    The White House will need an episode of Hoarders buried alive to come clean all the trash left over after Barry’s parade is finally done.

  • silver fox

    another little socialist pixs ant. when the immigration and iran lies go bad, and they will go bad, every single socialist democrat advisor to the traitor in the white house should be put to death.

  • Clover11111

    Begging for time to pay his taxes or to stay out of jail?

  • Hildebeast

    Al Sharpton, the national ambulance chaser, race baiter instigator, who owes MILLIONS to the IRS, comes and goes to the WH as he pleases. Isnt that nice?


      He may get prosecuted yet…. for cause…if HilLiary does not get in office. Even then, she may be a recipient of a bit of street justice before it’s all over if she is not prosecuted for her crimes that Comey outlined on Tuesday and expounded on (with a little urging by congress on Thursday). Scum is scum… and she is the lowest form of scum there is. She just does not get how pissed off people are…and are very tired and frustrated with the “status quo” of the ruling elite. I personally would not want to be on her Secret Service protection detail. Speaking of which, why does she have one now or in the future? She wants to disarm law abiding gun owners…and she is no better than anyone else.

  • Albondigas

    Al -fecalsmear -Sharpton (champion of liar, Tawana Brawley) has a figurative ‘key’ to Obama’s WH.

    What idiotic dim-wit would vote or endorse pathological liars such as Rev. White, Sharpless Al, and Jesse, bug-eye Jackson; and a host of other illegitimate cronies?

    Had the likes of these folks been ‘specimen guests’ in a Planned Parenthood Clinic – during a particular procedure (practiced with vim and vigor), it would be troubling to know molecules of this nature might be circulating among normal recipients…

  • ** Defiant Soul **

    As Dr. Martin Luther King said we should do… we will judge them by the content of their character. I’m guessing King would be very disappointed right now.

  • Walter_Peterson

    He admires Michelles’s interior decor.

  • JimboDiddley

    Obama and shapton both be trash.

  • Dawn Courville

    What the hell does Sharpton know about climate change hahahahaha that is hysterical.

  • Veritasortruth

    Having Al Sharpton visit the White House with Obama in office is about the same as having David Duke visit the White House with George W Bush as president. As far as I’m aware David Duke didn’t visit the White House during the George W Bush administration. But can you imagine the stink that the MSM would have kicked up if he did? What an incredible double standard.

  • gimpy

    Sharpton has to get sex somewhere.

  • Discochip

    My wild ass guess is he’s the new drug mule replacing the “barber” who came to the WH every two weeks flown in from Chicago. Coke heads who admit to snorting often lie about everything, and I imagine a scenario where Dead Fish gives a package to the “barber” to give to Obutthead, and the barber is sure to sweep up the hair clippings so they can’t be forensically examined. But that arrangement has too many risks after many years so now the mule is Rev Al the ratfink snitch. Just a guess.

  • Wayne Youngs

    I think he is cleaning the WH to help pay off the TAX CHEATS IRS bill