Don’t look now, Nancy Pelosi, but Americans love Donald Trump.

Pollster John Zogby told reporters this week that the president is more popular among his base than Barack Obama, Ronald Reagan and John F. Kennedy were at this time of their presidency.

Speaking to foreign journalists at The Washington Foreign Press Center on Wednesday, Zogby said Trump is wildly popular among Republicans.

“His approval ratings within his own party are high,” the pollster said, according to a transcript provided by the State Department.

“If you look today, 87 percent of Republicans give him a positive approval rating. What’s that mean? At this point in his presidency, Barack Obama had a 79 percent rating among Democrats,” Zogby said.

“Ronald Reagan wasn’t this high. Jack Kennedy wasn’t this high. The GOP is the party of Trump.”

According to Zogby, only George W. Bush scored higher because “by this point in time, we had launched the war in Iraq.”

Zogby urged the media stop covering his every move, because it’s only helping him.

“…surprise, Donald Trump is the disruptor-in-chief, and he’s unconventional, erratic, anti-elite, and frankly, that is working for him right now,” he said.

“The best thing that can happen to him, and I learned this – anyone ever hear the name Saul Alinsky? The famous community organizer in Chicago, who – and one of his most famous proteges was a young man named Barack Obama who was a community organizer. But Saul Alinsky, as he organized communities for change, used to relate to the principle that, when you’re the little people and you’re holding up signs and they’re anti-elite, you start to win once the elite bites back and starts attacking you.

“And so this is a message to your colleagues like at CNN and New York Times: Instead of whining and complaining and giving blanket 24-hour coverage to ‘See what he said today, see what he did today,’ ignore him for a day. Ignore him for a day. But Trump is the disruptor-in-chief and it is working. Let’s not pretend otherwise,” Zogby said.

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