Angry Iranians took to the streets today to protest rising gas prices and a corrupt Islamist regime.

“Residents in the cities of Ahvaz, Khorramshahr, Andimeshk, Dezful, Behbahan and Mahshahr staged demonstrations, chanting anti-regime slogans and blocking the streets and highways by setting ablaze tires,” according to the National Council of Resistance of Iran.

Via the NCRI:

The protesters in Ahvaz were chanting, “Dignified Iranians, support, support,” “dignified Ahvazis, switch off your cars.” In Khorramshahr, the people staged a gathering, chanting “Rouhani resign, resign.”

The defiant youths blocked Ahvaz-Andimeshk and Shushtar-Dezful highways by setting tires on fire. In Khorramshahr a large group of people staged a protest in the city’s Allah Square. The mullahs’ regime had dispatched herds of anti-riot forces to Ahvaz, Andimeshk Highway.

To prevent the spread of these protests, anti-riot forces riding on motorcycles attacked the crowd in Ahvaz, beating many of them and arresting several.

In Mahshahr, the local residents and young people lit fires in the streets and blocked the roads. In Taleqani township, the protesters blocked the streets, preventing cars from going to petrol stations. In Behbahan, the protesters were chanting, “Iranians will die, but will not accept humiliation,” “Gasoline has become more expensive, the poor have become poorer.”

Several videos of the protests have been posted to YouTube today which showed activists chanting slogans such as “Death to Dictator” and blocking traffic:

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At least one gas station was torched:

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In Zanjan, they chanted, “We’re going to die, we’re going to take Iran back”:

Protesters didn’t back down as riot police sought to break up the crowds with motorcycles:

“Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, the President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) hailed the people of Khuzestan, who have arisen to protest the rise in gasoline prices, and called on the young people to join the ranks of the protesters,” according to the NCRI.

It would be “the only way to get rid of high prices, poverty, inflation and calamities the mullahs’ regime has inflicted on the Iranian people,” the group said.

UPDATE: Additional video shows injured protesters:

“Local sources confirm that IRGC forces have killed at least six protesters: three in Behbehan, one in Shiraz, one in Sirjan and one in Shahriar (Karaj),” according to additional information provided by NCRI.

Numerous protesters were wounded and local hospitals could not accommodate the volume of patients, activists say.