Senator Bernie Sanders held a massive rally in New Hampshire last night to push his socialist vision for America ahead of the primary election there today, and something was notably off.

Sanders drew a reported 7,500 to the University of New Hampshire in Durham, where he touted the crowd size as three times larger than any political event in the state so far this election cycle.

But one thing was notably absent: Old Glory.

Video of the event shows only a few American flags in the building – one on a banner and another large flag in the rafters, undoubtedly a fixture at the Whittemore Center for other events.

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There were no American flags on stage, few if any supporters waiving Old Glory in the crowd, and certainly no chants for U-S-A. It’s unclear whether the rally even featured the Star Spangled Banner or Pledge of Allegiance.

Instead, Bernie bros rocked Sanders shirts with rock band themes while they worshiped the nation’s most popular socialist, Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. The Strokes debuted their newest album and screamed about how they hate New York City Cops.

“Julian Casablanca from The Strokes inviting fans on stage at the Bernie rally and singing New York City Cops right next to an actual cop has me dying,” Adrian posted to Twitter.

“Last night Bernie broke records with nearly 2000 people in Keene. Today that number was 3x the size, a new record for New Hampshire at the UNH rally, which had 7,500 people confirmed,” Fiorella Isabel added with a picture from the rally. “You can’t make this. Pete nor anyone has this kind of support so let’s stop pretending.”

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Sanders himself touted the rally numbers.

“Wow! Over 7,500 people came out to our rally in Durham with @thestrokes and @AOC last night, making it the largest New Hampshire really of any candidate in this primary,” he posted to Twitter. “Let’s make history again. Get out and vote!”

The statement, of course, is completely false. Bernie’s Monday night rally was the biggest of the Democratic primary, but it pales in comparison to the crowds generated by President Donald Trump, who rarely relies on star power to pack stadiums across the country.

Sanders’ rally wasn’t even the biggest political rally in New Hampshire on Monday.

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Trump’s little get-together in Manchester drew massive lines of supporters a full two days in advance. Thousands braved 20-degree temperatures overnight to secure a spot inside, where well over 10,000 proudly waived American flags and touted their love for U-S-A as Trump listed off his impressive accomplishments under a massive American flag hanging above the stage.

The Trump crowd formed a sea of red, white and blue with more patriotism than a Fourth of July parade.

“Big Data from New Hampshire,” Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale tweeted. “52,559 Tickets, 24,732 Voters Identified (41% From NH), 17% Didn’t vote in 2016, 24.4% Democrats. Thank You New Hampshire. Data Gold!”

And like every massive Trump rally, the president stepped on stage to the Lee Greenwood classic “God Bless the U.S.A.”

“Great being in New Hampshire last night,” Trump tweeted Tuesday. “I would say that was the biggest political Rally in New Hampshire history. Incredible evening!”