Bernie Sanders reportedly had a “blowup” on a reporter who asked him about his failing campaign for president.

Sanders was participating in a Q&A with reporters on Wednesday and CNN’s Manu Raju asked about when he would make a decision about continuing his campaign.

“I’m dealing with a f*cking global crisis. You know, we’re dealing with,” Biden allegedly said, apparently referring to coronavirus.

Sanders claimed he’s not running for president today.

“Well right now, right now I’m trying to do my best to make sure that we don’t have an economic meltdown and that people don’t die. Is that enough for you to keep me busy for today?” the reporter says Sanders said.

Raju said Sanders “was furious.”

The Democrat presidential candidate was thumped in Tuesday’s primaries in Florida, Illinois and Arizona by Joe Biden. Progressives are losing hope Sanders has a path forward to the nomination for president.

MSNBC aired audio of the exchange: