Trading robots that use AI to speculate on bitcoin are all the rage today thanks to their supposed profitability. With a good robot, you can supposedly turn a mere 250 USD to hundreds of thousands of dollars. The Bitcoin Rejoin app is the latest online sensation in the bitcoin trading category. Users who have reviewed it on TrustPilot allege making up to $2500 daily from $250. But is the Bitcoin Rejoin software legit?

As usual, our investigative team has conducted checks on Bitcoin Rejoin to determine if it is legit. The tests include a test on its trading platform and an analysis of the thousands of reviews that the Bitcoin Rejoin app has online.

We conclude that it is likely legit and maybe worth a try. This review presents the finer details about Bitcoin Rejoin and trading tips to help you succeed with it.

Bitcoin Rejoin Review: Key points

This robot is among the few that apply AI technologies in bitcoin trading. Bitcoin Rejoin trades volatility rather than price appreciation. This implies that its performance is not affected by falling prices.

With the uncertainty in the crypto markets today, volatility betting seems like the best option for traders and investors. The Bitcoin Rejoin app allegedly trades at an accuracy of 90%. Moreover, it is said to have the potential to quadruple investments within 24 hours of trading. 

Some reviewers on TrustPilot claim to make up to $1500 within the first 24 hours of trading with Bitcoin Rejoin. Others allege turning a deposit of $500 to over $500k in less than a year of using this robot. The alleged profits appear to make sense when the powers of compounding are taken into account.

Bitcoin Rejoin is for anyone interested in crypto trading but with zero trading skills. You do not need any trading knowledge to use this robot. It also may be a good bet for experienced traders looking for bigger opportunities.

You need not quit your day job to trade with Bitcoin Rejoin. It is entirely auto and requires less than 20 minutes daily to adjust trading conditions and open and close trading sessions.

What is Bitcoin Rejoin?

You must have heard that automation is taking over the world and in a few years to come, robots will take 90% of the jobs we have today.

Automation is already a reality in finance with algorithms running both investment and trading. In the US alone, at least $1 trillion of investors’ wealth is managed by robots. If you are in this market, you must have come across robo-advisors such as Betterment and Accenture.the official login page

These algorithms manage wealth better than the world best financial advisors. They also charge lower portfolio management fees than human advisors.

Robots have also taken over trading by a storm. Most Wall Street hedge funds use these robots to trade stock and forex. The best can supposedly make hundreds of millions in profits in less than a day.

Enter bitcoin trading…………….

Trading robots such as Bitcoin Rejoin are a sensation today. Most are out of reach for the ordinary person since they require hefty license fees. There are only a few that are free, and the Bitcoin Rejoin software is one of them.

This robot trades BTC volatility with a supposed ROI of up to 400% daily. It is beginner-friendly and only requires less than 20 minutes daily to operate.

How does the Bitcoin Rejoin software work?

Bitcoin Rejoin bets on BTC volatility against other cryptos and fiat currencies. Popular pairs you can trade with this bot include BTC/USD, BTC/EUR, and BTC/GBP.

You can also bet on crypto pairs, including BTC/ETH, BTC/BCH, and BTC/XRP. Like any other robot, this robot depends on regulated brokers to facilitate transactions, execute trades, and offer leverage.

When you deposit money with Bitcoin Rejoin, the money goes to the underlying broker. The Bitcoin Rejoin app relays orders to the broker for execution. The broker uses the deposits to buy and sell bitcoin as instructed by the robot.

It is essential to always check whether the listed robot brokers are well regulated. Broker regulation is crucial since it’s an assurance that your money is safe even in bankruptcy. All Bitcoin Rejoin brokers seem to be adequately regulated.

On leverage, the Bitcoin Rejoin brokers offer 1:4000. This implies that users can bet on BTC worth up to $4k for every $1 of invested capital. It is through the high leverage that a small trading account can generate the supposed returns.

High leverage can be counterproductive and therefore, should be used with extra caution. The Bitcoin Rejoin software provides tools such as Take Profit, Stop Loss, and the Negative Balance Protection to help users manage risk. You should use these tools to your advantage.

As a rule of thumb, never invest more than you can tolerate losing when trading on high margin. Seek advice from a certified financial advisor if you are looking for somewhere to pack your retirement savings.

The guide to trading with the Bitcoin Rejoin App

Trading with the Bitcoin Rejoin app is a walk in the park even for the complete beginner. However, this is not to mean that there are no rules to be followed.

You must read the Bitcoin Rejoin trading guide before opening a live session. Moreover, there is a demo account to help you practice. The demo will help you test different levels of risk and determine what works best for you.

The Bitcoin Rejoin platform should be accessible from your country if the regulators allow derivatives trading. Try signing up here to determine if it’s available.


Register a free account on Bitcoin Rejoin website through the provided form and verify email and phone number.bitcoin rejoin guide to trading

You need to submit a working phone number since you will need it for multi-factor authentication. Bitcoin Rejoin takes account security seriously and encourages users to adopt the multi-factor authentication signing method.

As said earlier, the Bitcoin Rejoin app collaborates with brokers to ensure a seamless trading experience. You will need to verify identity with the matched broker to be able to withdraw funds from the platform.

ID verification involves uploading a photo of an identifying document such as a government ID or driving license. You may also need to upload a utility bill or bank statement to verify your current address. Bitcoin Rejoin brokers verify ID within minutes.

Deposit a minimum of 250 USD

You need to invest some capital to trade with Bitcoin Rejoin. The minimum you can invest is 250 USD.

You can fund your account through debit/credit card, Wire Transfer, MoneyGram, and e-wallets such as Skrill and Neteller. The Bitcoin Rejoin partner brokers also accept deposits through major crypto wallets.

Account funding is free, and there are no limits to how much you can invest. However, remember that you can only start trading with a minimum of 250 USD. We recommend starting small and building your account gradually via reinvestments.

Demo trading

Trading with a practice account is essential since it helps you learn how to manage risk in live trading. You should trade with the demo for not less than one hour before going to the live account.

Read the Bitcoin Rejoin trading guide thoroughly before going to the live trader. While the Bitcoin Rejoin app is auto, it requires users to define trading conditions.  A small mistake during this process can amount to devastating losses.

Bitcoin Rejoin provides new users with a dedicated account manager to answer all questions related to live trading.

Live trading

When confident with your trading skills, you can move to the live account. Here you need to define the level of risk you are willing to take per trade. Moreover, you need to set the Stop-Loss and Take Profit features before going live. Bitcoin Rejoin provides a comprehensive guide to help users through this process.

The best time to run the Bitcoin Rejoin software is during periods of high volatility. Wall Street is a major driver of volatility due to the billions of dollars in crypto-related derivatives traded there. You should, therefore, time this market by trading from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM ET, Monday to Friday.

Is Bitcoin Rejoin legit? Final word!

From our investigation, Bitcoin Rejoin seems legit. Users report that it is easy to use and has consistent performance. The robot is said to have a daily Return on Investment (ROI) of up to 400%. You can try it through the link below.


Is Bitcoin Rejoin legit?

Yes! Bitcoin Rejoin scores highly in our legitimacy tests. We, therefore, conclude that it is likely to be legit.

How much do I invest with Bitcoin Rejoin?

From the reviews we have seen, a deposit of 250 USD is enough for a beginner trader. You can always grow via reinvestments.

Can I profit from Bitcoin Rejoin?

A lot of users on TrustPilot allege that this robot is highly profitable. It claims to generate a daily ROI of up to 400% daily.

How do I withdraw from Bitcoin Rejoin?

Verify your identity and then submit a withdrawal request. You should receive your money in less than an hour.