The Bitcoin Up app was launched in 2016 to help ordinary people trade bitcoin. It is said to make hundreds of dollars in profits daily from a deposit of 250 USD.

Moreover, it is available and easy to use for all.  Some users claim that it performs consistently and can turn a small deposit of $500 to a million in a year of trading. This is possible through leverage of 5000:1 and a supposed accuracy of 99%.

But is the Bitcoin Up software legit? We have conducted rigorous testing and found this robot to appear to be legit. Apart from having a generally positive vibe on the internet, Bitcoin Up trades on verifiable technologies.

We will discuss these technologies in this review and provide more evidence to support its profitability claims. Moreover, we will offer tips to help you get the best out of it. Do not create an account with Bitcoin Up before reading this review to the end.

What is Bitcoin Up?

Automation is taking over nearly all areas of finance, including investment and trading. Analysts estimate that by 2020, robots will be controlling almost $5 trillion of global wealth.

A big chunk of this wealth is in trading, with leading Wall Street robots generating mind-blowing returns for investors. The best robots perform all the functions of an expert trader and at higher accuracy and speed.

Speed and accuracy are the catalysts of profitability in trading. Some High-Frequency Robots, such as the one used by Navinder Sarao, have proven to have the potential to generate millions of dollars in minutes.bitcoin up registration page

HFT robots have been used in traditional assets trading mostly in stock and forex. However, new inventions such as the Bitcoin Up app are bringing the power of these robots to bitcoin trading.

Given the high volatility in this industry, these robots are supposedly generating returns not witnessed in any asset class before. The Bitcoin Up software can supposedly make up to four times the invested capital in a day of trading.

Some reviews point out that it is possible to make up to $1500 daily from an investment of $250. These reviews claim that through the power of compounding, an account with an initial deposit of $250 can allegedly grow to $1 million.

How does the Bitcoin Up App function?

The Bitcoin Up app generates trading signals by analyzing market data. It automatically relays these insights to the partner broker for execution.

For the record, most robots have partner brokers who execute orders and facilitate transactions among other functions. These brokers must adhere to strict regulation and have a high reputation among users.

With a well-regulated broker, users have an assurance of the safety of their money even if the broker or the robot was to go bust. Regulated brokers adhere to stringent guidelines, among them deposit insurance and segregation.

By adhering to these rules, brokers can never use your money for any other purpose other than the intended one. Robot brokers also offer leverage to enable robot users to take bigger positions.

Bitcoin Up brokers offer up to 5000:1, which means that users can take positions worth up to $5000 for every dollar of their capital. For the sake of beginners, leverage is a form of debt provided relative to invested capital.

Leverage enables traders to take positions larger than their invested capital hence magnifying returns. However, high leverage can be counterproductive when used without adequate risk management features.

Consequently, Bitcoin Up users should start small and study the trading guide before going live.

What makes Bitcoin Up worthwhile?

Bitcoin Up is currently viral on the internet thanks to its supposed returns. As mentioned previously, a user can supposedly turn a deposit of 250 USD to over 1000 USD in less than a day of trading with this robot.

This may seem too good to be accurate, but it is real when the factors explained below are taken into account.

  1. Bitcoin Up is an AI and ML-powered robot. There are only a handful of robots that depend on these technologies, and they are all highly ranked. The Bitcoin Up software is among the few robots that exclusively trade bitcoin. And as mentioned severally in this review, this robot supposedly generates mind-blowing profits.
  2. Bitcoin Up operates in collaboration with the industry’s best robot brokers. These brokers provide excellent trading conditions for robot trading. As mentioned above, they offer a leverage of up to 5000:1 hence allowing traders to take huge positions.
  3. Bitcoin is the world most volatile asset. This makes it possible for volatility traders to generate huge returns. The crypto has proven to be highly profitable even for traditional traders. Bitcoin Up trades the volatility and hence the alleged daily profitability of up to 400%.

All trading robots involve a significant level of risk. It is therefore advisable to only trade with what you can afford to lose.

How to trade with Bitcoin Up

This robot is highly user friendly and suitable for all, including those with zero trading experience. It is also available in nearly all countries and comes in multiple languages, including English, French, German, and Italian.sign up trading platform

The steps below will guide you in registering and trading with Bitcoin Up.

Register a free account

Visit Bitcoin Up website to register a trading account. Submit all the required details and confirm your email and phone number. You must submit your best email and an active phone number since you will need these during the multi-factor authentication.

It is also in this stage that you will be asked to verify identity with the partner broker by uploading a scan of your driving license or government-issued ID card. Identity verification has become mandatory for all brokers with the increasing rate of money laundering.

Deposit a minimum of 250 USD

You need at least 250 USD to trade with Bitcoin Up. The deposit happens on the partner broker’s page.

You can fund your trading account through debit/credit cards or wire transfer. E-Wallets such as Skrill, Neteller, and WebMoney are also accepted. There are no deposit fees, and you can deposit any amount at any time. 

Read the trading guide and practice with the demo

Bitcoin Up provides a comprehensive guide to help beginner traders get started on its platforms. You should read and understand the manual. Engage the dedicated account manager for clarifications on what you do not understand.

This robot provides a demo account so that you can practice what you learn through the guide before going live. You should trade with the demo for at least one hour before opening a live session.

Set the desired level of risk and go live

After at least an hour of demo practice, you can go for the live account. Click the open trading session button and define risk to fit your risk profile. Toggle the live button to start trading.

You should let the Bitcoin Up software run uninterrupted for at least eight hours daily. This robot places tens of trades every minute and must run for continuously for many hours to realize maximum potential.

The markets are usually open for 8 hours daily, and that’s why we suggest you run it for that long. You should time the US markets by trading from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM ET.

Bitcoin Up and celebrities

Celebrities such as Elon Musk, Richard Branson, and Kate Garraway are rumoured to be some of the backers of Bitcoin Up. However, there is no evidence that any of these celebrities have invested in Bitcoin Up. You should treat these rumours as celebrity gossip until a reputable source confirms them.

Is Bitcoin Up worth my money? Final word!

From the data we have looked at, there is a great possibility that Bitcoin Up is legit. You can try this bot with as little as 250 USD. As explained in this review, the Bitcoin Up app has a supposed accuracy of up 90%.

With an alleged daily ROI of up to 400%, it can allegedly quadruple investments in less than a day of trading. However, the Bitcoin Up software also comes at a risk and is hence not the best place to pack your retirement money.

In other words, it is foolhardy to deposit your entire savings with a robot that trades on margin. Even when the potential is high, the risk persists. Invest wisely!


What is Bitcoin Up?

Bitcoin Up is a robot that conducts trading on behalf of users. It has a supposed win rate of above 90%.

Is Bitcoin Up legit?

Yes! Bitcoin Up meets our criteria for trustworthy robots. It not only has excellent online reviews, but it also relies on proven technologies.

How much can I make with Bitcoin Up?

Bitcoin Up has a supposed daily ROI of up to 400%. This translates to supposed profits of up to 4 times the invested capital.

Can I withdraw from Bitcoin Up?

Yes! Fill the withdrawal request form and wait for up to five hours for your funds to reflect in your bank account.