CJ Pearson’s viral video last weekend in which he criticized President Obama provoked a real reaction from viewers – all 1.4 million of them.

But the 12-year-old middle schooler apparently provoked a reaction from Facebook, too. They suspended his account.

Pearson has this posted on his Facebook page:

I am having my Editor, Alan Davidson post on my behalf on this page while Facebook continues to lock me out. The 1st amendment is obviously not a big concern to the powers at be at Facebook, but we will continue to fight back!

He went to check the page after school on Friday and that’s when he learned his account and page had been locked for “suspicious activity.”

He tried in vain to have his page reactivated, but to no avail, according to the Examiner.

“Time and time again, Facebook has shut down many conservative accounts after they decide to speak up,” Pearson said on Fox & Friends Sunday.

“When a person decides to speak up, their voice shouldn’t be hindered because of someone disagreeing.”

Pearson shot to Internet stardom last weekend when his video appeared on The American Mirror, the Drudge Report and several other sites.