The president of the Michigan chapter of Al Sharpton’s National Action Network finds himself in hot water after he used a questionable comparison while trying to criticize a municipal water supply.

Rev. Charles Williams II appeared at a press conference to denounce Flint’s water supply, which the city says meets all state quality standards.

“This is genocide,” Williams said after listening to residents air their grievances about the color and taste of the H2O.

“This is almost as bad as gas chambers for Jews,” he added, according to NBC 25.

charles williams
Charles Williams

No one has reportedly died from the water originating from the Flint River, but that didn’t stop the Sharpton deputy from making his comparison.

City leaders quickly condemned Williams’ accusation.

“We are extremely disappointed in Rev. Charles Williams’ comments but certainly understand – and share – his frustration,” a statement from the city says, Mlive reports. “With that said, we find Rev. Williams’ accusations are a gross misrepresentation of the Flint water condition and a wholly inappropriate comparison.”

Steven C. Low, executive director of the Flint Jewish Federation, tells Mlive Williams’ comments are “an inappropriate invocation of the Holocaust” that “diminishes what survivors went through.”

According to the city, “some people may still have issues with discoloration, or do not like the taste of the (higher) mineral content river water (but) these do not amount to a safety issue.”

When asked to clarify or retract his remarks, Williams tweeted:

While residents complained, there was no evidence provided that indicated anyone has gotten sick, let alone died, from the city’s water woes.