How seriously does the Democratic National Committee take the death of four Americans – including an ambassador – at the hands of Islamic terrorists in Benghazi, Libya?

The DNC recently used the acrostic B-E-N-G-H-A-Z-I while advertising a job posting on Twitter.

Eric Reif

The posting was for a “digital writer” for the party “to create content for our email list and social media properties (think @TheDemocrats and @JoeBiden),” the job description reads.

It’s unclear why Eric Reif, who is “Senior Email Campaigner” for the DNC and previously worked for President Obama’s campaign committee, would include the acrostic in the job posting. He later deleted the tweet.

It was captured by @JimmyPrinceton before Reif tried to cover his tracks.

The job posting continues, “Specifically, you will be responsible for planning, writing, and executing grassroots email campaigns, social media content, and copy for web properties. This is not an entry-level job, and you’ll work with senior leadership to craft our message online.”

Is this a preview of what millions of Americans will find in their email inboxes in 2016? And does the DNC think so little of the deaths of four Americans that they would use the location name of the incident in a job posting?

The job description lists “an eagle-eye for typos and errors” as one of the qualifications. Will the hiree have the courage to tell Reif he’s a dope?

h/t Weasel Zippers