Some people are so whipped up over the Confederate flag — and eager to silence the free speech of others — they’re willing to be run over by moving vehicles to do it.

Video captures a man running up to a semi in slow-moving traffic on the highway to rip off a Confederate flag from the truck’s tailgate.

The Grio, a black news website, grabbed the video from Twitter and posted it, adding James Brown’s “The Payback.”

The video shows the unidentified man trotting behind the truck, struggling to remove the flag. After several moments, he rips it off and gets out of the road.

The site reports the truck “appears to be a part of ‘TRIBE Transportation, Inc.,’ a company ironically owned by a Native American woman.”

For whatever reason, Grio called the company to tell on the driver and get reaction.

“Any issue like that we’d handle internally,” TRIBE Executive Vice-Preisdent Matt Handte said. “Regardless of what happened, that’s something we’d handle internally.”