Suffice it to say there are at least two women who support Donald Trump for president.

A duo of black women — hosting a YouTube “show” called “The Viewers View” — eviscerated Fox News debate moderator Megyn Kelly for her questions related to Trump’s statements on Twitter concerning women.

Lynnette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson produced, “Megyn Kelly and that Damn Debate,” today:

“Okay, so it’s a day after the debates and you all know I am mad as hell,” Hardaway began. “Somebody already tried to come for Donald, so I’ve got to come for them.”

Hardaway objected to Kelly’s opening question to Trump, asking him to respond to comments he made on Twitter towards Rosie O’Donnell.

“Here’s the damn deal, Megyn Kelly, or Kelly Megyn, whatever your name is: Rosie O’Donnell started that whole foolishness! She was on The View and she was the one who spoke out against Donald and Donald had to come back on her!

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“So I don’t know why you’re gonna make this here a part of your forum last night. You know, perhaps you don’t need to be hosting debates! Perhaps — maybe it’s time for us to file Kelly and make her go back to reporting news at the local news! Try Sesame Street! Maybe you should go back and report news for Sesame Street and have a debate with them.”

Hardaway wasn’t finished.

“You hit below the belt, Kelly. You hit below the belt, girl. But blow on this: leave my man, Donald Trump, the hell alone! If you’ve got something you’re going to tell him, run it by us first! Run it by me first and I’ll let you know if you have permission to come for him!” she said.

“He’s gonna be the next president of the United States when you like it or not, Megyn Kelly or Kelly Megyn or whatever your name is, or not.”

Hardaway and Richardson appeared on The Hard Line on Newsmax TV earlier this week after they produced another pro-Trump video.

Host Ed Berliner asked the duo how they fell out of line with the traditional black female supporters of the Democratic Party and Hardaway said, “Well, listen, we have our own minds and we can no longer be spoon-fed. We can pick up our own forks and eat for ourselves. We have our own minds to think for ourselves. Stop believing everything those Democrats tell you.

If our man Donald Trump gets this, we going Republican, baby!”

They called Trump a “breath of fresh air” during the interview.

“It’s like now we have a leader. We have someone that can lead us, secure that border, bring jobs back to America so people can not only survive, but they can also thrive in this country.”

Tea Party activist Katrina Pierson posted the duo’s video on Facebook, saying, “People don’t know how much support the Donald has with black Americans. (they may not want to know).”

To see more of “The Viewers View” videos, visit their Facebook page.