At first glance, a person accused of dropping raw meat on playgrounds in the Gaston, North Carolina area could easily be Emperor Palpatine from “Star Wars.”

Diane Turbyfill, a reporter for The Gaston Gazette really wants to know after a photo was snapped of the suspect through a person’s window blinds.

“We don’t know if it’s one of our residents with an interesting way of presenting themselves, or if it’s a trespasser,” Lance Calhoun, director of operations for Southwood Realty, tells the paper.

Some say the figure is lurking around the Hudson Woods apartment complex and dropping raw meat near the playground.

“There’s no validation that it was Hudson Woods. It could have come from anywhere. We don’t know if this is some bogus prank somebody is playing,” according to Donna Lahser, spokeswoman with the Gastonia Police Department.

A Pagan interviewed by the paper claims they may make offerings while wearing a cloak, but “there would be nothing violent about it.”

“We do it privately. It’s not for public consumption,” according to Heather Darnell of Piedmont Pagan Pride.

“It looks like someone is deliberately trying to create havoc,” she says. “I think it’s pretty ugly and irresponsible if someone is just trying to get attention.”