While Ann Romney wouldn’t necessarily name her favorite candidates running for president, she did praise Donald Trump while talking to Sean Hannity last night.

“This country’s important. Where we’re going, where we’re headed right now is critical. These are critical things that we’re talking about,” Romney said.

While refusing to name her favorite candidates, she did say, “There’s a lot of good candidates, you know it’s a long race — a lot of up and downs. Important discussions happening.

“I would say that Trump is bringing more people to the table than we’d ever though,” Romney said, as Hannity interjected, “That’s a good thing — I think that’s great.”

“We’ve got to open this up for more discussion. We’ve got to talk about some of these issues that are very important,” Romney said.

Hannity responded, “He brought 26 million people to a debate — that’s a good thing.”

“It’s a good thing,” Romney agreed.