“Stump for Trump” YouTube stars Lynnette Hardaway and Rochelle Richards have launched a new website that makes it easy for Democrats to change their party registration to vote for Donald Trump in the primaries.

The duo has created DitchandSwitchNow.com, which points readers to a list of states that hold closed primaries, and links to the respective state elections officer with instructions on how to change party affiliation.

“We’re ditching the media bias and the media trickery. We want you to ditch that Democrat plantation — and ditch all of the Democrats — and we want to you switch your party to Republican so that you can vote for Donald Trump in the primary,” Hardaway says in their latest video.

Hardaway adds, “We wouldn’t be talking about none of this here but the media and all the pundits and the establishment want to start a movement against Trump, it looks like the silent majority is about to start a movement on them.”

Hardaway and Richards shot to YouTube stardom when the launched a series of videos promoting Donald Trump’s candidacy for president. One of their first videos, in which they criticized Megyn Kelly for her treatment of Trump during the first Republican presidential debate, to date has been viewed over 1.4 million times.