A group of vegans thought they would further their cause by storming a Toronto steakhouse, peppering a hostess with questions and shouting at customers.

Instead, even those on the left are ridiculing their tactics.

Several protesters from a group identified as “Direct Action Everywhere Toronto” by the Huffington Post entered The Keg Mansion steakhouse in Toronto, Canada. Video shows the lead agitator perusing a menu near the entrance of the restaurant.

“So, I’m just wondering, I don’t see any dog meat here,” the protester said to the hostess trying to wait on restaurant patrons. The hostess stood stone-faced, either unamused or not understanding how this would could be so stupid.

“That’s the latest thing. I thought this was a meat restaurant,” the agitator said.

“It’s steak,” the hostess replied.

“It’s steak, but steak is made out of cows. And I see you have chicken which is obviously chicken. And I see you’ve got pigs here but you don’t have dogs here. So I’m wondering why you don’t have dog.”

The hostess shrugged her shoulders, probably wishing she called in sick this night so she didn’t have to deal with this moronic protester.

The woman handed back the menu and said, “Where’s the dog meat? I mean, you’ve got the other meats, I don’t understand it. Are you ever going to have dog meat here? Why not? I want to know!”

In the words of one Reddit user, the “group of assholes” then went to the center of the restaurant and began shouting at the confused customers.

The woman proceeded to rant about Cecil the Lion, a chicken the woman knew “who had a unique personality” (let that sink in for a moment) that likes “corn, watermelon and hugs,” while her comrades walked around with printed signs reading, “It’s not food. It’s violence.”

In between snickers and smirks, the customers appeared to be unmoved by the protesters’ tactics.

Jenny McQueen, one of the protest organizers, tells Vice.com: “We’re trying to cause a little disruption in society. Society normalizes violence against animals, unknowingly a lot of the time. People eat meat, buy meat from the supermarket. They don’t realize what they’re eating or what they’re buying was a thinking and feeling animal. You know, pigs feel pain just like cats and dogs.”