During a New Hampshire focus group of Democrats televised on MSNBC this morning, “Shannon” didn’t want to say what she really thinks of Hillary Clinton.

The exchange with moderator Mark Halperin began with Shannon saying Hillary’s “scorned” tone can be “off-putting.”

“Tell me what it’s like, what are you seeing,” Halperin pressed.

After sighing, Shannon replied, “You know, when she’s — I don’t want to use the word,” laughing. Then she whispered “bitchy” to Halperin.

“It’s like that ‘women need to be equal’ [attitude], I mean, I don’t know, I don’t feel unequal.”

Another female participant jumped in, saying, “I agree. I don’t feel unequal. I don’t feel I’ve had a job where I feel unequal to my male counterparts. So it’s not an issue that speaks to me.”

A male voter said, “I like Hillary, I think she’s a strong candidate. But she has that –,” pointing to Shannon, “that condescending and I can see that causing gridlock.”

Shannon jumped back in mimicking Clinton, “I’m a woman, I deserve it.”

Halperin asked the group of about 12 voters who thought it could hurt Clinton’s chances and every participant raised their hand.