Author Ed Klein sat down with former Clinton adviser Dick Morris to talk Hillary Clinton’s physical and mental health and made some startling allegations — even alleging an assault on a “low level” female campaign staffer.

“She has been pushing around and yelling and screaming at her campaign advisers,” Klein says. “In one case, a young woman, who’s very low level — more than an intern but not a major figure — didn’t do exactly what Hillary wanted. Hillary started screaming and yelling at her. The woman turned around the leave and Hillary went out and grabbed her arm and twisted her arm.

“This is the kind of behavior that they’re very concerned Hillary will demonstrate in public and really ruin her chances.”

Klein, author of the new book, “Unlikeable: The Problem with Hillary,” also says that Bill Clinton has urged for a doctor to travel with Hillary at all times “so that he can keep an eye on Hillary.

“Bill thinks that anything could happen. She could have another fainting spell in public which would be the end of her career as a politician.”

Klein claims Hillary is “dizzy. She has blinding headaches.”

He believes the most notable incident, which occurred in December 2012 and kept her from initially testifying before the Benghazi committee, was real.

“Bill Clinton said it took her six months to recover,” Klein says. “That wasn’t something she wanted to hear because it indicated how serious it was.”

Morris interjected, “That would indicate not just a dizzy spell but a stroke,” to which Klein responded, “yes.”

The best-selling author also says Hillary is susceptible to blood clots and is on blood-thinner medicine. He also claims the Democratic front runner has trouble sleep at night and is “wracked by insomnia.”