Instead of ushering Islam into the 21st Century and refusing to submit to the demands of men, the self-described “progressive” Hillary Clinton is touting her credentials to run for president of he United States by sporting a hijab on her head.

The moment comes at :28 of the ad.

“I don’t think I have ever met someone more prepared to be president,” former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright says after the image is shown. “And she would be capable of making the hard decisions and representing this county and our democracy.”

Clinton’s submission stands in stark contrast to First Lady Michelle Obama’s defiant move in Saudi Arabia earlier this year.

During a trip to the country to pay respects to deceased King Abdullah in January, Obama broke custom in the Muslim world and declined to wear a hijab.

People noticed.

The Washington Post reported:

Barack Obama was in Riyadh on Tuesday to pay his respects to the late Saudi King Abdullah. His visit, for which he cut short a much-hyped trip to India, underscores how important the U.S.-Saudi relationship remains to the American leadership. On social media, however, much of the attention has focused on something else: His wife’s attire.

As noted by the Associated Press, Michelle Obama did not wear a headscarf or veil Tuesday. In Saudi Arabia, that’s unusual: The country is one of the few on Earth where women are expected to cover their heads, and many Saudi women wear niqabs.

But Hillary’s version of championing women’s rights is apparently a little less defiant and a little more submissive. Is that her definition of progressivism?