A Los Angeles street artist known as Sabo (aka UnsavoryAgents) posted new art to honor two prominent Hollywood backers of Hillary Clinton: Christina Aguilera and Rob Reiner.

Sabo created a poster in honor of Aguiera’s November 4 fundraiser, which includes the quote, “Back off Bill, this Chubby Chicken is ALL MINE!” and dubbed the event “Carpet Munch @ Christina’s.”

Sabe Christina
Source: Facebook.com/unsavoryagents

Radar Online reports of the November 4 soiree:

Christina Aguilera and her fiancé Mathew Rutler opened up their home in Beverly Hills last night for for a luxurious Hillary Clinton fundraiser. But insiders tell RadarOnline.com she was more hot mess than happy hostess!

“The event itself was amazing because they reportedly raised $1 million dollars for Clinton’s campaign,” says the source.

“It was almost flawless. The décor was gorgeous. The flowers were amazing and the food was spectacular.”

No word on what exactly was munched.

Meanwhile, the artist also hung 10 flying monkeys from the utility lines outside the home of Rob Reiner (who is also included in the Aguilera poster) just in time for his Thursday event.

Sago monkey 1
Source: Facebook.com/unsavoryagents
Sabo monkey 2
Source: Facebook.com/unsavoryagents

The art infers Clinton is the Wicked Witch of the West from “The Wizard of Oz” and her monkeys are flying closely behind.

Variety reports:

Clinton attended a small reception in the Reiners’ entry parlor and later spoke in the garden, with about 350 in attendance.

She talked a bit about sending a copy of her book, “Hard Choices,” to GOP candidates who claim she did nothing of note as Secretary of State, as her tome talks about such moments as negotiating the release of Chinese dissidents. Clinton quipped that she wrote the candidates a note that they “should have a book club,” according to one attendee.

The event at the Reiners’ Brentwood home, with tickets starting at $500, was billed as a conversation with Clinton. Those who donate $2,700 got a photo with Clinton, and those who raised $27,000 got access to the host reception.

 No word on if she commented on the street scene.