Some Black Friday shoppers are so hot for discounts, even the police can’t stand in their way.

Video shows shoppers swarming a display to get their hands on a discounted TV at a Walmart in El Paso, Texas.

Several police officers can be seen in the store as numerous shoppers are trying to keep others from stealing their items.

As officers are trying to break it up, one shopper takes a swing at an officer and as the chaos ensues, he can be seen on the ground.

Moments later he’s seen face down with his hands behind his back. He left the store in handcuffs — without a cheap TV.

Adolfo Arzaga captured footage from the same Walmart store — likely moments before the arrest — and it shows the utter chaos unfolding as shoppers battle over the items:

Daamm chaos at walmart in the northeast El Paso, Texas by the Street Fredwilson

Posted by Adolfo E. Arzaga on Thursday, November 26, 2015

Two women can be seen slapping and punching each other before an officer intervenes.