Is this what Huma Abedin means when she says Hillary is “often confused”?

CNN’s Dan Merica was covering Clinton’s speech to a union crowd in Boston yesterday when he quoted her as saying, “It is time we get back to where we were before the Republicans came in and messed it up again.”

The last time we checked, Barack Obama is nearing his 8th year in office. A Republican hasn’t been the executive in nearly a decade — Hillary’s own party has been in control.

But maybe the recent batch of state department emails explains Clinton’s rhetoric.

Judicial Watch reported in mid-November:

Judicial Watch today released more than 35 pages of emails former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s top aide Huma Abedin revealing that Abedin advised Clinton aide and frequent companion Monica Hanley that it was “very important” to go over phone calls with Clinton because the former Secretary of State was “often confused.”  The emails, from Abedin’s “” address, also reveal repeated security breaches, with the Secretary’s schedule and movements being sent and received through Abedin’s non-governmental and unsecured Clinton server account.  The emails document requests for special State Department treatment for a Clinton Foundation associate and Abedin’s mother, a controversial Islamist leader.

The Abedin email material contains a January 26, 2013, email exchange with Clinton aide Monica Hanley regarding Clinton’s schedule in which Abedin says Clinton is “often confused:”

  • Abedin: Have you been going over her calls with her? So she knows singh is at 8? [India Prime Minister Manmohan Singh]
  • Hanley: She was in bed for a nap by the time I heard that she had an 8am call. Will go over with her
  • Abedin: Very imp to do that. She’s often confused.

Could this explain why she’s blaming Republicans?